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  • Wed, 02 Dec 2020 22:24:11 +0000: Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea: Champions League – as it happened - Chelsea | The Guardian

    Olivier Giroud scored a perfect hat-trick, then added a penalty, to humiliate Sevilla on their own turf and secure top spot in Group E for Chelsea

    Sid Lowe was at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium this evening. His report has landed, so you’ll be heading over there now. But before you go: thanks for reading this MBM. Nighty night!

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    Frank talking. “Four goals at this level, and the quality of the goals ... individual aspects from Oli himself ... team aspects from back to front ... an amazing solo performance, he deserves all the accolades ... I’m delighted with him, I’m delighted with the team ... to come here against a very strong Sevilla team, our team performance was great, it had everything ... Oli is reliable full stop, he’s up there with the great French individuals ... everyone is delighted for him, because of how he trains and how he is ... Leeds is a tight turnaround so I’ll have to see, but it’s four goals in a game [flashes smile] ... he was really top class.”

    A blissed-out Olivier Giroud, a look of relaxed contentment spread across his face, speaks to BT Sport. “When you win 4-0 away in the Champions League it is always a great feeling ... a good performance from the team ... we took the game from the front foot ... it’s a good night ... also for me, because I scored four goals! I didn’t know until two years ago that you called it a perfect hat-trick. I scored against Kyiv in the Europa League and they told me that ... I said, what do you mean?! ... and it was plus a penalty so yes it was good, but I had good assists so it was maybe easier to finish! ... I will try to carry on like that ... just let me enjoy the night, we will rest, and we’ll see what the gaffer has planned for Leeds ... we are looking forward to Saturday and hope for a nice welcome [with the returning fans].”

    That was a striking masterclass by Olivier Giroud. A perfect hat-trick - left foot, right foot, header - plus a penalty thrown in for good luck. Chelsea top Group E on 13 points, and can’t be knocked off their perch, even if an experimental team of kids and office staff are sent out against Krasnodar at Stamford Bridge next week. Sevilla weren’t at full strength, but then neither were Chelsea, and the hosts were eviscerated on their own turf. Manchester City are the only English club to ever win in Seville, back in the groups in 2015, but even they never did it like this. A stunning result and a performance that will concentrate a few minds around Europe.

    A nigh-on perfect performance from four-goal Olivier Giroud has won Group E for Chelsea!

    90 min +2: Jordan was also booked, and he’ll miss the dead rubber against Rennes next week.

    90 min +1: Mount shoves Jordan in the back and the game briefly threatens to break out into a brouhaha. Azpilicueta plays peacemaker, though Mount still picks up a booking.

    90 min: There will be three added minutes.

    88 min: Gomez goes in the book for some minor infringement.

    86 min: There’s a VAR check for another penalty, as Werner bustles into the box down the inside-right channel. Gomez comes across and toe-pokes away, then makes contact, the lightest of brushes. Even by the ludicrous standards of VAR, this would be a preposterous decision, but thankfully the referee sees sense after looking at the monitor and restarts the game with a drop ball instead.

    84 min: Giroud has earned an ovation, and the few folk inside the Sanchez-Pizjaun applaud as he departs, his job more than done, to make way for Werner. Gilmour also comes on, taking the place of Jorginho.

    Giroud gives Pastor the eyes, sending the keeper the wrong way as he whips an unstoppable penalty into the top right. Four for the French World Cup winner!

    82 min: Azpilicueta crosses from the right. Gomez clumsily clatters into the back of Giroud, and it’s an easy decision for the referee.

    81 min: Sevilla take their turn to enjoy some possession, but they don’t really go anywhere, and they’re playing with the deflated air of a team who just want to hear the final whistle.

    79 min: Chelsea are now stroking it about at their leisure.

    77 min: Chelsea have thoroughly outplayed the Europa League champions on their own patch. It’s been a comprehensive display, and one that sends a few loud signals around Europe.

    75 min: Sevilla make their last change. A strangely out-of-sorts Rakitic makes way for Torres.

    Kante crosses from the right. Giroud rises at the near post and flashes an unstoppable header into the roof of the net. Not just a hat-trick; a perfect hat-trick. Left foot, right foot, header. And that’s four goals for Giroud in the last two Champions League matches. They can’t get rid of him, surely?

    73 min: Munir wastes the free kick disgracefully, looping miles over the bar from 25 yards.

    72 min: Emerson clips Kounde from behind, and should really go in the book, but it’s just a free kick to Sevilla. Kounde isn’t happy about it at all, and offers to engage in the throwing of hands. The referee steps in to calm the situation down.

    70 min: Emerson wins a corner for Chelsea down the left. He takes it himself. Giroud rises, hoping to bash a header home for his hat-trick, but the ball sails harmlessly over the bar. Chelsea are pressing hard for the third goal that would put this game beyond any doubt whatsoever.

    68 min: Kante’s first act is to bustle down the right and win a corner. It’s half cleared, but the ball’s soon coming back at Sevilla, and Mount chests down on the edge of the box, leans back, and pokes towards the bottom right. Pastor gets a strong hand to the shot, and Ziyech isn’t able to latch onto the loose ball.

    67 min: Chelsea make their first changes. Three of them: Pulisic, Kovacic and Havertz make way for Kante, Mount and Ziyech.

    66 min: Sevilla make their penultimate change, replacing Vazquez with Munir.

    65 min: Now Pulisic tries a spin and shot. His effort is blocked too, out for a corner that leads to nothing.

    63 min: Hudson-Odoi is looking increasingly dangerous out on the right. He makes good down the flank again, pulling back cleverly for Havertz, who spins and shoots from the edge of the box, but sees his effort blocked the nanosecond it leaves his boot.

    61 min: Giroud grafts out on the left and wins Chelsea a corner. Nothing comes of that, but what an influence the veteran French international is having.

    60 min: And so Sevilla make three changes. On come Ocampos, Jordan and Kounde, replacing Oscar, Navas and Idrissi.

    59 min: ... nothing. Something needs to change if Sevilla are to get back into this.

    58 min: Navas whips in from the right. Jorginho is forced to hoick over his own goal, with white shirts heading towards him. The corner’s worked back up the left wing to Oscar, who lashes towards the near post, forcing Rudiger to turn out for a second corner. And from that ...

    57 min: Hudson-Odoi cuts in from the right and tries a curler. Nope.

    56 min: So that’s two attempts and two goals for Olivier Giroud. Weird to think Chelsea might let him go in the transfer window.

    Hudson-Odoi flashes a ball across the face of goal from the right. Giroud’s on the back foot and misses the chance of slamming home from six yards. No matter! Chelsea come straight back at the hosts, Kovacic feeding Giroud down the inside-right channel. Giroud enters the box, draws Pastor, and gently lifts his shot over the young keeper and into the net. A delicious finish.

    52 min: Rakitic spreads a lovely diagonal ball towards Navas on the right wing. Navas drives forward with purpose, but then rather wafts at his cross, which is an easy pluck for Mendy. Shame, given the quality of Rakitic’s pass.

    51 min: Chelsea haven’t got going since the break.

    49 min: Navas is surrounded out on the right touchline. He takes three Chelsea players out of the game with an outrageous scoop to Gudelj, who steps into the box and lashes a stunning shot towards the top right. Mendy was nearby, but not certain to stop the shot had it been on target, such was its vicious power. But the ball clears the crossbar by a lick of paint. What an effort! That would have been a picture-book goal.

    47 min: The hosts on the front foot during the early exchanges of this second half, albeit to little effect in the final third.

    Sevilla get the second half underway. No half-time changes.

    Half-time entertainment.

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    That’s your lot for the first half. After Chelsea’s fast start, Sevilla have dominated possession, but Frank Lampard’s side have the lead. It’s been good fun. Here’s to more in the second half.

    45 min: A long ball down the left is headed by Rekik into space for Rakitic, just inside the box. Rakitic takes his shot early, and it’s wild and wide.

    43 min: Now Pulisic is booked after losing control and sliding in on Oscar. Four bookings already, two apiece. Not bad for a game between two sides already qualified.

    41 min: Oscar is stopped in his tracks, illegally, by Emerson down the Sevilla right. Another free kick that’ll test Chelsea’s defence. Oscar gets up and takes himself. Vazquez dives to head but his effort is blocked. Chelsea break. Havertz, running at full pelt, is blocked hard by Idrissi, who earns himself a place in the referee’s notebook.

    39 min: VAR - being operated remotely tonight, by electric wire and magic impulses at Fifa HQ in Switzerland - says no. Pointless check over! Sevilla momentum ruined!

    38 min: Rakitic slams a witless free kick into the wall. The ball pings sideways and clatters poor Pulisic in his trouser arrangement. Sevilla claim a handball, and it’s going to VAR, but surely not for goodness sake.

    37 min: Some cute Sevilla interplay and Oscar is set up on the edge of the D. He opens his body to shoot, so Kovacic hits the panic button and tugs him down. A free kick in an extremely dangerous position, just to the left of the D.

    35 min: Everyone calms down, to the extent that nothing whatsoever happens.

    33 min: Jorginho is robbed in the centre circle by En-Nesyri, who spots Mendy well off his line and goes for goal. The ball is always drifting wide right, and Mendy would have been back in time anyway. In the dugout, Frank Lampard performs the internationally recognised mime, copyrighted by Harry Enfield, for Calm Down.

    31 min: Space for Emerson on the left, but his low ball into a crowded box isn’t particularly measured and easily smothered by Pastor.

    30 min: Oscar winds himself by jumping into Kovacic, then falling on his back. This time it’s Sevilla’s turn to complain about bugger all.

    29 min: Pulisic takes another whack from a position out left. He looks for the top right. A deflection sends the ball out for a corner. Nothing comes of the set piece. Both teams are giving this a good go.

    27 min: Pulisic romps down the left, shoots, and wins a corner. From the set piece, Rudiger aims a header towards the bottom left. Pastor is beaten, but Vazquez contorts in mid air to hook off the line and away. That’s sensational defending.

    26 min: Chelsea are collectively livid when Diego Carlos comes clattering into the back of Havertz, but it’s deemed a fair aerial challenge and we play on.

    24 min: Rakitic busies himself down the inside right and pokes forward for En-Nesyri, who is one on one with Mendy, albeit facing a tight angle. He tries a cute one towards the bottom right, but can’t catch the keeper out. Mendy turns round the post, and it turns out En-Nesyri was needlessly offside anyway. A fine chance spurned by a couple of poor decisions by the Sevilla attacker.

    23 min: Sevilla have fought their way back into this game, launching a few attacks while quelling Chelsea’s fire, and so Frank Lampard sends a few of his subs out to warm up. Gauntlet down!

    21 min: Another free kick for Sevilla out on the left. Oscar launches it long. Vazquez wins a header but there’s no oomph behind it and it’s an easy claim for Mendy.

    19 min: A sassy Gudelj dummy sends En-Nesyri away down the left. Rudiger knocks him down. Free kick. Oscar sends it into the mixer. A hectic game of pinball breaks out. Carlos gets a header away, and claims a handball off Christensen, but Chelsea smack clear and neither referee nor VAR is interested in pursuing the claim.

    17 min: To be honest, there’s not a whole load going on. No jeopardy, no drama.

    15 min: Gudelj gently tugs at the shirt of Havertz, who was preparing to break into space. He feigns surprise as the referee shows him yellow, but that’s simply a cheeky, cynical one he didn’t get away with.

    13 min: Sevilla suddenly spring into life, Idrissi bowling down the left and fizzing a dangerous low cross into the mixer. Kovacic does very well to clear just before he’s engulfed by a swarm of white shirts.

    12 min: Having said that, this is effectively Sevilla’s second string, too, so fair’s fair.

    10 min: The hosts have achieved absolutely nothing of consequence so far. Chelsea look extremely comfortable ... and this is to all intents and purposes their current second XI. Frank Lampard has a hell of a squad.

    We’ve not been playing long, but this had been coming. Havertz sashays down the inside-right channel. He slips the ball to Giroud, just inside the box. Giroud takes a touch inside and, leaning back, eases a perfectly placed shot across Pastor and into the top left. What a start by Chelsea!

    6 min: Chelsea could easily be leading. Hudson-Odoi drifts down the right and pings infield for Azpilicueta, who picks out Pulisic on the penalty spot with a glorious diagonal threaded pass. Pulisic spins and whips a low shot inches wide of the bottom left. So close to an opening goal of delicate brilliance.

    5 min: Chelsea continue to dominate possession. Everyone at the club in an extremely positive frame of mind right now.

    3 min: The corner’s easily cleared by Sevilla, and suddenly they’re breaking upfield through Oscar. He’s got three players to his right, with only one Chelsea defender back, but can’t find any of them with his crossfield pass. A quicker - and better - ball, and Chelsea were in serious bother.

    2 min: It’s been all Chelsea in the very early stages. Hudson-Odoi crosses from the right to win the first corner of the evening.

    The players take a knee ... there’s no room for racism ... and Chelsea get the ball rolling. Pastor is set an early test as Azpilicueta slips the ball down the right for Havertz, who lashes a fierce drive goalwards from a tight angle. Pastor parries clear. That’ll either settle his nerves or, somewhat appropriately, put the fear of God into him.

    One very late change to the Sevilla line-up. Goalkeeper Tomas Vaclik injured himself in the warm-up and has been replaced by the 20-year-old Alfonso Pastor.

    The teams are out at the Sanchez-Pizjuan! Sevilla wear their first-choice white shirts, while Chelsea are in third-choice salmon. We’ll be off in a couple of minutes, once anthems are sung and pennants are swapped. Incidentally, in the early kick-off in this group, Krasnodar have beaten Rennes 1-0. It’s a result that ensures the Russians will be playing Europa League football in the spring.

    Frank Lampard speaks. “The players need to rest ... but other players are training hard and deserve to play ... I expect a continuation of how we played against Rennes ... I would love to give Billy Gilmour some minutes if I can ... Sevilla are an intense team and I don’t expect any difference despite their seven changes ... they are intense ... a bit Premier League in their style.”

    How much importance are Julen Lopetegui and Frank Lampard placing on this match? Take what you will from the fact Sevilla have made seven changes to the team sent out to beat Huesca in La Liga on Saturday, and Chelsea have made nine changes to the one named for the goalless Premier League draw with Spurs. Edouard Mendy and Mateo Kovacic are the only survivors in Chelsea blue. Andreas Christensen starts his first match for two months.

    Sevilla: Vaclik, Jesus Navas, Diego Carlos, Sergi Gomez, Rekik, Rodriguez, Rakitic, Gudelj, En-Nesyri, Idrissi, Franco Vazquez.
    Subs: de Jong, Munir, Gonzalez, Jordan, Kounde, Ocampos, Fernando, Romero, Torres, Pastor, Zarzana, Javier Vazquez.

    Chelsea: Mendy, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Rudiger, Emerson Palmieri, Jorginho, Kovacic, Havertz, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi, Giroud.
    Subs: Abraham, Alonso, Arrizabalaga, Caballero, Chilwell, Gilmour, James, Kante, Mount, Tomori, Werner, Ziyech.

    Group E has been a cakewalk for Chelsea and Sevilla. Both have already qualified for the next stage; now all that’s left to decide is who wins the group and, theoretically at least, is rewarded with a slightly easier draw in the Round of 16. Whoever wins this tonight is guaranteed to top the group; a draw would mean it goes to the final matches against Krasnodar and Rennes respectively.

    Both teams are in form, so both will fancy their chances. Before the goalless draw with Spurs on Sunday, Chelsea had been on a six-game winning streak; they’ve only lost one match this season. Sevilla meanwhile started their season sluggishly, but they’ve won their last five and came away from Stamford Bridge last month happy with a draw. All set up nicely for a summit meeting at the Sánchez-Pizjuán, then. It’s on!

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  • Wed, 02 Dec 2020 22:00:04 +0000: Olivier Giroud's fantastic four flattens Sevilla as Chelsea claim top spot - Chelsea | The Guardian

    “Everyone loves Olivier Giroud,” Jorginho said before this game and they were even more enamoured of him by the end of it. The man who scored the last-minute winner at Rennes last week got four more goals in Spain. Two delicate, classy finishes were followed by a superb header that completed a hat-trick, and then he scored a late penalty before being taken off to applause echoing around the stadium.

    It had been a more enjoyable occasion than many had expected. Sure, first place was a target – a “trophy”, according to Sevilla’s sporting director – but with both sides through to the knockout stage there was little to play for, except football itself. And when it is like that, football is fun. Chelsea are too, even in the absence of their usual starters.

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  • Tue, 01 Dec 2020 18:12:19 +0000: Lampard: Hudson-Odoi will face Sevilla after 'tough decision' to drop winger - Chelsea | The Guardian
    • Frank Lampard tells winger why he did not play against Spurs
    • ‘His attitude is bang on but I have to see the bigger picture’

    Callum Hudson-Odoi was on the plane to Seville on Tuesday after Frank Lampard said he had a “difficult” conversation with the 20-year-old following his absence from Chelsea’s squad for the draw against Tottenham on Sunday.

    The manager said Hudson-Odoi will play on Wednesday. Qualification is already secured and although Lampard said the game, which will go a long way to deciding first place in Champions League Group E, “certainly isn’t a dead rubber”, he is planning to make changes.

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  • Mon, 30 Nov 2020 08:27:52 +0000: Premier League: 10 talking points from the weekend's action - Chelsea | The Guardian

    Mikel Arteta does not seem to have a plan of attack, Everton’s defence must improve and Jürgen Klopp should pick his battles

    Mikel Arteta has been the Arsenal manager for just under a year, and though some things have improved under him – attitude, intensity, FA Cup tally – it’s still not clear what the plan is, especially going forward. And while it is important to emphasise how much Thomas Partey is being missed, the feeling persists that it really doesn’t have to be like this. When Arteta was appointed, he was gifted half a season of minimal expectations, meaning he could experiment in order to find the personnel and formation best able to execute his ideals. But though he did brilliantly to win a trophy, he settled on very little, so his current position is not dissimilar to the one in which he began – except now, he is under pressure. Maybe it is time to give Bukayo Saka, Reiss Nelson and Joe Willock extended runs because really, how much worse – and more tedious – could things get? Daniel Harris

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  • Sun, 29 Nov 2020 20:41:42 +0000: N'Golo Kanté is back where he belongs as Chelsea's Pac-Man in midfield | Jonathan Wilson - Chelsea | The Guardian

    Gobbling up possession from a holding role is what the Chelsea midfielder does best, as he showed against Tottenham

    A run of just two goals conceded in nine games is some riposte to the doubts about Chelsea’s defending. Some doubts remain, but given how exposed Frank Lampard’s side were to the break last season, when they had the worst defensive record of any Chelsea team in 23 years, stifling Tottenham, the kings of the counterattack, is not an achievement to be underplayed.

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Historical Transfer News and Team Gossip has been archived below:

Roberto DiMatteo has been a busy manager for Chelsea so far in the transfer window with a number of new signings making their way to Stamford Bridge with the Italian looking to strengthen his squad considerably after a poor premier league season. One of the first signings of the season for the club was influential winger Eden Hazard for a fee believed to be around the twenty five million pound mark with the player signing a four year deal for the current European champions.

Another player is a hot favourite to be plying his trade at the bridge next season is the highly regarded Brazilian super kid Oscar although negotiations are still ongoing to bring him to England. The Internacional playmaker is thought to be costing Chelsea a fee of around twenty five million pounds but the deal according to DiMatteo is far from being completed and could fall through at any moment if the players current side decide to barter the price for his services. The player has stated that he would like to help his country compete in the Olympic games before he puts pen to paper so Chelsea fans may have to wait a little longer before they know if they have their man.

Wigan today have again rejected a third bid from Chelsea to bring in form winger Victor Moses to the bridge as the Lactics are doing their very best to keep their star player at the club for another season. Moses who has just a single year left on his current contract with Wigan is seen as the perfect addition to the Italians plans but the offer which is thought to be around the three and a half million pound mark is thought to be way short of the Lactics valuation of the player.

Frenchman Florent Malouda is another player whos future lies in the balance at Chelsea with the winger said to be wanting to hold showdown talks with the club after moving down the pecking order at the bridge. Malouda wishes to have his future clarified before the start of the season or he will look for pastures new with the player being strongly linked with Santos who feel the player would be perfect for their needs and could offer him first team football every week.

Chelsea now also face stern opposition for the signature of Brazilian playmaker Lucas Moura who is currently under contract with Sao Paulo from clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. The player is widely thought to be one of the hottest prospects in world football and has an outstanding record for his home side.