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Leeds United was founded in 1919 and has since then become one of the most successful and prestigious clubs in English football history.

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Leeds United Football Club, commonly known as the Whites, is a professional football club based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The team has won three English League titles, one FA Cup, one League Cup, and two Charity Shields. They have also enjoyed success in European competitions, reaching the final of the European Cup in 1975, and winning the Fairs Cup twice in the 1960s. Leeds United has a strong fan base and is known for their passionate support and dedication to the club.

A Brief History of Leeds United Football Club

The roots of Leeds United FC go back in 1904 when a club named Leeds City FC was formed. Leeds United FC was established in 1919, following the disbandment of Leeds City Football Club due to financial irregularities. The owner of the Elland Road stadium, which had been used by Leeds City, invited several local businessmen to form a new club to take its place. The new club was initially named Leeds United AFC.

Initially the club started playing in Midland League in 1919 but later in 1920, Leeds United was elected for the Football League Second Division. The team’s first manager was Dick Ray, and their first captain was Willis Edwards. The club’s colors were originally blue and yellow, but were changed to the current all-white kit in 1934. Why not check out the latest Wolves 24 7 news or the latest WBA news 24 7 today!

Early Success of Leeds United

The 1923-24 season saw Leeds United win their first ever Football League title. Managed by Arthur Fairclough, the team had a strong defense led by captain and center defender Jim Baker, and a potent attack featuring Percy Whipp, Joe Richmond, and Jack Swann. Leeds had a slow start to the season, with just two wins in their first six matches. However, they picked up steam and went on a 10-match unbeaten run in November and December, including a 5-2 victory over Hull City.

Leeds continued to dominate their opponents in the second half of the season, winning 11 of their last 14 matches. They clinched the title on the penultimate day of the season with a 1-0 win over Nelson, courtesy of a goal from Coates. Leeds finished the season with 54 points, three points ahead of Bury. They had the best defense in the league, conceding just 35 goals in 42 matches, and scored 61 goals during the season. The 1923-24 title was a historic moment for Leeds United, and set the stage for their future success in English football.

Series of Relegations and Promotions

Leeds United’s relegation from the first division in 1927 was a significant event in the history of the club. Leeds United had been promoted to the first division in 1924, and had enjoyed a few successful seasons in the top flight. However, by the 1926-27 season, the club had begun to struggle, and found themselves in the relegation zone with just a few games left to play. Leeds United’s fate was sealed on the final day of the season, when they lost 1-0 to Sheffield Wednesday. This defeat, combined with other results going against them, meant that Leeds United finished in the bottom three and were relegated to the second division. The latest Championship transfer news has been updated for our readers today!

After just one season in the Second Division, the team was promoted back to the First Division in 1928 after placing second in the league standings. The team struggled throughout the campaign, and despite a brief improvement in form towards the end of the season, they could not avoid relegation in the 1930-31 season. They finished in 21st place out of 22 teams, winning just 12 of their 42 matches and accumulating 31 points. This was a major setback for the club, who had ambitious plans for the future. However, Leeds United bounced back the following season, winning the second division title and earning promotion back to the top flight in 1932.

Don Revie Era

Don Revie was the manager of Leeds United from 1961 to 1974, and is widely considered to be one of the most successful managers in the club’s history. Under his leadership, Leeds United won two Football League championships, the FA Cup, the League Cup and two Inter-Cities Fairs Cups. Revie was a meticulous manager who paid close attention to detail and was known for his thorough preparation for matches. He also had a reputation for being tough on his players, but he was respected for his ability to get the best out of them. Check out the latest Championship goalscorers today with Football 24 7.

One of Revie’s key innovations was the introduction of a new tactical system known as the “Revie Plan.” This involved playing with a defensive sweeper, a system that was not widely used in English football at the time. The Revie Plan proved to be very effective, and Leeds United became one of the most successful clubs in English football during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Revie’s team was known for its physicality and aggressive style of play, and was often accused of being overly aggressive and intimidating to opponents. Despite this, they were widely admired for their quality of play and their success on the pitch. Revie left Leeds United in 1974 to take over as the manager of the England national team. Although his time with England was not as successful as his tenure at Leeds United, his impact on English football is still felt today. He was posthumously inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

Post Revie Era

Don Revie left Leeds United in 1974. He had led Leeds to great success, winning two First Division titles, the FA Cup, and the League Cup, as well as reaching the European Cup final twice. After Revie left to become the manager of the England national team, Leeds struggled to maintain their success. They went through a series of managers, including Brian Clough, who was famously sacked after just 44 days in charge. It wasn’t until the appointment of Howard Wilkinson in 1988 that Leeds began to regain their footing. The latest SPL results for today have been updated earlier, why not take a look to stay up to date with the popular Scottish League teams.

Under Wilkinson’s leadership, Leeds won the Second Division title in 1990 and then the First Division title in 1992, their first top-flight title in 18 years. They also reached the semi-finals of the European Cup in 1992, but were defeated by eventual winners Barcelona. Overall, the post-Revie era of Leeds United has been a period of ups and downs for the club. While they have struggled to maintain the level of success achieved under Revie, they have also shown the ability to bounce back and compete at the highest levels of English football. Why not read about the up and coming Stoke City fixtures in our dedicate Stoke fans page.

Premier League Era of Leeds United

The Premier League was formed in 1992, and Leeds United were one of the founding members of the league. Leeds United enjoyed a successful start to the Premier League, finishing seventeenth in the inaugural season, and then going on to finish fifth in the following two seasons. The team was managed by Howard Wilkinson during this period, and featured a number of star players, including Eric Cantona, Gary Speed, and Tony Yeboah.

However, following the departure of Wilkinson in 1996, the team’s fortunes began to decline. A number of managers, including George Graham and David O’Leary, tried to revive the team’s fortunes, but Leeds United were ultimately relegated from the Premier League in 2004, after a tumultuous period that saw the club suffer financial difficulties and points deductions.

Leeds United spent several seasons in the lower divisions of English football before returning to the Premier League in 2020 under the management of Marcelo Bielsa. Since then, they have enjoyed a successful return to the top flight, finishing ninth in their first season back, and currently competing in the 2022-23 season. Read about the up to date Arsenal FC honours list or the Richest football club owners of all time with the Football 24-7 resources.

Leeds United Club’s Stadium

Leeds United play their home matches at Elland Road, which has been their home since 1919. The stadium has a capacity of 37,890 and has undergone several renovations over the years, with major works taking place in the 1990s and early 2000s to modernize and expand the facilities. Leeds United also played some home games at The Shay in Halifax in the 1992-93 season, while Elland Road was being renovated. The stadium had a capacity of around 14,000.

Ellen Road’s initial name was ‘the Peacock ground’ which was later changed by the owner of that time, and that is the reason Leeds United also known as ‘the Peacocks’. The stadium has four stands: the Jack Charlton Stand, the John Charles Stand, the Norman Hunter Stand, and the Don Revie Stand. The East Stand is the largest and newest stand, with a capacity of over 17,000. The South Stand is known for its noise and atmosphere, with the most vocal and passionate fans often situated there. Keep up to date with the latest Premiership Title odds with the Football24-7 editorial news pages.

Club Rivalries

Leeds United has had various rivalries over the years. The most noteworthy ones are as follows:

Manchester United – This is perhaps Leeds United’s most famous rivalry. It has been fueled by fierce on-pitch battles over the years, with both clubs often competing for top honors in the Premier League. The rivalry dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, when Leeds and Manchester United were two of the top teams in English football.

Chelsea – Leeds United’s rivalry with Chelsea stems from their numerous clashes in the 1960s and 1970s. Both teams were known for their tough, physical style of play, which often led to heated encounters on the pitch.

Sheffield Wednesday – This is another historic rivalry that dates back several decades. Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday have a fierce rivalry due to their geographical proximity and the fact that they have often competed for honors in the same league. The Liga Nos results have been updated along with Live scores football 24 7 have on offer.

Leeds United Supporters

Leeds United has a large and passionate fanbase, both in the UK and around the world. The club’s supporters are known for their vocal and passionate support on matchdays, and for their loyalty to the club through thick and thin. The club’s away support is particularly well-regarded, with Leeds United fans traveling in large numbers to away matches, both in the UK and abroad. The club also has a number of supporters’ groups, including the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust and the Leeds United Supporters Club. These groups work to support the club and its supporters, and to ensure that the club remains a strong and vibrant part of the local community. The latest Wolves Football news is now available in our new Wolves team news section.

Interesting Facts About Leeds United FC

  • Leeds United Football Club was actually founded in 1919 as a successor to Leeds City, which had been disbanded due to financial irregularities. The club also took over the Elland Road stadium, which had previously been used by Leeds City and also adopted the white strip kit of Leeds City as their own.
  • Elland Road’s highest attendance is 57,892 and was set on 15 March 1967.
  • James Milner, a player for Leeds, broke the Premier League record for youngest goal scorer on December 26, 2002, and he kept that mark until April 10, 2005. He is still competing in the Premier League after 17 years and is the second-youngest goal scorer in history.
  • 11 players who represented Leeds United FC are now part of the English football Hall of fame, including Gary Speed, Billy Bremner, and Jack Charlton. They are just a few of the greats who have left a lasting legacy at Leeds United and in English football. Check out the up to date Aston Villa history in the Football 24-7 team archives.
  • Leeds United had an unbeaten run of 34 matches during the 1968-69 season in the First Division. The run began on October 26, 1968, with a 2-1 victory over West Bromwich Albion, and ended on April 26, 1969, with a 2-0 defeat to Ipswich Town. During this unbeaten run, Leeds won 26 matches and drew 8, scoring a total of 76 goals and conceding only 21.
  • It was a rumor that Yorkshire Radio is owned by Leeds United. Yorkshire Radio did have a close relationship with Leeds United and provided extensive coverage of the team’s matches, it was not actually owned by Leeds United. Leeds United did have a commercial partnership with Yorkshire Radio, which included advertising and sponsorship arrangements, and the station was often referred to as the “official radio station of Leeds United”. Read about the latest Man Utd facts and the Newcastle FC nickname with Football24-7.
  • In April 2000, two Leeds United fans, Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight, were tragically killed in Istanbul, Turkey, during clashes with supporters of the Turkish team Galatasaray ahead of a UEFA Cup semifinal match between the two clubs. It also led to a period of strained relations between both clubs.
  • It is often said that the iconic all-white kit of Leeds United was inspired by the traditional white kit of Real Madrid. However, while there may be some truth to this claim, the origins of Leeds United’s white kit are actually somewhat more complex. Regardless of its exact origins, the all-white kit has become synonymous with Leeds United and is now one of the most recognizable and iconic football kits in the world.
  • “Marching On Together” is the official anthem of Leeds United Football Club. The song was originally released in 1972, and has since become an important part of the club’s identity and culture. The song was written by Les Reed and Barry Mason, who were well-known songwriters in the UK at the time.
  • Peter Lorimer holds the record for the most goals scored for Leeds United in all competitions. Over the course of his career with the club, which spanned from 1962 to 1979, Lorimer scored a total of 238 goals in 705 appearances. Read about other teams such as the Brighton football clubs area and the QPR 24-7 football section.

Leeds United FC Honors

Leeds United has a long and proud history, and despite some periods of difficulty in recent years, the club continues to be one of the most widely supported and respected teams in English football. Below is a complete list of all the major honors and trophies won by the Whites.

First Division/Premier League: Leeds United have won three First Division titles in their history. The first title was in the 1968-69 season under the management of Don Revie. The second title was in the 1973-74 season, again under the management of Don Revie, and the most recent title was in the 1991-92 season, under the management of Howard Wilkinson. Check out the latest West Ham signings in our dedicated transfer section.

FA Cup: Leeds United have reached the FA Cup final on 4 occasions. Leeds United’s only FA Cup triumph came in the 1971-1972 season, where they faced Arsenal in the final at Wembley Stadium. Allan Clarke’s goal in the second half was enough to secure a 1-0 victory for Leeds and their first FA Cup title.

EFL Cup/Football League Cup: Leeds United has won the Football League Cup (now known as the Carabao Cup for sponsorship reasons) once in the club’s history. They won the cup in the 1967-68 season, defeating Arsenal 1-0 in the final at Wembley Stadium. This was Leeds United’s first major trophy as a club.

FA Charity Shield: Leeds United has won the FA Charity Shield twice in their history. Once in 1969 where Leeds United defeated Manchester City 2-1 and second one was in 1992 where Leeds United defeated Liverpool 4-3. Read more interesting Liverpool FC facts or the Manchester City facts in our emporium of football fact sheets.

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: Leeds United won two Inter-Cities Fairs Cup titles in their history. The first was in 1968, when they defeated Hungarian side Ferencváros 1-0 on aggregate in the final. The second was in 1971, when they beat Italian team Juventus 3-2 on aggregate in the final. Both titles were achieved under the management of Don Revie.

Leeds United Address

Leeds United Football Club Limited
Elland Road
LS11 0ES

Registered Number – 06233875

Telephone: 0871 334 1919

Email: conferenceandevents@leedsunited.com

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