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We would like to Congratulate Brighton & Hove Albion on staying up in the Premier league for the 2023- 2024 season.

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The Team at Football 24-7 offer a unique insight into the World of Football, offering the latest News, Football Transfer Latest and Football knowledge from all over the World. We scour the internet for the latest gossip from Football News hubs and various other sporting journals. Check out the latest guide on some of the Interesting facts about the NFL in America. We also recommend following NFL Fan Groups as well as the Football 24-7 podcast. Check out the Scottish Premiership champions finishing position with the Celtic F.C Standings table for 2023.

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Check out the latest Brighton & Hove Albion standings & the Newcastle United F.C standings in the Premier League with our handy charts. The all new William Hill Plus Card has just been reviewed by the Football24-7 team.

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