UEFA Euro 2024 Betting Guide

The countdown to the UEFA Euro 2024 is on – it’s only four months until the competition truly begins – there are only a few play-off games of the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying schedule left in March to decide the complete group staging. Still, we’re sure it’s something Pep Guardiola would happily delay – he’s talked about his fear of player injury and burnout because of the tournament.

Still, there’s nothing Pep can do, and we’re closer than ever until the pub beer gardens fill and life feels good again.

If you’re interested in UEFA Euro 2024 betting, we’ve created a guide to help you understand the players to watch, who’s most likely to win, and some betting tips.

Players to Watch

UEFA Euro 2024 news is flooded with the players to watch. And as you can imagine, it’s the names you’d expect to see. The names everyone’s already talking about because their league performances are almost god-like. In fact, no, Bellingham’s performances are god-like. Even die-hard Barcelona fans will admit that. Here are the players to watch:

Jude Bellingham (England, Real Madrid, Midfielder, 20): Jude is one of the top UEFA Euro 2024 players, if not the top. He’s simply incredible. As the current top goal scorer in La Liga, breaking numerous Real Madrid and La Liga records already, he has to be the player everyone watches. He already is. Scoring 20 goals in 24 games for Madrid, numerous assists, and the backing of the entire world, he’s one to watch.

António Silva (POR, Benfica, Centre-back, 20): Silva is a beast for Benfica’s defence. His precision and skill are incredible. He had a historic rise, being Portugal’s youngest-ever player at the World Cup, and has been putting in impressive performances for Benfica. He might not score the goals, but he’s definitely going to stop them. He’s had 20 appearances so far for Liga Portugal and managed to score 2 goals.

Arnau Martínez (ESP, Girona, Right-back, 20): Martínez is incredible. He’s a product of Barcelona’s La Masia and puts in performance after performance with Girona. Although, the recent 4-0 loss to Real Madrid might make you question that. Still, he’s had an incredible season so far. With Gavi out, he might play more of a central midfield role. He’s managed 2 assists so far in La Liga.

Noah Atubolu (GER, Freiburg, Goalkeeper, 21): He might not be the most famous, but if you’ve watched Atubolu in goal, you’ll understand why he’s a player to watch. He’s Freiburg’s first-choice goalkeeper, and his reflexes and command over his area are reminiscent of Manuel Neuer. Would you go as far as to compare him to Neuer? He’s conceded 40 goals in the Bundesliga and has 7 clean sheets.

Johan Bakayoko (BEL, PSV Eindhoven, Right-winger, 20): Belgium has a strong squad, and Bakayoko is definitely one of the key places. His pace and agility are incredible – you almost don’t see the flash as he sprints down the wing. Some of his goals and assists for PSV and Belgium highlights are stunning to watch. He’s scored 4 goals and has 8 assists so far for PSV Eindhoven.

These young talents bring their unique skills to UEFA Euro 2024. And they are all young. We haven’t even included some of the more experienced players, like Harry Kane.

Betting on UEFA Euro 2024

For the 2020 tournament, over 3 million people placed bets. And this year, the Euro odds are looking good…for some teams and players. Put your money on Albania and Naser Aliji, and it might not be your lucky day. Put it on a Jude Bellingham assist or brace, and it might just be your lucky day. Or he could keep getting injured (current ankle sprain, out for three more weeks), and it goes back to being your unlucky day. Follow the UEFA Euro 2024 news to make a sensible decision.

The UEFA Euro 2024 Betting Odds website is the go-to destination for your betting news and tips. You can analyze odds and make better bets – until your player goes down halfway through the game and tears begin to run down your face because of the accumulator that could have been. Still, the UEFA Euro 2024 Betting Odds is a good place to go for information. It’s the UEFA Euro 2024 players that’ll do you dirty. Why not take a look at the latest Premier League predictions or the new William Hill Plus Card offers!

You should be looking at this type of information and stats:

Analyzing the Groups: The groups are pretty interesting this year.

Group A has Germany, Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland – Germany is pegged to win.

Group B has Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Albania – you can already say goodbye to Albania. They’re calling this group the ‘group of death’. It was a pretty bad draw, to be honest. All the top teams in one group stage and 2020’s winner (Italy)? It’ll be intense. That one will be hard to bet on.

Group C includes Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, and England. England’s squad has some of the best UEFA Euro 2024 players; they should dominate this group. Should is the keyword – they could do an England special and flop, but it’s unlikely.

Group D includes the Netherlands, France, Austria, and play-off winner A. That could be Poland, Estonia, Wales, or Finland – whichever wins will struggle against France and the Netherlands.

Group E has Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, and the play-off B winner. It would take a miracle (for the other teams) for Belgium not to win this one. The play-off path B teams include Israel, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine.

Group F has Türkiye, Portugal, Czechia, and Play-off winner C. Again – it’ll take a miracle (for the other teams) for Portugal not to win this. Play-off path C teams include Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, and Kazakhstan.

The latest UEFA Euro betting odds for winners are:

  • England – 7/2
  • France – 4/1
  • Germany – 7/1
  • Spain and Portugal – 8/1
  • Belgium 16/1
  • Italy – 20/1

Golden Boot and Player of the Tournament Bets:  The odds are in favor of Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka, Phil Foden, and Cristiano Ronaldo for Golden Boot and Player of the Tournament.

There are other bets you might be interested in, like individual games, but these are some of the most popular bets and information to read about.

When is UEFA Euro 2024?

UEFA Euro 2024 starts on Friday, 14 June, in Munich at the Munich Football Arena with Germany playing Scotland – a game Germany has better odds of winning. The final match is on Sunday, 14 July, in Berlin at the Berlin Olympiastadion Berlin – teams to be decided depending on the winners of group stages.

UEFA Euro 2024 betting odds will tell you England, France, Spain, and Germany are potential winners. But then again, England knows how to go to the final stages and put in their absolute worst performance – trust them if you dare. Still – with Bellingham on the squad – it could be a different story.


The 2024 euros will be incredible – the UEFA Euro 2024 players are arguably some of the current best. Not arguably, they are. The era of a Messi-dominated world’s best opinion has to end. He sat on the bench most of the season at Inter Miami and still won the Ballon d’Or.

As UEFA Euro 2024 news continues to generate rumours (beware, some are rumours), what UEFA Euro 2024 betting will you do for this tournament? Are you interested in the teams or the players? The UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying schedule was intense. The remainder of the competition – with the level of talent on the teams – will be incredible.

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