What is an Acca Football Bet

So What exactly is an Acca Football Bet?

Well firstly there are different types of Accumulators, which depend on the number of selections or legs in your bet. The bets with two or three selections are not commonly known as accumulators, but they follow the same rules as accumulators to win the bet, you can call them mini accumulators. There is no upper limit of legs for ACCAs, but most of the online bookmakers offer from four up to twenty legs accumulators, and they are given different names according to the number of selection/legs of the bet.

Types of Accumulator bet

Double – the bet with two selections/legs is known as Double.

Treble – the bet with three selections/legs is known as Treble.

Four-fold – the bet with four selections/legs is known as Four-fold Accumulators.

Five-fold – the bet with five selections/legs is known as Five-fold Accumulators.

Six-fold – the bet with six selections/legs is known as Six-fold Accumulators.

Seven-fold – the bet with seven selections/legs is known as Seven-fold Accumulators.

Eight-fold – the bet with eight selections/legs is known as Eight-fold Accumulators.

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It is common to find that no specific upper limit of legs for accumulator bets, but most online Sports-betting platforms offer accumulator bets with maximum 20 selections/legs, and people also don’t want to take the risk of placing bets with higher legs. Most experienced gamblers generally prefer to bet with a four-fold and five-fold accumulator, as the chances of winning a grand prize are high, and going for higher legs can reduce their chances of winning.

Example of Accumulator bet

To help you understand accumulators in detail, let’s look at a practical example of an accumulator bet. Consider a scenario of four football matches to place a four-fold accumulator bet. It is a Premier League Football match day, and there are following four important matches in the list.

Chelsea vs Liverpool3/21/23/1
Arsenal vs Tottenham6/54/33/2
Man United vs Everton7/55/37/4
Man City vs Aston Villa3/25/23/1

Let’s suppose that you place a four-fold accumulator bet on all four matches, and bet £10 on all four home teams to win. So basically you have chosen four selections/legs, and all of your selections must be correct to win the accumulator bet. Why not Follow the Wolves Futbol team news and gossip or the latest Aston Villa Football news with Football 24-7.

Chelsea vs Liverpool — Bet on Chelsea to win at 3/2 or 2.5 odds

Arsenal vs Tottenham — Bet on Liverpool to win at 6/5 or 2.2 odds

Man United vs Everton — Bet on Man United to win at 7/5 or 2.4 odds

Man City vs Aston Villa — Bet on Man City to win at 3/2 or 2.5 odds

Now there are two possibilities, one is that one or more of your selections become wrong, in that case you will lose the bet and all of your money. The second possibility is that all of your chosen selection/legs become true, in that case you will win the accumulator. Now let see, what will be the outcome of the bet and how much will you win with this ACCA.

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You put an initial bet of £ 10 on this accumulator, if Chelsea wins the match, according to 2.5 odds, your return from the first match will be £25. Now this £25 will be your bet for the second match, and if Arsenal wins the second match, according to 2.2 odds, your return from the second match will be £55. The third bet will be £55 for the third match, and if Man United win, your return from this match will be £132. Then the  £132 will be your stake for the last match, and if Man City wins, according to 2.5 odds, you will walk away with a whopping g r return from the fourth match will be £330.

In the above example of four-fold accumulator, the total profit from £10 stake is £320, and including the £10 stake, your total return is £ 330. This type of bet has no complex calculations, you can easily calculate your profit and return from the following formulas.

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A Forensic Review of the bet

From a bet of £10 and fraction odds, your return will be as follows:

Total Bet Returns = £10 * (3/2 + 1) * (6/5 + 1) * (7/5 + 1) * (3/2 + 1) = £330

Football Bet Profit = Total Returns – initial bet

Profit = £330 – £10 = £320

You can also calculate your return from decimal odds by using following formula:

Total Returns = £10 × 2.5 × 2.2 × 2.4 × 2.5 = £330

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