The distribution of prize money for the FA Cup is determined by the Football Association (FA), the governing body for football in England. The FA sets the prize fund structure for each round of the competition. The specifics of the prize money distribution may vary from year to year based on the FA’s decisions and any sponsorship agreements in place.


Extra Preliminary Round winners (208) £1,125
Extra Preliminary Round losers (208) £375
Preliminary Round winners (136) £1,444
Preliminary Round losers (136) £481
First Round Qualifying winners (112) £2,250
First Round Qualifying losers (112) £750
Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £3,375
Second Round Qualifying losers (80) £1,125
Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £5,625
Third Round Qualifying losers (40) £1,875
Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £9,375
Fourth Round Qualifying losers (32) £3,125
First Round Proper winners (40) £41,000
Second Round Proper winners (20) £67,000
Third Round Proper winners (32) £105,000
Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £120,000
Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £225,000
Quarter Final winners (4) £450,000
Semi Final losers (2) £500,000
Semi Final winners (2) £1,000,000
Final runners-up (1) £1,000,000
Final winners (1) £2,000,000

How they share the FA Cup Prize Fund

Typically, the prize money in the FA Cup is distributed among the participating teams based on their performance in each round. The further a team progresses in the tournament, the more prize money they stand to receive. The winning team of the FA Cup typically receives the largest portion of the prize money.

It’s worth noting that the exact breakdown of prize money changes each year. Why not take advantage of other prize news from the Football 24-7 WM hill plus card promotions.

TV Rights from FA Cup Games

The distribution of television revenue for the FA Cup is subject to agreements between the Football Association (FA), the participating clubs, and the broadcasters involved. The specific amounts can vary based on the terms of each agreement and the stage of the competition.

FA Cup RoundsLive TV PaymentReplay TV Payment
1st round£80,000£40,000
2nd round£90,000£45,000
3rd round£160,000£80,000
4th round£180,000£90,000
5th round£265,000£132,000
6th round£300,000£150,000

Historically, in English football, clubs participating in the FA Cup receive a portion of the television revenue generated by live broadcasts. This revenue is typically shared between the clubs involved in the televised matches, with the exact distribution determined by the FA and the broadcasters. Why not read about the latest EFL Championship transfers news or the latest Championship top goalscorers of the season.

The FA negotiates broadcasting rights for the FA Cup and enters into contracts with various broadcasters, such as BBC Sport and BT Sport. These broadcasters pay substantial amounts for the rights to televise FA Cup matches, and a portion of that revenue is allocated to the clubs. We have just publisheed the latest Everton facts and the popular Wrexham AFC table finish news!

Other updates are also live from the Reading FC table finish to the latest Stoke City table finish for the season. Not forgetting the end of the Premier League teams such as the Leeds United league table finish and subseuent relegation.

Gate Receipts Money Shared in FA Cup Games

The distribution of gate receipts in the FA Cup is determined by the Football Association (FA) and the participating clubs. Gate receipts, also known as ticket revenue, are the income generated from ticket sales for matches.

The specific breakdown of gate receipts can vary depending on several factors, including the stage of the competition, the size of the stadiums, and the agreements in place between the FA and the clubs.

In general, for FA Cup matches, the home team usually receives a larger portion of the gate receipts. The exact percentage split between the home and away teams can be negotiated between the clubs or outlined in the competition regulations. Learn more about the latest league finishes this season with the Cardiff City standings, Stoke City standings or the latest Man United standings.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that certain costs, such as security, match officials’ fees, and stadium expenses, may be deducted from the overall gate receipts before the distribution between the clubs takes place.

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