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Arsenal Football Club

I have been a loyal arsenal fan for many years and have visited their website frequently since it has been available and have found it to be superb. I love being able to access a wide array of information such as fixtures, results club rumours and so on and it is fantastic to have this much information on offer to me at any time. I have booked tickets through the website on many occasions which I found to be very easy to do and the tickets arriv in quick time which is great. Keep up the good work arsenal, come on the gooners!

Aston Villa Football Club

I have found the Aston Villa website to be highly interesting and easy to use which is great for me as I am only taking my first steps into using it. I have been a supporter of villa since I was a kid almost forty years ago and having a resource for all the latest club news is fantastic. Booking tickets has never been easier either and also I found that the clubs online store has some great offers in regard to shirts and memorabila. I also like the gallery and video section as they have some brilliant stuff there and alsoit is good to be able to leave messages for the club via the message board. Great website for a great club!

Chelsea Football Club

I first visited the Chelsea website a few weeks back and have never looked back since then as it is one of the most informative websites I have ever used. Before I began to use the site I used to visit a host of different sites for the latest club information which was ok but there was never as much information on offer as I get via the Chelsea website. I can find out all the information I need on tickets and games which is very useful as I try to get to as many games as possible each year. I also really like the clubs shop as you can order your shirts there before anywhere else which is great. The website is very easy to use also even for me which is very advantageous and I love it.

Everton Football Club

The Everton website is very easy to use and is also very eye catching and since I have been visiting it I am always up to date with all the happenings from the club. I also like that the club have a mobiles version of their site which is great for keeping on the ball with the latest news from the club. There is also a host of great video content available to watch through the website such as classic games and memorable games such as when we won the champions league this year which I just love to watch again and again. I also like that fact they have an extensive history section which details the history ofthe club which is a great read if you are a true fan. I score this website 9/10 for content and quality and would recommend it to any Everton fan.

Fulham Football Club

Over the past few months I have been a frequent visitor to the Fulham website as I have found it be very good in every way and it offers a great resource for all the latest club and team news. I have found that all the clubs gossip is shown on here before anywhere else which is very good and eliminates the need for scouring the internet for the latest news as I previously had to. I always take advantage of the historical video archives as well as they have some brilliant content on there which is highly entertaining. The website is also very simple to use even for a novice which is very helpful to someone like me.

Liverpool Football Club

The Liverpool website is great!! I use it all the time for many things such as booking tickets for myself and the kids as well as buying the seasons new shirts and kits from the clubs online store. I have found that the content of this website is fantastic with sections such as video, galleries, news, transfers, results and fixtures which are all very informative. I also like the layout of the website as it is very simple to get to grips with and easy to use which is very helpful. In times where I have needed to contact the club there are numerous contact details available through the club which stops the need for me to search google for the rightnumber to ring which saves lots of time. Well done Liverpool once again you have provided a great source of entertainment for us.

Manchester City Football Club

The Manchester City website is filled with only the best club news and happenings and every time I visit the website I find out something new about the club I love. The website allows you to join the club via its membership process which is very easy to do for even the novice internet user and offers extensive help and step by step guides. I usually make a lot of use of the clubs citytv feature where you can access a wide variety of footballing videos from years ago which is great for reliving the best moments in the clubs history like winning the premier league this year. I also like the fact the website has all the latest transfer news which is great for those of us who love to see whos coming to our great club for next season. I would like to thank Manchester City for offering this great service to all us loyal fans and long may you keep up the good work both on and off the pitch. Come on City, come on city!

Manchester United Football Club

I have been a frequent visitor to the Manchester United website for many years now and stil use it as I have found it is by far the best place to get all the latest club news and happenings. They have many sections availble in the website sch as the museum and history tour which allows you to look at items in the clubs museum as well as taking a virtual tour around old trafford which is exciting fun especailly for those who have never been to the stadium. Another great feature of the website is that you can join the clubs memebership easily and also apply for a wide variety of football match tickets for a much reduced price compared to other vendors. The news section is brilliant to say the least and always has the most up to date information about the club so I always know whats going on before anyone else. There are too many other features I could mention but I will leave that up to you to see when you visit as I recommend you do as soon as you can if you love Utd.

Newcastle Utd Football Club

Newcastle United have a fantastic website for finding out all the latest club news and transfer information which is very handy during the summer months and I generally visit it every day to ensure I am always as up to date on the clubs moves as I can be. I first found the website many years ago and have never looked back as it is by far the best website on the planet. I also like that you can link stuff to your facebook account and like things easily from the website and also that you can buy all your kits and tickets through the clubs online shopping facility. Great site, great club what more can I say?!

Norwich Football Club

After using many footballing websites over the years to help me find all the latest football news for my club Norwich I have now decided that the only place for any fan to get the best information and news on our wonderful football club is through their own website. The reason for this is many a time I have visited other websites and found news which is not anywhere near accurate and this has been a disappointment to me but on the Norwich website everything you read is exactly as it should be and you can trust what is written. This is very helpful when it comes to football transfers and so on as you are always kept in the loop which is great for avid fans like myself. I also now always buy my season tickets through the clubs website which is very easy to do even for a novice and also saves you money compared to other sites.If you like watching historic games you will also love to visit this website as they have an extensive video highlights section which goes back many years and is always entertaining to relive some of the clubs classic moments. Overall I think the site is fantastic and long may your good work continue both on and off the pitch.

Queens Park Rangers Football Club

Myself and my family have been visiting the QPR website now for some time and always find it to be the best source of entertainment and information on the club available and we all absolutely love it. The website can be used easily even by the wife who does not really use computers and has some great footballing videos for us to view when we like. Since I got myself one of these smart phone things I have also been using their mobile website on many occasions and have found that to be very good also and it gives me a great advantage of being able to read about the club I love wherever I am. Thank you QPR for giving us fans this brilliant facility to keep up to date with all your news we really appreciate it.

Reading Football Club

The reading website is absolutely brilliant!! I have spent countless hours viewing the great content that is on this wonderful website such as the huge array of football videos and historic games where we have had some great victories like being promoted to the premier league last season. This is brilliant for reliving these moments which dont come around that often for our club so having it there to use when we like is awesome. The club also always posts its latest news on the website before anywhere else and on many occasions it has made me feel like a club insider as we always know whats going on first. recently we have been using the clubs online web store for our merchandise as well as they have the best collection of club products of anywhere and the items in the store are also very competitive on price and are delivered very speddy to our home. Great website all round and we recommend to any reading fan.

Southampton Football Club

The Southampton website is great and by far one of the best I have ever used and I have used many over the years for finding out club news and happenings. Since I have been using the site I am now always in the know with everything that is going on at the club which is great for a loyal and long term fan of the club and now we can even order our tickets via their online store. We also use the store for all our club kits and shirts as well as many other things like mugs and clocks etc which are very well priced and always arrive at our house within a couple of days of ordering. The most special part of the website for me is the transfer news section which only gives you the most accurate club news so I dont have to need the slapdash inaccurate rumours which are always posted on other websites. I will always use this website now and long may you keep up the good work Southampton FC.

Stoke City Football Club

Myself and my family visit the Stoke website at least once a day as we are always interested in what is going on at the club as we have been living and breathing the club for generations so we always want to be in the know. The website is very well laid out and easy to use and we have made use of nearly all the websites features such as video content, latest club rumours, transfer news, squad news, team news as well as their fantastic online store where you can buy not only shirts and memorbillia but also your tickets for future games which is brilliant. If you are a fan of Stoke then the website really is your one stop shop for all the latest news and happenings from the club and we recommend it highly.

Sunderland Football Club

Thank you so much Sunderland FC for supplying us fans with the ultimate resource for all the clubs latest news as your website gives us fans all we need regarding the happenings at the club. I have been using your website now for many years and have always found it to be one of the best websites we have ever used and for this we are very grateful. Brilliant work Sunderland keep up the good work.

Swansea City Football Club

I have been visiting the awesome Swansea city website now for the past two seasons ever since I got my IPhone and using it is the best thing I have done regarding the club as I now have all the latest news sent directly to my phone which is brilliant if you are away a lot like I am due to work. The website offers some of the best information on the club to be found anywhere and is incredibly easy to use even for the beginner like me. They have a wide range of services on offer such as videos, photos, transfer news, club news and much more so if you love your football club then you should certianly visit and join up to the wonderful website they haver provided for us club fans.

Tottenham Football Club

The spurs website is by far the best source of club information I have ever found as they have one of the largest collection of club history and events of any website. The main reason I use the site is to book tickets to games for myself and my two boys and I have found the whole process to be very easy to follow and the tickets are always dispatched and at my home within a couple of days which is great. Now and again I also watch many of the clubs extensive football match videos which is highly entertaining when I am bored. The website also offers you the chance to take a virtual tour around white hart lane which is very intertesting as we have never been on a stadium tour there so it is very interesting to see the inside of the stadium as we may never have seen it otherwise. Great club and great website so what more could you ask for.

West Bromwich Albion Football Club

The West Brom website is simply fantastic to say the least and has provided me with many hours of satisfying fun and entertainment. The website is very easy to use and follow for many things such as buying shirts or tickets as well as a host of other facilities and I just love every bit of it. I would advise any West Brom fan to have a look if you have never been there before and it is well superb.

West Ham Football Club

As I am a huge West Ham fan I always find it very beneficial to have all the latest news and happenings on offer to me and using this website has given me exactly what I need each morning when I get up. I use the mobile app to view the website as I have got myself a smart phone and this has been the best thing ever for me as I can now read about my club wherever I am which is great. I also buy all my tickets through their website and have found the whole process extremely easy from start to finish and they are always delivered very quickly which is of a great advantage to me as I am not at home much. Now and again I also watch some of the huge volume of football match videos they have on offer which is great for reliving good memories from the club like watching Carlos Tevez score the goal against Manchester United to keep us in the premier league which was just magical and as I was there at the game is even more special for me. I would like to thank West Ham FC for offering us the great facility for news and club happenings and I dont know what I would do without it anymore. I give this great website a 10/10 rating without any hesitation as it is brilliant all round.

Wigan Athletic Football Club

Ever since I first began to use the Wigan website for all the latest news and events I have been extremely pleased with the array of facilities that are on offer via the website as they are all absolutely brilliant for us fans to make use of. I can now not only buy my football match tickets through the website but also many other items via the clubs shop such as shirts, kits, mugs, DVDs and much more and they are all very well priced as well which again is great. One of the most useful features of the website I like to use is the club transfers section as it always has the very latest news on who the club are thinking of buying and selling which is great in the closed season as I need to check this every day so I can get more excited about next season. I also make use of community forum which is offered as I now have the chance to talk to all my fellow Wigan fans through this facility which can be highly entertaining. The club website also offers you the chance to use a mobile version of their website which can be viewed much quicker than normal and from wherever you wish which is a great advantage if you work away like I do. All in all I feel the Wigan website is one of the best I have ever visited and I would have no trouble recommending it to all you lactic fans out there who have never used it as you will never regret it when you do. Brilliant stuff Wigan keep it up.