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Wrexham Football Club is a professional football club based in Wrexham, Wales. The club was founded in 1864 and is one of the oldest football clubs in the world.

Congratulations to Wrexham AFC for their Promotion to the EFL League 2 from the National League. This was updated on the 2nd May 2023 after Wrexham were crowned Champions of the National League.

Wrexham AFC currently competes in the National League, the fifth tier of English football ( As of March 2023). The club has a rich history and has won several honours over the years, including the Welsh Cup and the FA Trophy. They have also competed in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and the UEFA Cup. The club has a huge fan-base and is known for its passionate supporters. In 2021, the club was taken over by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who have promised to invest in the team and take them to new heights.

A Brief History of Wrexham AFC Football Club

The club was originally known as the Wrexham Cricket Club, but a group of football enthusiasts within the cricket club decided to form a separate football club. The founding members of the club were mostly local tradesmen and professionals, who came together to play friendly matches against other teams in the area. The first recorded match played by the club was against the Prince of Wales Fire Brigade in 1866.

The club quickly gained popularity and started playing more matches against other teams in the region. In 1873, the club adopted the name “Wrexham Football Club” and began to play in more organized competitions. Over the years, Wrexham AFC has had many successes and setbacks, but the club has remained an important part of the local community and a source of pride for its supporters.

The Oldest Football Club in Wales

Wrexham AFC is the oldest professional football club in Wales. Wrexham AFC was founded in 1864 and has a long and storied history in Welsh football. The club has competed in the English football league system and Welsh football league system for most of its history, currently competes in the National League. Wrexham AFC was the first Welsh club to reach the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and winning the Welsh Cup 23 times.

Other known oldest football clubs from Wales are Cardiff City and Swansea City FC. Cardiff was Founded in 1899, it is one of the oldest football clubs in Wales. The club started out as Riverside A.F.C. and renamed to Cardiff City in 1908. Swansea City was founded in 1912, it is another one of the oldest football clubs in Wales. The club was originally known as Swansea Town and changed its name to Swansea City in 1969.

Most successful club in Welsh Cup Competition

Wrexham AFC has won the Welsh Cup a total of 23 times, which is the highest number of wins in the competition’s history. The club have also remained as runners-up on 10 occasions. Wrexham participated in the inaugural season of the competition in 1878-79 where they defeated Druids FC 1-0 in the final. In 1892-93 Wrexham AFC won their second Welsh Cup by defeating Chirk AAA 2-1 in the final.

The Red Dragons’ third Welsh Cup victory was secured with a 2-0 win over Druids FC in 1896-97. Last Welsh Cup victory of Wrexham AFC came in 1994-95 when they defeated Cardiff City 2-1 in the final. Their most successful period in the competition came in the 1970s, when they won the cup six times in a ten-year period. Why not learn some cool facts such as How many times have Man City been relegated? or what are the latest SPL Scores today?

Ground dispute between Wrexham AFC and Wrexham Cricket Club

In 1880s, a dispute over Racecourse Ground raised between Wrexham AFC and the Wrexham Cricket Club. At the time, both clubs were vying for use of the Racecourse Ground, which was owned by the local Wrexham Cricket Club. Wrexham AFC was looking for a permanent home ground and had set its sights on the Racecourse. The dispute between the two clubs came to a head in 1883, when the Wrexham Cricket Club refused to allow Wrexham AFC to use the Racecourse Ground.

The dispute continued for several months, with both sides appealing to the council and engaging in public debate in the local press. The dispute between the two clubs was eventually resolved, however, with Wrexham AFC agreeing to pay rent to the Wrexham Cricket Club in exchange for use of the Racecourse Ground. This arrangement remained in place for many years, until Wrexham AFC eventually purchased the ground outright in the early 1900s.

First FA Cup Run and Ban from the Football Association

Wrexham AFC appeared in the FA Cup competition for the first time in 1883. The club got a walkover in the first round of the FA Cup against Liverpool Ramblers. In the second round, the Red Dragons faced Oswestry. The trouble started during the match between Wrexham and Oswestry in December 1883. The game was played at the Racecourse Ground, and a dispute between the two sets of supporters led to a pitch invasion and a full-blown riot. The game was abandoned, and the FA launched an investigation. The latest QPR 24 7 news is now live for our readers to enjoy!

The FA found that Wrexham was responsible for the crowd trouble and banned the club from the English football system for 12 months. The ban meant that Wrexham was unable to participate in any football matches in England or against English teams in Wales. The ban was a significant setback for Wrexham, as they were a relatively new club and were still building their reputation in the football world. However, the club managed to survive and returned to the English football system after the ban was lifted in 1884. Why not learn abou the latest Man Utd facts for 2023 in our free football club guides.

Wrexham AFC in the Combination League

Wrexham AFC had been a member of the Combination League for several seasons in the early 1900s. The league was founded in 1890 as a competition for reserve teams, but later became a fully-fledged senior league. Wrexham AFC was one of the founding members of the League, and finished in eighth place in their debut campaign. The club improved a lot while playing in the league and with each season, Wrexham’s performance became better and better. The latest Championship scorers are published in our updated goal scoring pages.

In the 1900–01 season, Wrexham AFC won the Combination League championship for the first time in their history, finishing three points ahead of runners-up Rhyl. They successfully defended their title the following season, winning the league by a more comfortable margin of eight points. The club won their third consecutive Combination League title in the 1901-02 season. In 1905, the Red Dragan’s won their fourth Combination League title and in the following season they were elected for the Birmingham and District League. The latest Championship transfer rumours have just been updated.

Success in the Football League Third Division

Wrexham Football Club was elected to the Third Division North of the Football League in 1921, along with several other teams. The club had previously played in the Welsh football league system, but joining the Football League marked a significant step in its history. The 1932-33 season was a memorable one for Wrexham AFC as they finished runners-up in the Third Division North, their highest-ever league finish at the time. The team enjoyed particular success at their home ground, the Racecourse Ground, winning 18 out of their 21 home games during the season. It was also during the 1932-33 season that Wrexham adopted their now-familiar red and white kit, which has become an iconic part of the club’s identity.

However, the following season was less successful, and the outbreak of World War II in 1939 led to the suspension of football in the UK. The 1939-40 season was played on a regional basis with Wrexham participating in the Welsh Regional League. The first time Wrexham AFC won the Third Division title was in the 1977-78 season, under the management of John Neal. The team had a very successful season, finishing as champions with a total of 61 points, three points clear of the runner-up, Cambridge United. The title-win also saw the team earn promotion to the Second Division of English football for the first time in their history. The title win was a major achievement for Wrexham, and remains an important moment in the club’s history. Check out the Wolves 24 7 news page or learn some fun facts such as, the Aston Villa nickname for the club.

Financial Crisis and Several Ownership Changes

The financial crisis of Wrexham AFC in the 1980s was a difficult period for the club. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the club experienced a decline in its fortunes on the field, which was mirrored by financial difficulties off the field. In 1982, Wrexham were relegated from the Third to the Fourth Division and this was followed by a number of years of struggle in the lower leagues. The club’s finances were also in a precarious state, with debts mounting and a lack of investment in the team and the stadium. In 1985, the situation came to a head when the club was unable to pay its players and staff for several months. This led to a strike by the players and threatened the future of the club. Other football clubs in towns like Brighton have also been through tough times.

In 1984, a local businessman Pryce Griffiths stepped in and took over the club, promising to invest in the team and the stadium. Under Griffiths’ ownership, the club was able to stabilize its finances and make progress on the field. In 1992 they won promotion back to the third tier of English football. Despite these successes, the financial difficulties continued to plague the club, and Griffiths was eventually forced to sell it in 2002. However, the club survived and remains an important part of the community in Wrexham.

The club experienced financial problems in the 1990s and 2000s. These problems were largely caused by a series of ownership changes that left the club burdened with substantial debts. Despite these challenges, Wrexham AFC continued to play in the lower leagues of English and Welsh football and retained a loyal fanbase.

Ryan Reynolds as new club owner of Wrexham AFC

In 2020, Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney purchased Wrexham Association Football Club from the Wrexham Supporters Trust. The sale was approved by Wrexham Supporters Trust members in November 2020, and the new owners officially took control of the club in February 2021. Reynolds and McElhenney have expressed their commitment to supporting the club and helping it to achieve success on and off the field.

Since taking over, Reynolds and McElhenney have been actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the club, attending matches and meeting with supporters. They have also pledged to involve the community in the club’s decision-making process, ensuring that the fans have a voice in the club’s future. Their ownership has been seen as a positive development for Wrexham AFC, bringing new energy and resources to a club that has struggled with financial issues in the past. Why not learn about the total West Ham trophies they have won or who are the Richest football club owners in 2023.

Wrexham AFC Club Rivalries

Wrexham AFC has several club rivalries, some of them are mentioned below,

Chester FC: The rivalry between Wrexham and Chester is one of the most fierce and historic in English football. The two teams first played each other in 1890, and the rivalry has continued to this day. The matches between these two clubs are known as the “Cross-border derby,” as Chester is located just over the border in England. The rivalry is so intense that matches between the two clubs are often played under heavy security.

Shrewsbury Town FC: The rivalry between Wrexham and Shrewsbury is also a longstanding one, with the first match played between the two clubs in 1887. The two teams have been in the same league together for many years, and their matches are often highly competitive. Why not check out the betting odds for this years Premier League Winner!

Tranmere Rovers FC: The rivalry between Wrexham and Tranmere is another fierce one, with the two teams having played each other on numerous occasions over the years. The rivalry was particularly intense in the 1990s, when both teams were in the same league and competing for promotion.

Swansea City: While not as intense as some of the other rivalries, the rivalry between Wrexham and Swansea City is still notable. The two teams have played each other numerous times over the years, with Swansea City currently playing in the English Premier League and Wrexham in the National League.

Interesting Facts about Wrexham AFC

  • Wrexham AFC has played in the English Football League since 1921, which makes it one of the oldest Welsh clubs to have played in the English league system. Swansea City is another Welsh club which has indeed played in the English Football League since 1921.
  • In 1978, Wrexham AFC beat Arsenal 2-1 in the FA Cup third round, which is considered one of the greatest upsets in the history of the competition. In 1978, Wrexham AFC beat Arsenal FC 2-1 in the FA Cup third round, which is considered one of the greatest upsets in the history of the competition.
  • Wrexham AFC has won the Welsh Cup 23 times, which is a record for any Welsh club. The club has a long and successful history in the tournament. Wrexham’s first Welsh Cup win came in the 1877–78 season, and their most recent win was in the 1994-95 season.
  • Tommy Bamford is a legendary player in the history of Wrexham AFC, having scored a remarkable 174 league goals for the club, which is a record. Bamford played for Wrexham between 1927 and 1938, and during this time he became one of the most prolific goal scorers in the club’s history.
  • Wrexham AFC’s biggest victory in their history came on 3 March 1962, when they beat Hartlepools United 10-1 in a Division Three North match. The match was played at the Racecourse Ground in Wrexham and remains a record victory for the club. The latest Liga Nos Fixtures are now live to read.
  • Wrexham AFC’s mascot is indeed a dragon named Wrex. Wrex has been the club’s official mascot since 2001 and is a popular figure among fans. The dragon is a symbol of Wales and is an important part of Welsh culture, making Wrex a fitting mascot for the Welsh football club.
  • Wrexham AFC has a strong connection to Welsh culture and language. The team’s crest features a red dragon, which is a national symbol of Wales and has been associated with Welsh mythology for centuries. The club’s nickname, “The Red Dragons”, also reflects this connection.
  • The club was taken over by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in 2021. The duo purchased the club for a reported £2 million and have since outlined ambitious plans to take the Welsh football club to new heights.

Wrexham AFC Honors and Trophies

Some of the honors and trophies that Wrexham AFC has won over the years include:

Welsh Cup – Wrexham AFC has won the Welsh Cup on 23 occasions, which is a record for any club in Wales. The club’s first Welsh Cup victory came in the 1877-78 season, and their most recent victory came in the 1994-95 season.

Football League Third Division Title – The club has won the Football League Third Division title once in its history. The team achieved this feat during the 1977-78 season under the management of John Neal. During that season, Wrexham won 23 of their 46 league matches, drawing 15 and losing 8, to finish with a total of 61 points. They finished three points ahead of second-placed Cambridge United.

The Combination – The Combination League was a football league in England that existed between 1888 and 1911. Wrexham AFC competed in the league, winning the title four times including 1900–01, 1901–02, 1902–03, and 1904–05

Football League Trophy – Wrexham AFC has won the Football League Trophy, also known as the EFL Trophy, once in its history. The team achieved this feat during the 2004-05 season under the management of Denis Smith. Why not check out the latest Liverpool FC facts page or find out what the nickname of Norwich City FC is.

FA Trophy – The FA Trophy is a knockout competition open to clubs from the National League and the two divisions immediately below it in the English football league system. The club has won the FA Trophy once in its history in the 2012-13 season.

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