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  • Sat, 04 Jul 2020 17:34:32 +0000: Norwich stare at the trapdoor after Trossard seals win for Brighton - Norwich City | The Guardian

    The game is almost up for Norwich. In a week meant to herald the start of a great escape, an insipid defeat by a Brighton team heading in a different direction leaves them almost resigned to their fate.

    Leandro Trossard’s smart finish was enough to seal the victory that almost certainly assures Brighton’s Premier League survival for a third successive season – they look good to match the club’s best period in the top-flight between 1979-83.

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  • Sat, 04 Jul 2020 13:39:30 +0000: Norwich City 0-1 Brighton & Hove Albion: Premier League – as it happened - Norwich City | The Guardian

    Leandro Trossard’s fine first-half goal gave Brighton the victory that moves them ever closer to Premier League safety ... and nudges Norwich further towards relegation

    Ed Aarons was at Carrow Road as Brighton all but ensured their Premier League survival. Here’s his verdict. Click to enjoy ... and thanks for reading this MBM. Stay healthy!

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    A very happy Graham Potter’s verdict. “It’s one of those days when the result is the most important thing. To get three points and a clean sheet you need a little luck, and we had it at the end with the post. But we’re absolutely delighted. We’ve got five more games to go, and we’re still fighting for the points. This is a unique season and what has happened in the past [36 points has been enough to ensure survival in each of the last three seasons] we can’t take too much from that. But 36 is a decent number, though we need more. I’m so pleased for the boys.”

    A huge three points for Brighton, who are surely safe for another year. Norwich aren’t mathematically kaput yet, but it’s really not looking good now. A deserved win for Brighton, even if they were hanging on a bit at the end, and enjoyed a huge slice of good fortune when Idah’s header hit the post. They were the better team for the most part.

    90 min +5: A heading chance for Cantwell, in a pocket of space on the penalty spot. He floats it harmlessly wide right. That could be Norwich’s last chance.

    90 min +4: Brighton breathe a huge sigh of relief, then run down the clock by replacing Lamptey with Duffy.

    90 min +3: Norwich come within inches of equalising! Buendia curls in from a deep position on the left. Idah rises highest and flicks a header past Ryan ... but off the inside of the right-hand post! The ball bounces along the line, then is belted away by Burn!

    90 min +2: Buendia waltzes in from the right and has a belt that’s immediately blocked by Webster.

    90 min +1: The first of six added minutes floats by without incident ... or, indeed, a booking.

    90 min: Now Cantwell goes in the book for a fairly crude lunge on Lamptey. He hasn’t got grounds for complaint, but makes one anyway.

    89 min: Gross has been booked as well, for some infringement of the laws, no doubt.

    88 min: Lamptey is booked for faffing around over a throw.

    86 min: McLean is pestered by Maupay in the centre circle, and briefly considers losing the rag. But just before the commencement of the throwing of hands, McLean’s temperature drops and instead we play on.

    85 min: Buendia bustles towards the Brighton box but is soon surrounded. If Norwich are going to grab an equaliser, you’d think he’ll be involved somehow.

    83 min: Pukki looks to release Idah down the middle, but Dunk steps in to intercept just in the nick of time.

    81 min: It’s gone very bitty in the wake of that Six Nations-style slew of substitutions. Brighton will be happy enough with that, as the world continues to turn.

    79 min: A double-change for Brighton: Stephens and Mac Allister come on for Bissouma and the goalscorer Williams Trossard.

    78 min: Norwich sub: Tettey off, Vrancic on.

    77 min: Bissouma has an opportunity to shoot, just to the right of the D, but decides against it. Bernardo has a thump from a less promising position, and his effort is easily blocked.

    76 min: Buendia throws a free kick into the Brighton box from the right, hoping to sow confusion. Brighton deal with it easily enough.

    74 min: It’s mainly Norwich now, Brighton deploying another defensive player and hoping to soak up whatever Cantwell, Idah and Pukki can throw at them.

    72 min: Brighton make their first swaps. Mooy and Connolly are replaced by Gross and Bernardo.

    71 min: Norwich pin Brighton back for the first time in a while. Cantwell nearly sashays through the defence, then Buendia whips a low ball across the face of goal from the left. There’s nobody to run it home, not for the first time this afternoon. Despite being second best for the most part, Norwich have created a couple of chances today, but nobody’s been on hand to take advantage.

    69 min: Bissouma glides in from the left and unleashes a fierce, swerving, rising shot that Krul can only punch clear in a very uncertain style. That could easily have pinged off the keeper’s gloves and in, but he does enough. That was a proper piledriver.

    67 min: That’s drinks, and an opportunity for Norwich to replace their entire front three. Duda, Drmic and Hernandez make way for Cantwell, Idah and Pukki.

    65 min: Drmic clumps an ambitious shot straight at Ryan. A hail-mary effort made in the knowledge that he’s about to get the hook.

    64 min: Propper slides a ball down the inside-right channel to release Lamptey into the Norwich box. Lamptey can’t quite sort his feet out to shoot, then decides to go down having clipped Hernandez’s knee. Brighton want a penalty, but there’s not enough contact to interest either ref or VAR, and Lamptey’s inelegant fall probably didn’t help.

    62 min: Trossard and Maupay flick the ball down the left, the goalscorer eventually bursting into the box and dinking a cross straight into the arms of Krul. Overly intricate. Nothing’s quite coming off.

    60 min: Propper drops a shoulder and has a crack from the edge of the box. It’s deflected out for a corner, which Mooy wastes. Another goal can’t be long in coming.

    59 min: Lewis has clearly decided that he’s not going down without a fight. Another fine run down the left earns a free kick. Norwich load the box, but Buendia’s delivery isn’t good, straight down the throat of Ryan, an easy claim. Better from the hosts, though.

    57 min: Lewis drops a shoulder to vex Mooy out on the left. It’s a splendid trick, and the following low whipped cross that fizzes through the six-yard box is even better. But there’s nobody in yellow anticipating or taking a gamble. Lewis should be celebrating an assist there.

    56 min: Finally, a decent spell of Norwich probing. They ping it this way and that. Finally Buendia peals a shot goalwards from the edge of the box. Dunk takes one for the team, right in the gut. Norwich claim a penalty, but they’re not getting one.

    54 min: Mooy has the ball just inside the Norwich box, on the left. If anything, he’s got too many options: Maupay and Trossard in close attendance, plus space for a shot. He can’t decide, and Aarons eventually purchases an extremely cheap free kick when the ball’s inaccurately passed to Trossard. Brighton are well on top, but they can’t afford to pass up too many opportunities like this.

    53 min: Nothing comes of the corner. But Brighton have quickly re-established control. By comparison, Norwich are offering absolutely nothing.

    52 min: Lamptey takes a cute touch to cut in from the right and drive Brighton forward. Bissouma takes over, neatly dribbling down the wing and winning a corner.

    50 min: A free kick for Brighton out on the left, and a chance to load the box. Mooy takes, and sends long. Burn rises highest at the far post. He can’t connect with a header, but the ball pings off his back and nearly nestles into the top right. It’s inches wide. It would have been a messy finish all right, but what a delivery by Mooy. Almost impossible to defend.

    49 min: Connolly drifts in from the left and looks to send a curler into the top right. His effort was heading in, but Klose reads the danger and bravely blocks.

    48 min: Buendia wriggles into enough space for a shot from the edge of the Brighton box, but falls as he takes it, and the ball dribbles through to Ryan.

    47 min: No early second-half surge from the hosts. Lewis has a look down the left but his cross is cleared easily by Burn.

    And we’re off again! Norwich get the ball rolling for the second half. No changes. Meanwhile before the action picks up once more, here’s Marlon Cameron, taking the opportunity to sing while Brighton are winning. “My girlfriend just commented that, as the season goes on, Trossard looks more and more like Robbie Williams circa 1996.” She’s not wrong, is she.

    Half-time reading. Here’s Paul Doyle on the travails of Leicester City, who have never looked the same since getting thumped by Liverpool on Boxing Day.

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    That’s the end of a half in which Norwich started brightly, only to fall away alarmingly as Brighton scored, then assumed control. The visitors deserve their lead, as they begin to sense Premier League survival. Can Norwich react? A defeat here would nudge them ever closer to the Championship.

    45 min: This nearly cheered him up, though. Buendia busies himself in the D of the Brighton box, draws a few players, then slips a clever pass down the inside-left channel to find Hernandez. The winger drops a shoulder, shifts his feet, and snaps a shot goalwards, but it’s blocked by Mooy and spins up harmlessly into the arms of Ryan.

    44 min: Drmic and Duda try to combine down the inside-right channel, but the ball harmlessly squirts out of play for a goal kick. On the touchline, Daniel Farke looks thoroughly miserable, with a hint of concern washing across his coupon.

    43 min: Norwich ping it around the middle, but can’t make further headway, and soon enough possession is given up. Mooy curls in from the right but there’s nobody in the middle to take advantage of a trouble-making pass.

    41 min: Brighton are in total control now. Maupay senses blood and cuts in from the left again, but is crowded out on the edge of the box. Norwich need to hear the half-time whistle, because Brighton are pressing hard for a second goal.

    39 min: Brighton are beginning to turn it on. A gorgeous Connolly flick sends Maupay tearing infield from the left. Maupay, who has Mooy free to his left, instead slips Lamptey into the box on the right, then gets the ball back, but stumbles over his shot. For a second, Brighton were streaming forward en masse in a very eye-catching style.

    38 min: Lewis is booked for cynically blocking Lamptey, who was working his way down the right.

    37 min: More space for Mooy down the right. He loops long, the ball dropping towards Trossard, who should volley first time for goal from close range, but opts to cushion a pass towards Connolly instead. A very good chance is gone.

    35 min: Norwich continue to huff and puff, without much in the way of end product. Brighton are comfortable.

    33 min: Hernandez wriggles in from the left and works space to shoot, but drags his effort well wide left. Still, he’s been Norwich’s star turn so far, the man most likely.

    32 min: Lewis fires a backpass towards Krul at a fascinating velocity. The keeper does extremely well to kill the ball dead without anything embarrassing happening.

    30 min: Norwich were looking extremely assured before the Brighton goal. Now, uncertainty reigns. Such are the vicissitudes of a side bound for relegation.

    28 min: Lamptey comes again, crossing low from the right this time. Connolly nearly meets the ball on the penalty spot, but Norwich manage to scramble clear. The hosts go up the other end, Tettey taking a whack from distance, but his effort is quickly blocked. Good game, this.

    27 min: Brighton are on the front foot now. Lamptey makes his way down the right and swings a dangerous cross towards the far post, but none of his team-mates have read his intention.

    Freshly fuelled, immediately after the restart, Brighton score a marvellous goal on the counter! Norwich ship possession. Maupay slips a ball down the right for Mooy, who romps into acres of space and curls low into the centre. Trossard attacks at the near post, steering the ball across a wrong-footed Krul and into the bottom left. What a delicious finish!

    23 min: And that’s drinks!

    21 min: Propper slides a pass down the inside-left channel, hoping to release Trossard into the Norwich box. Trossard goes down looking for a penalty, having lightly brushed Aarons. The referee is, quite correctly, not in the least bit interested.

    19 min: So having said that, Hernandez immediately skitters in from the right and lashes a fine rising shot inches over the bar. That would have been a screamer. The Cuban winger looks in the mood.

    18 min: Brighton continue with the sterile possession. Right now, it’s proving successful in quelling Norwich’s early verve.

    16 min: Norwich have enjoyed the lion’s share of possession so far, but Brighton seem happy enough. They knock it around the back some more, without too much urgency. On the touchline, Graham Potter applauds some encouragement. “As a Stoke supporter I can only look at Potter and wish he’d taken the job with his namesake team,” writes Joshua Reynolds. “Not only would it have been pleasant linguistically, he might have steered us in a better direction.”

    14 min: Ryan mixes it up by launching long down the middle. Connolly nearly gets onto the pass, but Klose holds his line, intercepts and clears. We’re not quite in the realms of entertainment yet, but this match is promising.

    12 min: Hernandez dribbles hard, in from the left, and attempts a low curler towards the bottom right. It’s heading in, but Dunk sticks out a leg to block. That was a lovely run, nixed by some similarly fine defending.

    11 min: A period of Brighton possession now. All in their own half, very patient. Two teams who like to stroke it around.

    9 min: Norwich draw some triangles down the left, Lewis, Hernandez and Buendia looking confident and fluid. Not that they go anywhere in particular, Lewis’s eventual cross to nobody in particular and easily cleared, but it was all very pretty.

    7 min: Trossard snuffs out a Norwich attack by intercepting and dribbling around in his own box. It’s impressively calm play, though when he eventually lays off to Webster, the defender blooters upfield in the no-nonsense style. A fair chance Webster was informing his team-mate which approach is more effective.

    5 min: Norwich launch their first sortie into enemy territory. Duda sprays a diagonal ball towards Aarons out on the right. Aarons tries to open up Brighton by one-twoing with Buendia, but the move doesn’t quite come off. Both teams have started in positive fashion.

    3 min: A free kick for Brighton out on the right. Mooy floats it in. Klose should clear easily but his unchallenged header only finds Connolly, just inside the box to the left. Connolly rasps a drive over the bar. A decent enough effort, though he’ll be disappointed he didn’t make Krul work at the very least.

    Brighton get the ball rolling. They stroke it around the back for a bit. A quiet start. Perhaps they’re aware that Brisbane-based Phil Withall has gone to bed. “As an Norwich supporter with a normally excessively optimistic outlook I’d like to give you an idea of how I see things. The match kicks off at 9.30 pm and will finish at about 11.15. I need to get up for work at 4.30 tomorrow morning. Normally this would be no problem, coffee would see me through. Tonight I’ll probably do the sensible thing and get some sleep, pessimism and reality intruding on my footballing dreams.”

    The whistle goes ... and the players take a knee. Black lives matter.

    The teams are out! Norwich City in canary yellow, Brighton in beach-towel blue and white stripes. We’ll be off soon! But not before there’s a minute of applause to celebrate the 72nd birthday of the NHS and to honour the selfless work of its heroic staff during this epidemic. A brief word from the man behind its foundation by Labour, the legendary Aneurin Bevan: “So far as I am concerned [the Conservative Party] are lower than vermin. They condemned millions of people to semi-starvation. I warn you young men and women, do not listen to what they are saying. They have not changed, or if they have they are slightly worse.”

    Here’s Daniel Farke. “We always have to rest a lot, we’ve had a lot of workload. In the offence, when you want to be creative, it’s important to be fresh and sharp, so we have made a few changes. Hopefully it’s the right choice. We have to play with less mistakes and be at the top of our game. We have to make sure our performance is really spot on. In general, I am not willing to give any fighting messages. I will speak after the game about our chances [of avoiding relegation] but for now I am concentrating on this performance.”

    A word with Brighton boss Graham Potter. “Manchester United were a strong opponent, but we’ve picked up four points from our first three matches against Arsenal, Leicester and United, so a bit of perspective, we’ve done quite well. It’s nice to bounce back from a defeat, so that’s what we’ll try to do. Three points in the Premier League is massive, and would help a lot, but we’ll just focus on the game.”

    Both teams were defeated heavily in midweek; both teams make four changes as a result. Norwich, battered 4-0 at Arsenal, replace Lukas Rupp, Todd Cantwell, Tom Trybull and Teemu Pukki with Timm Klose, Ondrej Duda, Onel Hernandez and Josip Drmic. Brighton, beaten 3-0 by Manchester United, stand down Shane Duffy, Dale Stephens, Alexis Mac Allister and Martin Montoya; in come Adam Webster, Aaron Mooy, Leandro Trossard and Neal Maupay.

    Norwich City: Krul, Aarons, Godfrey, Klose, Lewis, Tettey, McLean, Buendia, Duda, Hernandez, Drmic.
    Subs: Rupp, Vrancic, Cantwell, Stiepermann, Trybull, Pukki, McGovern, Idah, Martin.

    Brighton & Hove Albion: Ryan, Lamptey, Webster, Dunk, Burn, Propper, Bissouma, Mooy, Trossard, Maupay, Connolly.
    Subs: Duffy, Stephens, Mac Allister, Gross, Murray, March, Montoya, Button, Bernardo.

    If bottom-of-the-table Norwich City are to stage a great escape, they’ll have to start winning very, very soon. This afternoon, in fact, pretty much. Given that two of their last six fixtures are away at Chelsea and Manchester City, and they’re currently seven points plus goal difference shy of safety, you’d think wins against Brighton, Watford, West Ham and Burnley are non-negotiable. And even then it might not be enough.

    One step at a time, though. Brighton first. The Seagulls aren’t safe yet, though they’ve got a six-point buffer on 18th-placed Aston Villa, and their post-lockdown form hasn’t been too bad. Sure, they got ravaged by Manchester United midweek, but they’ve also earned a point at high-flying Leicester and beaten Arsenal. And they did for Norwich back in November, 2-0, so confidence shouldn’t be an issue.

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  • Wed, 01 Jul 2020 19:06:01 +0000: Arsenal 4-0 Norwich City: Premier League – as it happened - Norwich City | The Guardian

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang accepted two gifts, while Granit Xhaka and Cedric Soares also scored in Arsenal’s comfortable 4-0 win over Norwich

    I shall leave you, now, with Barney Ronay’s match report from the Emirates. Thanks for joining me today!

    Related: Aubameyang doubles up for Arsenal to push Norwich closer to drop

    Aubameyang speaks! “Really proud [of his goal return] but first of all I’m really proud of the team, we deserved to win and did a great job. My performance was I think good and I’m always happy to help the team win.”

    Will he sign a new deal?

    Other scores

    Everton 2-1 Leicester

    “I am very happy to see my team, Arsenal, do a good job today,” writes Paul Chintingiza, in Mozambique. Great to hear from you Paul and thanks for your company – we don’t often hear from readers in Mozambique.

    Arsenal are seventh – for now, because Spurs and Sheffield United have games in hand – and six points behind Wolves & Manchester United. Where do they go on Saturday? Molineux. That looks a very big game in the season, now. They have plenty of room for improvement, as that early spell in the second half showed – but something is starting to go right for Mikel Arteta and company, you sense.

    Norwich remain six points off West Ham, who are 17th, but their goal difference basically disadvantages them by a further point. It will need some turnaround from them. They do sometimes look very good, as we saw between minutes 46 and 65, but they were ultimately well beaten here and time is running out.

    Pepe is wayward with a free-kick, and then that’s it. Arsenal put some real pressure on those Europa League spots, and possibly higher; Norwich edge closer to the drop.

    90+1 min: We are in the first of three added minutes.

    89 min: Idah, the young Norwich sub, has impressed me. Clearly a bright, direct striker but he makes good decisions on the ball too. He will do well.

    87 min: I remember when Norwich were having a really good pop at this second half, but they’ve gone now. Arsenal get another corner and a few more balls fly around the box, but the visitors survive.

    84 min: A Tierney ball into the box is just about defended ahead of Nketiah. Norwich really don’t want to concede five. They almost do though, Willock bending one agonisingly wide from 20 yards.

    82 min: Pepe comes on now, for Aubameyang.

    Now *that* is the long-term deal Arsenal should be toasting! Soares has just come on and, when Xhaka’s corner is half-cleared, has a crack from 20 yards with his left foot. It takes a slight deflection and nestles in the corner!

    80 min: Willock does well and earns a corner. Time for number four? Well ...

    78 min: Ceballos goes down under a stray arm from Aarons, which didn’t look like much. The Spaniard has done well today, but the histrionics can be a bit much.

    76 min: Stiepermann and Vrancic replace Cantwell and Rupp for Norwich, to bring up the five chances. David Luiz is in a little pain, meanwhile, and taking treatment. But he looks to be OK. We now see Nketiah replace Lacazette while Cedric Soares makes his long-awaited debut in place of Bellerin.

    74 min: Holding goes on a bit of a novelty jink down the right but is crowded out. The sting has gone from this game now.

    73 min: More subs imminent, Eddie Nketiah among them ...

    70 min: The last 20 minutes are a perfect microcosm of why Norwich will go down, for all their admirable ways. Couldn’t take advantage during a very good spell; made a silly and avoidable mistake to let more clinical opponents in at the other end.

    That’s sealed, then, and you sort of felt it might happen. It’s another Norwich howler, the substitute striker Drmic receiving a throw-in deep in his own half and then carefully laying it back ... straight into Aubameyang’s path. He doesn’t miss those.

    66 min: Could have been three there though, Willock finding room after a poor touch from Tettey but driving well over from about 16 yards.

    65 min: A Drmic drive is blocked. Norwich are finding all kinds of space when they pour forward. I guess they’ve little to lose but the difference in this half has been massive.

    64 min: Lacazette has worked hard but just doesn’t seem right at all this season, to me.

    62 min: Norwich are still having a proper go at this. Holding heads away a cross from Lewis, then Tierney hads to shepherd a Cantwell through ball out of play.

    60 min: No penalty and, in any case, the possible foul on Cantwell was probably outside the box.

    59 min: In case you were wondering whether one of the bottom three might, you know, get a result at some point ... I can inform you that it’s currently Bournemouth 0-3 Newcastle. Hold on, VAR check for a Norwich penalty ...

    58 min: Maybe Joe Willock will perk Arsenal back up. He’s on for Nelson, who has done well if not spectacularly so.

    57 min: Now Arsenal do produce something after a patient move but Bellerin, just as he seems set to tee up one of several waiting teammates for a third, stumbles near the byline.

    55 min: I suspect this is Norwich’s “spell”, but these nonetheless look like completely different sides at the moment.

    53 min: Close from Hernandez! Idah finds him on the left and the Cuban blazes one a foot or so off target. Arsenal could do with switching on, unless they want to make this a close-run thing.

    52 min: Nothing from Arsenal in this half yet. A frustration throughout the season has been that they don’t put in many 90-minute performances.

    50 min: David Luiz makes a foul and the Canaries have another tempting free-kick. It’s in McLean’s range but perhaps on the wrong side for his left foot. He opts for a cross and it sails out of play.

    49 min: Norwich have gone for two up top and the wide threat of Hernandez. They’ve certainly come out with a bit more aggression and intent.

    46 min: And Norwich almost get back into it! The young sub striker Idah does more than Pukki achieved in the entire first 45, snapping in a low 20-yarder that Martinez saves very smartly down to his left.

    Norwich start us off ...

    Substitutions! A triple change for Norwich!

    Pukki, Trybull and Buendia are all off. Idah, Drmic and Hernandez are on.

    Emiliano Martinez did very well for that late save. He’s 27 and has been around for a decade but, look, he is seriously good and I do wonder if Bernd Leno has a massive fight on his hands when he gets back. Profiled him, with help from people who know him well, last week:

    Related: Arsenal's Emiliano Martínez out to seize rare chance with both hands | Nick Ames

    “At last – it’s been found! The one team in the Premier League, or perhaps football, who can make Arsenal look like intergalactic world beaters,” proclaims Charles Antaki.

    Do you remember when Arsenal and Norwich shared seven goals and a 21-man brawl? Who knows, it might yet happen again today. But in case it doesn’t, this is a superb read from Steven Pye:

    Related: When Arsenal and Norwich shared seven goals and a 21-man brawl

    It’s a fair scoreline although Krul did give Arsenal a heck of a helping hand for the opener. The second goal was beautiful, though, and Norwich have spent most of the game under the cosh. They have come very close twice from range, mind you. If that last effort from McLean had gone in we could have expected a very different second half; in the event, you’d fancy Arsenal can score one or two more.

    45+2 min: Super save by Martinez! He’s had nothing to do but McLean hits an absolute pearler from the set-piece and the keeper dives at full stretch to tip it behind!

    45+1 min: Two additional minutes will be played. I’d imagine Norwich just want to get inside. But not before this free-kick, 25 yards out and won by Cantwell ...

    50 - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored his 50th Premier League goal in fewer appearances (79) than any other @Arsenal player, and is the 6th fastest to this total among all Premier League players. Clinical.

    Aubameyang is so good; Arsenal really need to keep him.

    43 min: This time Krul elects to clear a backpass under pressure. Norwich do spring forward after that but Rupp’s attempt to slip Cantwell in is a little underdone.

    40 min: Arsenal should go for a statement victory here, because Norwich do look poor. That was Xhaka’s first goal of the season and the latest step in his rehabilitation from the Autumn unfortunateness. He tries for a second when another corner is aimed towards the edge of the box, but doesn’t catch it brilliantly and a defender blocks.

    That is a lovely goal though. David Luiz pings it diagonally to Tierney quite beautifully, and he quickly plays in the breaking Aubameyang. In turn, Aubameyang prods first-time into the path of an onrushing Xhaka, who lashes low through Krul’s legs and probably puts this game to bed.

    37 min: Given they’ve scored that goal twice in a week, are Arsenal lucky? Dunno about that – their forwards are working really hard, chasing goalkeepers and defenders down, and I will forever question the efficacy of “building from the back” when it’s just not on. It’s OK not to, sometimes! You will still win games (even if you’re Norwich). And people will still watch games.

    Oh, what a howler from Krul! He receives a backpass and, with Aubameyang bearing down, tries to check past the striker rather than put a foot through it. Bad idea! He’s mugged by Aubameyang, who then has an easy pass into an empty net. What a silly mistake, and very similar to the Alex McCarthy mistake that put Arsenal ahead at Southampton last week.

    32 min: The subsequent free-kick earns Arsenal another corner and their pressure is constant at the moment. It’s worked to Nelson, who does superbly to wriggle into the left side of the box and centre for Lacazette. But the striker screws his shot wide of the near post. No matter though, because ...

    31 min: Ceballos, playing like a man who fancies being here next season, regains possession superbly and Rupp hacks him down. Rupp joins McLean in the book.

    30 min: Free-kick to Arsenal 30 yards out. David Luiz steps up in that inimitable style ... and sends a low wobbler through, which Krul watches carefully and gathers well.

    28 min: Ceballos again does well and wins the game’s first corner. Up go the cavalry! But that’s as good as it gets, because Ceballos tries a clever one to the edge of the area and it’s cut out. The ball stays alive and a subsequent cross is aimed too high for Aubameyang.

    27 min: McLean is booked for a foul on the thus-far impressive Ceballos, whose reaction was somewhat dramatic.

    25 min: I did Godfrey a disservice, upon review I reckon that thunderbolt was from 30 yards and maybe further.

    23 min: Drinks.

    22 min: And a decent chance for Lacazette there, as Arsenal counter well again. Ceballos finds him with a perfectly-weighted cross and, running onto the ball unmarked, he thuds his header straight at Krul. He should have done better.

    20 min: Godfrey hits the post! Norwich make a rare excursion upfield and the ball is played back to Godfrey, who has space to move into and is under little pressure. So he pings one from fully 25 yards – it’s a fantastic strike and beats Martinez, but smacks off the outside of his right stick. Closest yet!

    19 min: It’s certainly fair to say Arsenal are completely dominant, without battering that hard at the door. Norwich are sitting in and seeing little of the ball. Now Nelson chips a cross in but Krul is well placed to save Aubameyang’s fairly soft header.

    17 min: What Arsenal are doing well is getting their wing-backs, Tierney and Bellerin, forward and high. It’s meaning, in turn, that the considerable attacking capabilities of Norwich full-backs Lewis and Aarons are nullified. Everton now lead Leicester 2-0 at Goodison!

    14 min: Arsenal look fairly crisp so far and could be a goal up; Norwich haven’t really made their own couple of attacking situations into anything.

    12 min: Everton lead Leicester 1-0 (more here). Arsenal host Leicester next Tuesday and might wonder whether, by hook or by crook, they might chase Brendan Rodgers’ side down on current form.

    10 min: Ceballos springs Xhaka into yards and yards of midfield space; he then finds Aubameyang to his left, and the captain checks into the area before shooting towards goal. Krul parries well.

    Official attendance at the Emirates tonight: 60,472

    I think they meant “tickets sold”.

    8 min: Norwich enjoy a good, prolonged spell of possession inside their own half although it doesn’t really get them anywhere and, eventually, Arsenal get the ball back. Building from the back so religiously really has to work brilliantly when it does pay off. Arsenal almost make them pay by releasing Bellerin, who this time does get in – but Tettey defends his cutback well.

    6 min: Tettey cuts out a raking Xhaka pass that was intended to send Bellerin through. Arsenal have started on the front foot, that is for sure.

    4 min: McLean gives possession to Ceballos and Arsenal can counter, something they are fairly good at, with men over on the left. But Buendia is back tigerishly to charge down Tierney’s attempted delivery.

    2 min: I wonder if this one will be quite edgy. Neither side can really get away with a draw in chasing their respective dreams. Tierney gets forward and makes McLean defend an early centre.

    Arsenal, going left to right, kick us off.

    Big chance for Reiss Nelson today. I interviewed him earlier in the year, he’s a lovely lad and a big talent:

    Related: Reiss Nelson: 'It was always, Reiss and Jadon Sancho, who's better?'

    Norwich emerge from the away dressing room and onto the pitch. Arsenal will follow shortly. We’ll be underway in a few minutes ...

    “I see that our friend with the whistle tonight, Peter Bankes, has dished out yellow cards this season at a rate of 4.45 per game,” notes JR in Illinois.

    “For context, the immortal Mike Dean sits at 4.29 this season. Between the referee, the lack of defensive competence on both sides, and the inclusion of Sidesh ... uh, David Luiz, I’m optimistic we’re in for some high entertainment today.”

    The Gunners have only kept four clean sheets in their last 17 Premier League games at the Emirates.

    There is certainly room for optimism among the visitors tonight.

    Arsenal have, of course, played all of their games so far away from the Emirates. Norwich have played all of theirs at Carrow Road. What does all that mean? Probably nothing, although if away sides really do benefit the most from the absence of crowds then perhaps Farke’s miracle survival bid is on.

    Unusually good atmosphere at the Emirates

    Barney is drinking it all in for us down there this evening.

    Arsenal give contract kid Saka a rest. Reiss Nelson is among those to get a go, starting his first Premier League match of 2020. Mesut Ozil misses out again, possibly with a back injury. Matteo Guendouzi also misses out again, definitely not with a back injury.

    Norwich look short at centre-back, where it seems as if Alex Tettey will partner Ben Godfrey.

    Arsenal: Martinez; Mustafi, David Luiz, Kolasinac; Bellerin, Xhaka, Ceballos, Tierney; Nelson, Lacazette, Aubameyang. Subs: Macey, Papastathopoulos, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Soares, Pepe, Willock, Nketiah, Saka.

    Norwich: Krul; Aarons, Tettey, Godfrey, Lewis; Rupp, Trybull, McLean; Buendia, Pukki, Cantwell. Subs: McGovern, Vrancic, Hernandez, Stiepermann, Drmic, Duda, Idah, Thomas, Martin.

    Today has already begun well for Arsenal. They’ve announced a new contract for Bukayo Saka and it means one of Europe’s best young players is tied down. Perhaps once upon a time that would not have been a big story – but Arsenal are currently hanging on the coat tails of the leading lights, where once they used to wear that mantle comfortably themselves, and currently need to take pleasure in whatever keeps them clinging on.

    Another such thing would be three points against Norwich. That’s what they should be getting, because their opponents are running out of time for an unlikely escape from relegation. Daniel Farke’s side are usually good value and ask plenty of questions; they don’t tend to pay enough heed to the answers, though, and find themselves six points shy of safety. Home defeats to Southampton and Everton in the last fortnight have been limp, though they did show up well against Manchester United in the FA Cup.

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  • Wed, 01 Jul 2020 19:04:27 +0000: Aubameyang doubles up for Arsenal in 4-0 win to push Norwich closer to drop - Norwich City | The Guardian

    On a balmy night at the Emirates Arsenal eased their way past a Norwich City team that offered all the resistance of a decorative bead curtain.

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored two and made one, and in between he looked like he wouldn’t mind playing these opponents every night of the week for the rest of this eerie summer off-season. Norwich were poor, defending throughout like a team unfamiliar with the basic concept but willing to give it a try. Daniel Farke’s team are running out of games, but also conviction.

    Related: Yarmolenko makes Chelsea pay in derby as West Ham edge clear of drop zone

    Related: Arsenal v Norwich City: Premier League – live!

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  • Wed, 01 Jul 2020 10:14:28 +0000: When Arsenal and Norwich shared seven goals and a 21-man brawl - Norwich City | The Guardian

    Let’s hope the game between Arsenal and Norwich this week is half as eventful as their match at Highbury in 1989

    By Steven Pye for That 1980s Sports Blog

    Freedom, joy and love may have been filling the air as the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, but there was not much of this goodwill in evidence on English football pitches. Players brawled at a League Cup game between Wimbledon and West Ham, and a league match between Crystal Palace and Tottenham. Paul McGrath was fined £8,500 for criticising his former manager Alex Ferguson in a newspaper article. York manager John Bird was arrested after a confrontation with Scarborough boss Ray McHale.

    And, before all that, a league game between Arsenal and Norwich at Highbury on 4 November 1989 ended with police on the pitch. The afternoon had begun with the players of both clubs applauding David O’Leary on to the pitch. Collecting a commemorative vase and a shirt with No 622 on the back, O’Leary acknowledged the adulation of the players and fans as he broke George Armstrong’s appearance record for Arsenal. Yet the pleasantries ended there; throughout the match, Arsenal’s record breaker would be involved in a running battle with Norwich striker Malcolm Allen.

    Related: When Aston Villa played behind closed doors as European champions

    Related: A short history of the BBC's distant relationship with league football

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  • Wed, 28 Jun 2017 15:56:57 +0000: Lafferty joins Hearts on two-year deal - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Norwich City | BBC
    Northern Ireland forward Kyle Lafferty joins Hearts on a two-year deal, subject to a medical.
  • Mon, 26 Jun 2017 15:06:31 +0000: Shrewsbury Town sign Jules and Adams - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Norwich City | BBC
    Shrewsbury Town sign Reading defender Zak Jules for an undisclosed fee and Ebou Adams on loan from Norwich.
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    Preston North End re-sign goalkeeper Declan Rudd from Championship rivals Norwich City on a three-year deal.
  • Fri, 16 Jun 2017 13:19:02 +0000: Sunderland to play Bury in EFL Cup - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Norwich City | BBC
    Sunderland will travel to Bury in the EFL Cup first round following their relegation from the Premier League.

Norwich City have just had a bid to bring Leeds United player Robert Snodgrass to Carrow Road as Neil Warnock last night dashed all hopes of the Canaries signing the talented winger. Manager Chris Hughton is said to be extremely disappointed with the decision as he has been a firm fan of the player for some time but still hold hope that a deal can be struck between the two sides before the start of the season.

Norwich striker Chris Martin and his agent have both stated today that the striker would prefer to stay with the canaries amid rumours the player is surplus to requirements at Carrow Road. The twenty three year old found holding down a regular spot extremely difficult last year and then was loaned out to Crystal palace shortly afterwards but the player has now committed to the club and states he is willing to work for his place which will be great news for Norwich City fans.

Birmingham City defender Curtis Davies is another target for Hughton this summer as he has long been admirer of the young defender after he has made it clear he would like to move on from the Blues. The player is still under contract to Birmingham until 2014 after he arrived at the club from Aston Villa in early 2011 and it is thought the Blues will be holding out for a large transfer fee for the player as they have no intention of losing one of their best defenders for less than his market value.