Should West Ham Invest In A Striker In The January Transfer Window?

Should West Ham Invest In A Striker In the January Transfer Window?

“Forgive and forget” seems to be the common motto for West Ham supporters. Every season fans get themselves hyped up and, as is often the case of late, they end the season feeling a little deflated. Last season was no different. Despite an encouraging start, West Ham slowly wound down like a tired clock in reverse, falling all the way back to 14th – which was just six points out of the relegation zone. But the fans are optimistic, they go again, and they stick behind their boys no matter what. Forgive and forget. And so they have.

But this season might be a little different. With four games played so far in the Premier League and four wins under West Ham’s belt, the show has never been so good for those with west ham match tickets. And it’s not outside of the question that they go all the way. During every Premier League campaign, there seems to be a surprise team that manage to start strong – despite low expectations from rivals – and carry on that form right until the end. It has happened before and it will happen again, and maybe this season it will happen with West Ham.

The January Transfer Window

But what can the club do to ensure it happens? Most would say to carry on as they are and keep adding the “W’s”, but it isn’t really as easy as that. With a number of games still to come in the 2023/24 calendar, there is every chance that players will get burned out or get disillusioned by rivals racing ahead on the same ground – despite four wins, we are still only fourth in the table. That’s why the January transfer window is so important. It’s not a chance to get rid of players, it’s a chance to unleash a new lease of life in the team and do something a bit different.

There are some positions, however, that you don’t touch. The West Ham defenders have been shutting down attack after attack so far, with Emerson Palmieri and Kurt Zouma dominating every inch of the backfield. Goalkeeper Alphonse Areola has more than proved himself, and Tomas Soucek is more than capable as a midfield engine. Even our strikers have been having a fantastic season so far, but this is really the position where a shake-up could create a big impact.

The Striker For The Job

This is even more true seeing as West Ham have already been eyeing up someone for the position. Over the last couple of months, it has been reported that West Ham have rekindled their interest in Youssef En-Nesyri, who is perhaps one of the most exciting strikers in club-level football. With him leading the team at the front, the Hammers can look at further dominating the opposition – despite some wonderful goals, the defence has been a big factor in West Ham’s success rate so far – and creating some confusion for the opposite side.

What do you target? Defence or attack? With the opposition not knowing where to look, Youssef En-Nesyri can do what he does back and ensure West Ham becomes a name to fear this season, rather than just early hopefuls. We will have to see what happens, but January is certainly a time for West Ham supporters to pinpoint, and perhaps book a few games for the months following. You never know who you might find on the field!

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