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  • Mon, 01 Mar 2021 22:24:29 +0000: Everton 1-0 Southampton: Premier League – as it happened - Southampton | The Guardian

    Southampton extended their winless league run to nine matches as Richarlison’s strike proved enough for Everton

    Right then, I’m off. Here’s the league table:

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    Carlo Ancelotti is “really pleased, honestly”. He had to say so, because he looks like someone just vomited on his shoelaces.

    It was a very good performance. I really appreciate the teamwork of the players. We were focused, defensively did really well, we had a good combination in front. I think the performance was good and we deserved to win. We have the luck that we have two fantastic strikers with different characteristics, and they are really effective in front. When you are 1-0 up, the last minute is always the same. The opponent team puts a lot of power in the last minutes and we have to control it. We controlled it well. They had practically only one opportunity, and they shot wide. Pickford was good in goal, really secure. I’m really pleased, honestly.

    Andy Hunter was at Goodison Park for this one:

    Ralph Hasenhüttl filled Goodison Park with a one-word swearword when Moussa Djenepo squandered a glorious chance to level late on for Southampton at Everton. It was a perfectly understandable response from the Southampton manager given both the quality of the opportunity and the seriousness of the predicament confronting his team.

    Another defeat, this time courtesy of Richarlison’s early strike for Carlo Ancelotti’s team, made it eight defeats in nine league games for Hasenhüttl’s side. The seven-point gap between themselves and the relegation zone offers only limited comfort on a run such as this. Djenepo sidefooted wide with only Jordan Pickford to beat when Stuart Armstrong released the winger inside the Everton area with six minutes remaining. In stoppage time Jannik Vestergaard had another fine chance to level following a spot of pinball inside the home box. Pickford denied the defender at close range and Southampton’s hopes of taking only a second point from the last 27 available were over.

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    Ralph Hasenhuttl cuts a frustrated figure:

    The goal is a long ball, we don’t defend it well. That’s it, I think, from Everton. They had a few chances from set pieces. We at the moment cannot score, that is the problem. We had chances today [but] the last pass, the will to win, to score, is not there at the moment. When I see the game, in the second half we tried a lot, we had a good second half. It’s not the same team that played in the first half of the season. The guys did OK in the second half, we tried to have a high energy level and to push back, but the goals are missing at the moment and without goals it’s tough to win games.

    It’s fair to say that game didn’t live up to its early promise. There was not a lot created from open play, really nothing beyond the Richarlison goal and Djenepo’s second-half shot wide. If you were being very charitable you could include Adams’ first-half cross into Salisu, which could have deflected anywhere and was close enough to goal for an equaliser to have potentially resulted. So, to conclude one moment of convincing attacking quality, of a good pass, a good run and a good finish all coinciding. Sometimes that’s enough, of course, but I’m greedy.

    There was only one shot on target in that match. For shame!

    90+6 mins: But still they can’t win a header, the ball is cleared, and the whistle sounds!

    The first Premier League home win on Merseyside in 2021 has come in March.

    90+6 mins: Armstrong lifts the ball into the box, Pickford comes for it but can’t collect, and Southampton have one last corner. Up comes Forster!

    90+5 mins: They’re still playing...

    90+3 mins: That Vestergaard miss, though. If the ball had fallen to Ings, this match would surely have been drawn. Instead it falls to the big defender, and to make matters worse he slips in the act of shooting.

    90+3 mins: Djenepo, who has no reason to waste time, rolls around for a while clutching his left knee, until the referee finally stops play.

    90+1 mins: King replaces Richarlison as the fourth official indicates that there will be three minutes or so of stoppages.

    90 mins: Save! The corner is half cleared, but the ball falls to Djenepo, whose shot hits Holgate, and then another shot hits Holgate, and then finally it drops to Vestergaard, six yards out, whose shot hits Pickford!

    90 mins: But not yet ...

    90 mins: Another Southampton corner. By the law of averages they’re going to win a header soon.

    88 mins: Watts replaces Redmond for Southampton, while for Everton Iwobi is on for Gomes.

    87 mins: Richarlison pokes the ball through to Doucoure, whose run from midfield has gone unchecked, but instead of crossing with his left foot, or checking back onto his right and having a shot, he cuts back onto his right and crosses, straight into a defender.

    84 mins: Southampton create a fantastic chance! Lovely interplay with Armstrong at its heart ends with Djenepo being played in on the right of the penalty area. He hits his shot and seems to run off in celebration for the fraction of a second it takes him to realise he has slapped it well wide.

    82 mins: A good spell from Southampton, but their players always take a second touch when on a couple of occasions they would have been better off shooting or crossing sooner. Anyway, they have another corner.

    79 mins: Digne goes down with a very loud scream, but the referee plays the advantage and Digne is up and running about again when the camera pans that way again. The referee has now waved a yellow card at someone, presumably whoever made that challenge.

    77 mins: The night’s first booking goes, a bit harshly, to Armstrong, for bringing down Calvert-Lewin. Southampton take off the game but ineffective Adams, and bring on N’Lundulu.

    75 mins: One thing Southampton are doing rather well at is winning corners. They’ve just had their sixth (I think), and for all Ward-Prowse’s set-piece excellence they are yet to win a header.

    72 mins: Sky bring up the subject of Southampton’s goalscoring record in the second half of matches, which has been very poor of late. Across the entire season they lead 20-17 on first-half goals, but trail 11-26 after the break.

    69 mins: From the free-kick Keane heads out to Tella, and then a defender comes out and kicks the ball into Tella, sending it spinning into the air and down at the feet of Ings, who astonished by this turn of events doesn’t shoot instantly, hesitates, falls over, and sends the ball rolling sadly to Pickford.

    67 mins: Djenepo wins a free kick on Southampton’s right, and the match is becoming a bit set-piece dominated, though there can be no complaints about that award and Digne could very easily have been booked.

    63 mins: That is Salisu’s final touch, with Tella coming on to replace him.

    62 mins: Southampton win a corner, from which Salisu shoulders wide!

    60 mins: Another Everton free-kick, another Keane header. Southampton are holding a very high line, though, from all these set pieces and as a result Keane’s header is from so far from goal that it’s basically unscoreable, and it’s anyway off target.

    59 mins: Digne goes down in the penalty area, alleging a Ward-Prowse foul, but the referee didn’t spot one and slow-motion replays don’t reveal any either.

    58 mins: Everton nearly score from the free-kick! It’s tossed into the area, where Keane heads it back across goal, and Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison are both waiting to meet it only for a defender to get there just ahead.

    57 mins: Djenepo takes a strong touch, and Richarlison thinks he can win it from him. Both players commit to the ball, and Richarlison goes down hard and wins a free kick. Which is strange only because Djenepo won the ball.

    54 mins: Everton win a corner, which is headed clear. Southampton have had one shot in total - that Redmond first-half volley - and none at all either on target or from inside the penalty area or created by their own work rather than just latching onto a defensive header.

    51 mins: Salisu rises for another high-ball, is once again emphatically outjumped by Calvert-Lewin, and he again demands a free-kick for it. He doesn’t get one, but the referee stops play because he was pretending to have a head injury and it is restarted with a dropped ball and Southampton in possession, so it all worked out in the end.

    48 mins: Sigurdsson’s shot deflects off the wall and over the bar.

    47 mins: Calvert-Lewin collects a loose ball 15 yards inside Southampton’s half, spins and runs towards the penalty area, sprints into a posse of defenders and throws himself to the floor. I’ve got no idea if there was any genuine contact, but Everton have a free kick in a tasty spot.

    46 mins: Peeeeeeeep!

    The players are back out! And I have had a halftimely scoop of orange and almond choc chip ice cream, which was rather good.

    45+2 mins: Half of the time has been played. Now then, having now viewed the Adams/Godfrey incident twice I think it shouldn’t have been a penalty, but I also think it was similar in many ways to the incident involving David Luiz against Wolves last month, in which a defender accidentally brought down a forward sniffing a potentially excellent goalscoring chance, while not attempting to play the ball. On that occasion David Luiz conceded a penalty and was sent off.

    45+1 mins: There will be approximately two minutes of stoppage time before the break.

    43 mins: Ings chips a pass up towards Adams, who ends up on the ground in a heap also involving Godfrey. There are some penalty appeals, which neither the referee nor his video assistant is convinced by.

    39 mins: Richarlisson released Sigurdsson down the right, and he picks out Calvert-Lewin with a pull-back, but the striker’s first-time effort hits a defender, and Sigurdsson was probably offside anyway.

    36 mins: Another Everton free-kick from the right, another good delivery - this time from Sigurdsson - and this time there are four blue shirts, all onside, queuing up to convert. Richarlison would be better off leaving it for Calvert-Lewin but isn’t to know that, and flings out a leg to deflect it wide!

    33 mins: Southampton are having a good spell. Redmond’s low centre from the left finds Ings and Djenepo unsure which of them should take control, and in the end the Malian defers, and Ings hits a shot on the turn into a defender.

    “Twice offside from free-kicks, one costing a goal - am I alone in thinking that’s poor stuff from Everton?” wonders Gary Naylor. “It’s a dead ball and you’re looking right down the line. It’s not hard to wait that heartbeat longer before making the run.” The first I’ll forgive but the second was peculiar, in that Everton created a free-kick routine, involving mock confusion between Digne and Sigurdsson, especially to befuddle the defence and leave them uncertain when the cross was coming in, only for their own player, who knew exactly when the cross was coming in, to be befuddled.

    30 mins: And another chance for Southampton! Good work from Djenepo on the right, and he passes infield to Adams, whose first-time spinning centre hits Salisu and deflects, a bit unluckily, into Pickford’s palms.

    28 mins: Southampton win a free-kick, and Ward-Prowse’s delivery is excellent but Calvert-Lewin diving-heads it behind! “Was ‘A special correspondent’ code for the Guardian printing wire copy rather than sending their own reporters?” asks Graeme Thorn. Almost certainly not - old newspapers are full of such thing, generally written by bashful, publicity-shy (or ambitious, frustrated) but very much real journalists.

    A training-ground free-kick routine pays off handsomely, with Holgate heading Digne’s cross into the path of Keane, who turns it in, but Holgate was half a torso offside.

    24 mins: Boggle-eyed protestations of innocence from Redmond after Holgate goes over his foot and wins a free kick, about 25 yards from goal.

    22 mins: Ings anticipates Digne’s back-pass and comes that close to getting to it before Pickford! But then, in the end, he doesn’t.

    20 mins: Andre Gomes tries a defence-splitting pass towards Calvert-Lewin, a lovely ball which the striker could have reached ahead of Forster if he hadn’t decided he was maybe slightly offside so taken a step in the wrong direction. Luckily he was, indeed, slightly offside.

    17 mins: A decent cross from Ings on the right, but sadly Ings wasn’t in the penalty area to score from it. Keane concedes a corner, though, which is headed out to Redmond, whose volley goes over the bar.

    15 mins: Save! Sigurdsson sends the ball in, and Richarlisson’s diving header was on its way towards the bottom corner before Forster got a big glove in the way, though the linesman’s flag kind of made it immaterial.

    14 mins: I’m not sure Southampton’s self-esteem can survive an early goal. They’ve certainly looked poor in the few minutes since they conceded. Everton win a free-kick on the right for a Salisu high boot.

    11 mins: Mohammed Salisu goes down after losing out to Calvert-Lewin in the header/shoulder double, but is soon back on his feet and in the fray.

    A lovely opening goal for the home side! Calvert-Lewin wins a head, and then wins the header (well, shoulder) from his header. The ball drops to Sigurdsson, who plays Richarlison through and the Brazilian goes past Forster and scores from an acute angle!

    6 mins: Bertrand wins a corner for Southampton, but Calvert-Lewin heads clear.

    4 mins: A bright opening from both sides. One wildly overhit Armstrong through-ball at one end, one offside flag against Calvert-Lewin at the other.

    1 min: Peeeeeeeep! “Wow! Bolton Wanderers vs. Bangor City,” enthuses Sarah Rothwell. “Now there’s a fixture you don’t see every day.” It is a fixture that (so far as I can tell) has only once been seen in all of human history, in fact.

    Z Cars rings out, and the teams make their way onto the Goodison Park pitch. Mason Holgate is holding an iPad across his chest like a soldier with a shield.

    @Simon_Burnton I think I can't let it pass that back in 1971 Everton hosted Southampton a week after a momentous Derby win .. and won 8-0 (Royle 4, Ball 3, Johnson). It was 5-0 at HT.

    This is true. Everton had beaten Liverpool 1-0 at home a week earlier. Here’s (a bit of) our match report:

    Fraser Forster plays for just the second time this season. He currently has a 100% win record, his one previous game being January’s 1-0 win over Liverpool.

    It’s 5C in Liverpool at the moment. Here’s Mason Holgate arriving at Goodison Park, as if it’s mid-July and he’s on the Croisette in Cannes:

    Here are tonight’s teams. The headlines: Ings IN! Calvert-Lewin IN! Allan IN! Forster IN!

    Everton: Pickford, Godfrey, Keane, Holgate, Digne, Doucoure, Allan, Andre Gomes, Sigurdsson, Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison. Subs: King, Iwobi, Nkounkou, Bernard, Virginia, Onyango, Broadhead, Astley, John.
    Southampton: Forster, Salisu, Bednarek, Vestergaard, Bertrand, Djenepo, Armstrong, Ward-Prowse, Redmond, Adams, Ings. Subs: McCarthy, Stephens, Tella, Ramsay, N’Lundulu, Ferry, Jankewitz, Watts, Chauke.
    Referee: Martin Atkinson.

    ⚠️ ! ⚠️

    Here’s your Everton team for #EVESOU...

    T E A M S H E E T

    The #SaintsFC side to take on #EFC tonight:

    Hello world!

    Everton, whose last league win was against Liverpool a week ago, host Southampton, whose last league win was against Liverpool two months ago. The home side are not exactly in great form - their record over their last eight games is the 12th-best in the division - but Southampton’s is horrible, and in the same period they have one point, a goal difference of -19, and are rock bottom. “We are definitely sometimes a little bit too nice,” says Ralph Hasenhuttl (not if you ask referees: Southampton are joint third in the league on red cards with three, and 10th on bookings with 38). “It is hard to change this because this is our mentality, our character,” he added. “And the only problem is that you always get punished when you are nice or correct and sticking to the rules. Sometimes it is important to be a little bit nasty.” Let’s hope Everton have reinforced their shin pads.

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  • Mon, 01 Mar 2021 22:13:03 +0000: Richarlison strike sinks Southampton and maintains Everton’s momentum - Southampton | The Guardian

    It was only a one-word expletive but, coming from the mouth of a manager facing an eighth defeat in nine Premier League matches, Ralph Hasenhüttl’s immediate reaction to two late chances Southampton squandered at Everton was the sound of despair, anger and disbelief.

    “We are missing the final punch,” Hasenhüttl lamented afterwards. But Southampton’s opponents keep landing their blows. Richarlison’s latest early, precision strike brought Everton their first home league win of 2021 and moved Carlo Ancelotti’s team to within two points of fourth-placed West Ham with a game in hand.

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  • Sat, 27 Feb 2021 09:00:20 +0000: Everton v Southampton: match preview - Southampton | The Guardian

    Everton are feeling good following a first win at Anfield since 1999, planning permission for a new stadium and a new contract for Lucas Digne – all in the space of five days – but major improvement is required at Goodison Park to give it more foundation. Carlo Ancelotti’s team have lost four of their past five Premier League home games, including 2-0 defeats by Fulham and Newcastle, and Southampton offer another test of what the Italian suspects is complacency among his players when facing struggling sides. Ralph Hasenhüttl’s team are sliding towards trouble after eight league games without a win. Andy Hunter

    Monday 8pm Sky Sports Premier League

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  • Fri, 26 Feb 2021 00:01:00 +0000: Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend - Southampton | The Guardian

    Villa need to plan for life without Grealish, Jota could be back for Liverpool and Guardiola should not take West Ham lightly

    Atlético Madrid sat deep hoping to hit Chelsea on the break in midweek but got little or no change out of a well-drilled side that made it difficult for the Spanish league leaders to muster much in the way of counterattacks with their ferocious intensity whenever they lost the ball. While Manchester United are unlikely to be as compliant as Atlético when they visit Stamford Bridge, Ole Gunnar Solskjær and his coaching staff will need to figure out a way of … er, countering Thomas Tuchel’s fabled counter-press or risk spending far more time than they would like playing on the back foot even when they have the ball. BG

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  • Tue, 23 Feb 2021 20:08:08 +0000: Leeds United 3-0 Southampton: Premier League – as it happened - Southampton | The Guardian

    Marcelo Bielsa’s side returned to winning ways at Elland Road, with Raphinha’s free-kick capping a 3-0 victory over Southampton

    Right, thanks for your company. Bye!

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    Patrick Bamford speaks after scoring his 13th Premier League goal of the season. “We said before the warmup that the most important thing was winning today, no matter how we did it,” he says. “That is the first time this season I have really seen a team come here and press.”

    And what about that cut-up Elland Road pitch? “It’s like going to Winter Wonderland at Christmas,” he says, chuckling.

    Some sumptuous individual performances, none more so than Raphinha, who capped the scoring with a bullet of a free-kick. Patrick Bamford opened the scoring with a fine first-time finish from the angle before Stuart Dallas doubled Leeds’ advantage to shove Southampton aside.

    90 min: There will be three added minutes.

    87 min: It should be 4-0 ... but Helder Costa blazes over after more brilliance from Raphinha. Bednarek is caught at full-back by Raphinha, who drives forward and cuts the ball back for Costa to do the rest. But Southampton get off the hook. Leeds are heading to 10th in the league!

    86 min: Raphinha looks a snip at £17m. Mustard.

    A sublime strike to cap a superb performance. Raphinha powers a brilliant left-footed shot at goal and, even though McCarthy will feel he should have got to it, it was a vicious strike. That’s game, set and match.

    83 min: Djenepo is booked for a crude challenge on Helder Costa. Leeds break on the counter and Djenepo panics, knowing Raphinha is about to dart behind the Southampton defence. Leeds free-kick, 25 yards from goal ...

    83 min: Southampton look a little shot.

    82 min: Elsewhere, Bristol City are 3-0 up against Middlesbrough 40 minutes into Nigel Pearson’s first game as manager.

    80 min: “That Bielsa is some coach – even Dallas thinks he is Ronaldinho now!” emails Justin Kavanagh. It was a confident finish.

    Leeds double their advantage! Raphinha drives inside to open up space for Dallas to roam into a pocket on the edge of the box. He toe-pokes it goalwards with his left foot but his jab is too powerful for McCarthy.

    74 min: Pablo Hernandez replaces Tyler Roberts.

    71 min: Ings’ cross from the right skirts across the roof of the Leeds goal – it is an awkward one for Meslier – but it sails to the opposite flank and away from danger. Moments later Ings drops to the edge of the D and takes aim but his powerful strike fails to trouble Meslier.

    70 min: Moussa Djenepo replaces Oriol Romeu.

    68 min: “Raphinha is so going to Manchester City for £60m in the summer, isn’t he?” tweets Gary Naylor. I can neither confirm nor deny ... back on the pitch, Romeu seems to be in trouble. His race might be run.

    66 min: Southampton win a free-kick on halfway as Alioski upends Romeu, although there is not an awful lot on it. Ings and Minamino have been quiet since coming on but Saints have definitely upped the tempo.

    65 min: ... Bamford clears off the line! Ward-Prowse whips a delicious ball towards Vestergaard, who plants a header goalwards. Meslier is behind it but Bamford is taking no chances and thumps it clear. Southampton try the same move from a resulting corner but this time it’s too high for the giant Vestergaard.

    63 min: That was a sitter, really. Llorente, unmarked from a few yards out, ended up passing the ball at McCarthy. Raphinha – again – did brilliantly after Alioski nudged a pass into the left channel. Still, Southampton win a corner ...

    61 min: Superb save by McCarthy to deny Llorente his first Leeds goal and his club a second in this game! The defender probably should have buried it but McCarthy reacts brilliantly. Raphinha got to the byline and slid the ball into Llorente’s path. Leeds will be kicking themselves if Southampton do manage to find a route back into this one. They should be out of sight.

    60 min: Alioski is on for Klich. Dallas moves into midfield.

    59 min: Hasenhuttl replaces his front two, with Ings and Minamino on for Redmond and Tella. Leeds are going to be forced into a change, with Klich unable to continue. He is holding his back ...

    58 min: Klich is down injured for Leeds. Meanwhile Saints are readying a double change ...

    55 min: Leeds have started this second half like a train.

    54 min: Leeds pass up another inviting opening! Raphinha works the ball to Liam Cooper at the back post but the defender’s header across goal is scrambled clear by Southampton after Struijk dallied on the ball in the area.

    53 min: Leeds carve Southampton open but Bamford smashes the ball straight at McCarthy, who manages to keep the hosts at bay. Stuart Dallas cut inside off the left flank, weaving his way past a sea of red shirts before locating an unmarked Bamford. But the striker goes for power and that allows McCarthy to stand tall. Leeds can’t force it in!

    52 min: Hasenhuttl sends Danny Ings out to warmup.

    50 min: Tyler Roberts shoots agonisingly wide! Raphinha makes Jan Bednarek look silly, taking the ball in his stride before unselfishly looking for his team-mates centrally. He squares the ball and Roberts arrives on to it beautifully, opening his body up ... but fails to apply the first-time finish.

    49 min: Meslier saves well from Armstrong, who sends a vicious, dipping shot towards goal from inside the box. Armstrong shapes to shoot towards the far post but pelts a shot at the near post. Meslier claws the ball clear with a strong right hand. Smart goalkeeping.

    Roberts slips in Bamford, who finishes effortlessly. Bamford times his run between a gaping hole between Bednarek and Vestergaard, steadies himself and then pots the ball into the far corner. Great vision by Roberts and a wonderful finish to boot.

    47 min: Redmond powers at Meslier at his near post! Che Adams does well, keeping Struijk at arm’s length before laying the ball back for Redmond, whose shot was straight at the Leeds goalkeeper.

    47 min: Ayling tries to release Bamford over the top of the Southampton defence but it is a little ambitious and McCarthy gathers.

    46 min: Leeds get us back under way. Helder Costa is on in place of Jack Harrison. No changes for Southampton.

    A bizarre climax to an open first half, with Che Adams firing in after James Ward-Prowse played a quick free-kick in behind the Leeds defence. Andre Marriner appeared to whistle for Ward-Prowse to take the free-kick but then tried to halt play before Adams buried a shot beyond Meslier. And before that Southampton had a penalty revoked after Marriner adjudged Diego Llorente did not foul Nathan Tella, who fell in the box. Never dull!

    45+2 min: Ward-Prowse’s in-swinging corner bends towards the far post and Illan Meslier has to be alert to nudge it to safety. Southampton win another corner ... but this time Armstrong ends up dragging wide.

    45 min: There will be three added minutes.

    45 min: Che Adams thinks he has scored ... but Andre Marriner is having none of it, saying Southampton did not wait for his whistle. Ward-Prowse slips Adams in, playing a quick free-kick after Marriner sounds his whistle but the official then blows again before the ball was fired in past Illan Meslier. Confusion reigns!

    43 min: Llorente, understandably, does look a little off the pace.

    42 min: Che Adams becomes the latest player to lose their footing on a pitch that continues to churn.

    41 min: Unsurprisingly, no Southampton player has won more duels than Romeu in the Premier League this season. That was a monstrous interception.

    39 min: Romeu has just made another stonking challenge, and this time it’s a goal-saving intervention. Leeds break on the counterattack from a Southampton free-kick and Stuart Dallas plays Raphinha through one-on-one with Alex McCarthy. He is seemingly set to open the scoring ... but Romeu has something to say about it all. Superb defending.

    36 min: Tella is penalised for a foul but Leeds waste a free-kick from the right flank, with Raphinha sending a cross straight down the Southampton goalkeeper Alex McCarthy’s throat.

    35 min: Hasenhuttl, hard done by by VAR calls in recent weeks, shakes his head but it appears the right decision. Tella steamed into the box and Llorente seemed to pull away from making contact just in time. It was a swift Saints move that stemmed from more brilliant breakup play by Oriol Romeu, who nipped in ahead of Mateusz Klich to steal possession.

    34 min: No penalty!

    34 min: This is all jolly good fun, isn’t it?

    33 min: Andre Marriner is going to have a look for himself ...

    32 min: Nathan Tella fell in the box but appeared to seek contact from Diego Llorente. Down to you, Kevin Friend. Andre Marriner is the referee this evening.

    32 min: The VAR Kevin Friend will check it ...

    32 min: Penalty to Southampton ... !

    30 min: Stuart Armstrong has been unusually quiet on his return to the Southampton lineup. Tella has been perhaps the liveliest source of energy for Saints.

    29 min: Ryan Bertrand bursts through on goal and leathers a shot at Illan Meslier ... but the Southampton full-back is pulled up for handball. He has no complaints. Bertrand was, worryingly for Leeds, played in very easily.

    27 min: ... Cooper pokes the ball over the bar, via Alex McCarthy’s left glove! Raphinha looks set to shoot but plays a cute pass out towards Diego Llorente, who is completely unmarked. Southampton inadvertently leave Llorente alone and he sends the ball into the six-yard box, where Cooper hooks an effort goalwards. McCarthy does well to intervene. The resulting corner comes to nothing but Leeds have upped it in the last couple of minutes.

    26 min: Leeds free-kick, 30 yards from goal. Raphinha fancies it ...

    24 min: Leeds turn up the temperature. Tyler Roberts drives over from just inside the box after Raphinha slides a weighted ball into him. He should have done better. Raphinha did superbly in the buildup and Salisu could have given away a penalty on another day. He struggled to get to grips with the Brazilian and made a rash challenge, but made no contact.

    23 min: Leeds try to pour forward down the left flank but, again, Southampton are sharp to it. Jan Bednarek is at right-back in the continued absence of Kyle Walker-Peters, who is an early contender for Saints’ player of the season award.

    22 min: Bamford goes over in the box but Vestergaard, with a little wry smile, tells him to get on with it. There was nothing in that. Up the other end Tella, a former Arsenal academy forward, is looking accomplished on his full league debut.

    20 min: Bamford tries to weave his way through the visitors defence but Southampton snuff the danger out. “Llorente being back poses an interesting question: better an off-form defender in the defense or an out of position player filling in responsibilities there?” emails Giancarlo.

    18 min: Vestergaard is gobbling everything up in the Southampton defence. A bit of head tennis ensues – maybe they’ve had enough of the playing surface – and the towering defender comes out on top.

    17 min: The Elland Road pitch is cutting up rather heavily.

    15 min: If you didn’t realise already, Kalvin Phillips is again missing for Leeds with a calf injury. Leeds have won only one of the six league matches he has missed this season. Saints are certainly winning the midfield battle at the moment. Romeu and Ward-Prowse are stomping their feet.

    13 min: Diego Llorente gives the ball away cheaply and the Leeds defender already looks to be blowing on only his second start for the club. Vestergaard got Saints moving on halfway and Tella continues to cause problems.

    11 min: Tella nudges Ayling over and Leeds win a free-kick just inside the Southampton half. On the touchline, Bielsa is bellowing and Ralph roaring. There is no shortage of passion on display.

    10 min: James Ward-Prowse, the Southampton captain, is barking orders, organising his team-mates and shifting them around as Leeds probe just after halfway. Leeds are yet to click.

    9 min: Saints appear to be playing Leeds at their own game. Hasenhuttl did suggest he made changes to ensure his players could get their high-press on.

    7 min: Romeu does brilliantly to claw the ball away from Luke Ayling on halfway and helps Saints win posssession. Nathan Tella, on his full debut, skates past Liam Cooper and tries to send a shot arcing towards the top corner. He doesn’t make clean contact but promising stuff.

    5 min: ... Vestergaard drops a header just wide of the Leeds goal! Ward-Prowse whips in a dangerous free-kick, it lands on the edge of the six-yard box and Vestergaard cranes his neck in front of Patrick Bamford to send an effort goalwards. It drops wide. Encouraging start for Saints.

    5 min: Southampton win a free-kick out on the right flank ...

    4 min: A high-octane start at Elland Road after a some teething problems at my end ...

    Saints kick-off after both teams take a knee.

    “That sad piece on Gordon McQueen brought back happy memories of the big man soaring horizontally over the England defence at Wembley in 1977,” emails Justin Kavanagh. “He could defend against the besty too. How the current Leeds team could use a rock like him at the back these days.”

    Marcelo Bielsa has a word pre-match. “The change is made because we can count on Diego Llorente again and I am in agreement that the performance was good in the last game. It is necessary in this moment and we hope he can show the qualities that brought him here. There are no easy games in the Premier League, all the teams have highs and lows and I have the sensation that Southampton are recovering the levels of earlier in the season. I am not the best qualified to describe the opponent’s style, I will leave that to others who are better qualified.”

    Ralph Hasenhüttl speaks and explains why he has left Danny Ings on the bench. “When you have seen how intense our last game was, and today we have maybe one of the most intense of the season, against a team who is known for their massive running stats. You need fresh players on the pitch. It does not mean they will not come on.”

    Southampton, it is fair to say, are not jumping up and down with glee at the moment. Their total of four points in 2021 is the lowest in the Premier League, as is their tally of six goals scored. Their solitary victory in 12 matches arrived against the champions in January.

    Some sad news regarding a former Leeds player:

    Related: Former Scotland defender Gordon McQueen diagnosed with dementia

    Team news news: there is no Danny Ings or Takumi Minamino in the Saints XI, having run themselves into the ground against Chelsea at St Mary’s four days ago, but both are on the bench. The 21-year-old Nathan Tella, an exciting forward, makes his full Premier League debut as Ralph Hasenhüttl makes three changes. Meanwhile Marcelo Bielsa tweaks things with Diego Llorente returning to the starting lineup in place of Jamie Shackleton, for only his second start since a summer move from Sociedad.

    Leeds (4-4-1-1): Meslier; Ayling, Cooper, Llorente, Dallas; Raphinha, Struijk, Klich, Harrison; Roberts; Bamford

    Subs: Casilla, Alioski, Cresswell, Casey, Costa, Jenkins, Huggins, Hernandez, Gelhardt

    To Elland Road, where Marcelo Bielsa’s side welcome Southampton in a teatime kick-off. What better way to start the evening? Team news is imminent. Leeds were desperately unlucky in defeat at Wolves last week while Southampton stopped the rot against Chelsea after six straight defeats.

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Historical Transfer News and Team Gossip has been archived below:

Southampton manager Nigel Adkins has been a busy man in the transfer market this summer as he looks to reinforce his squad for the start of next season after a great run which saw them promoted to the English top flight via the play offs. Adkins is now desperate to bring in new names to the club so that he can secure their position in the top flight for another season at least.

The first signing of the summer sees promising young full back Nathaniel Clyne arrive at St Mary`s from Crystal Palace after the promise of the clubs plans to attempt to quality for Europe this season were very enticing for the player. Southampton though will need to pay a large compensation fee to his current club if the deal goes through as due to the players age his former club feel they are due some type of payment from the saints after he signed a new four year deal last week.

Another player who has just be signed by the club is talented striker Jay Rodriguez after he recently arrived from Burnley for a fee which is believed to be around the six and a half million pounds mark. Adkins has long been an admirer of the player and is extremely happy with the signing which he sees as just perfect to bolster his attacking line for next season.

A shocking bit of news right now for Southampton is the fact that their attempts to bring defender Alexander Buttner to St Mary`s may be in tatters after his current club Vitesse Arnham have halted the move after another club have come into the frame for the players signature. Southampton may now find themselves in a bidding war for the player who they see as a perfect addition to their squad so as of now all dealings over the player have hit a premature halt.