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  • Mon, 26 Oct 2020 09:17:57 +0000: Premier League: 10 talking points from the weekend's action - Aston Villa | The Guardian

    Bamford continues to prove doubters wrong, Van de Beek should be unleashed and Saints find perfect pairing

    Jamie Vardy proved his importance to Leicester City just as much when he was in the stands as he was on the pitch. The Foxes were flat from the off, without a functioning plan B to put into operation in Vardy’s absence. The team is so used to utilising the striker’s clever running in behind a defence, they seem to lack other creative ideas when he is not spearheading the team. Considering they ripped Manchester City apart just weeks ago, it will concern Brendan Rodgers that he cannot get his side to repeat that perfect performance, suffering home defeats to West Ham and Aston Villa in the two games that followed. Vardy’s arrival on the pitch enlivened Leicester, with his teammates looking more confident in the company of their talisman who duly scored a late winner. Rodgers might be best finding a striker in the mould of Vardy to ensure they can maintain the status quo whenever he is absent; otherwise they are just one tweaked muscle away from mediocrity. Will Unwin

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  • Fri, 23 Oct 2020 21:17:46 +0000: Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds United: Premier League – as it happened - Aston Villa | The Guardian

    Patrick Bamford was the hat-trick hero as Leeds ran rings around Villa with a dominant second-half performance

    Paul Doyle was at Villa Park. His verdict is in, so get clicking! Thanks for reading this MBM. Nighty night!

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    A reflective Dean Smith gives his opinion. “It was frustrating. I thought it was a fairly even first half in terms of chances. The ones we had we didn’t take. Jack’s gone on a mazy run and their keeper’s made a really good save, but you’ve got to make the most of those moments. I’m disappointed after the first goal, we lost the game. We got too disillusioned and disappointed by the goal, and they were very good. I’ve just said to the players, five games and we’ve got 12 points, and there were 40 minutes when we were poor. But you’ve got to give Leeds credit. It’s the first time we’ve been behind and we didn’t handle it very well. We can learn from it.”

    Marcelo Bielsa’s verdict. “It was a good performance. We were better in the second half, but the first half was also good. We defended well, we attacked well, and we had the luck to score before they did, as they had a few chances as well. Struijk got a yellow early on, and there was a lot of agility in the middle of the park. He had another foul and was at the limit, so I was worried about him. I am very happy for Bamford, they were some of the nicest goals he has scored for us.”

    An extremely cheery Patrick Bamford speaks to BT Sport. “It’s nice [to score a hat-trick] especially in the Premier League. It’s what you dream of growing up, so it means a lot to me. I was frustrated [with the two missed chances in the first half] but knew I’d get another one. I stuck it away and got three! I’ve got a manager who believes in me, so long as I keep working hard, he’ll keep trusting me. So it’s up to me to make sure I keep helping the team. I’m sure he’ll keep showing his faith. Villa are a good team. Someone was saying in the press that Bielsa is a myth! But I think we showed everyone that Leeds are here to compete.”

    The result means Everton stay top on 13 points. Villa remain in second on 12. Leeds move up into third, until tomorrow at least. Marcelo Bielsa’s side made one hell of a statement tonight, which raises the question: if we’re going to talk about Everton, Villa, Spurs as left-field title challengers, why not Leeds?

    They’re all smiles now, though. Patrick Bamford claims the match ball, reward for his superb hat-trick. But every single Leeds player can be proud of themselves tonight. They were magnificent.

    90 min +5: Leeds launch one final attack, seven of their players running at full pelt in the 95th minute! Harrison lashes wide from a tight angle. His team-mates aren’t totally happy.

    90 min +4: On the touchline, Dean Smith looks slightly stunned. If nothing else, at least he now knows what Jurgen Klopp felt like.

    90 min +3: McGinn spins and shoots from distance. Always over the bar.

    90 min +2: Harrison and Alioski combine for the 987th time this evening, nearly opening Villa up down the left. Cash makes his 986th desperate tackle. Harrison wants a penalty but he’s not getting it. Leeds haven’t stopped.

    90 min +1: In the first of five added minutes, Klich is booked for his cynicism.

    90 min: Klich pulls McGinn back. The referee plays advantage. Barkley slides Watkins in on the right. Watkins, the hat-trick hero against Liverpool, flashes across the face of goal and inches wide of the left-hand post. Too little, too late from Villa.

    89 min: Targett and Grealish try to get some consolation down the left, but tie themselves in knots, the full back eventually conceding a free kick in a fit of frustration.

    87 min: Liverpool beat Leeds 4-3. Villa trounced Liverpool 7-2. Leeds could easily have scored six or seven tonight. You have to love the 2020-21 Premier League. It’s been positively psychedelic so far.

    86 min: Shackleton dinks in from the right hoping to tee up Bamford for his fourth. Not quite. Villa are being run ragged.

    84 min: This would have been a picture-book goal. Raphinha, to the right of the centre circle, fires a forensic low diagonal pass towards Harrison on the left. Harrison pulls back for Hernandez, who spoils everything by leaning back and hoicking over. So close to another wonderful team goal. Leeds are brilliant.

    83 min: Raphinha replaces Costa. Leeds showcasing their bench.

    82 min: VAR quite rightly says no. Leeds hadn’t appealed.

    81 min: Space for Hernandez down the right. His low cross clanks onto the arm of Douglas Luiz, so they’re checking this for a possible penalty.

    80 min: Leeds are rampant. Villa have nothing. They just want to hear the final whistle.

    78 min: Rodrigo’s free kick just about stays inside the ground. It’s his last act of the evening. He’s replaced by Hernandez. Other than that effort, he’s been magnificent tonight.

    77 min: Barkley drags a shot wide left. Then up the other end he takes down Rodrigo. A free kick in a very dangerous position, just to the right of the D.

    76 min: Mings could be forgiven for wishing he had indeed been sent off. Villa have completely unravelled, though to be fair, few teams could live with this Leeds display. The visitors have been so exciting to watch.

    This is a quite sensational way to complete a hat-trick. Rodrigo sprays a pass down the right for Costa, who interchanges with Shackleton before slipping the ball to Bamford, just inside the area but marked by four Villa shirts. No matter! He sorts his feet out, then whips a no-backlift shot into the top left despite being totally surrounded! A stunning move with a finish to match!

    72 min: Leeds keep on coming. This time it’s Costa teeing up Dallas, to the right of the D. The full-back’s shot is gathered by Martinez. Villa were looking dangerous just before Bamford’s opener; since then, nothing.

    71 min: Klich takes a dig from distance. His low shot is gathered easily enough by Martinez. Then another Leeds attack, as Harrison curls in from the left and nearly sets up a hat-trick chance for Bamford. Konsa blocks.

    69 min: That shot may have taken a small deflection off Konsa, but Leeds are worth their two-goal lead. Traore replaces Trezeguet. Grealish is booked for dissent. Villa are in danger of losing their composure here.

    A strange sort of justice is done, as a livid Bamford picks up possession from Klich, who had been driving at the Villa box. He takes a touch to the right, and from the edge of the D, pearls an unstoppable shot into the top right!

    65 min: VAR checks for the penalty. No dice, the correct decision. Then a check for the red-mist antics of Mings. He escapes. He could easily have been walking. He probably should be walking. But he gets away with one.

    64 min: Bamford stands on Mings’ foot as the pair tangle in the Villa box. He goes over spectacularly, then is hauled up by a livid Mings, taking an angry fistful of shirt. Bamford goes down again.

    63 min: The corner on the left is worked to Costa on the right. He cuts back for the inrushing Harrison, whose first-time diagonal shot is deflected wide right by Koch.

    62 min: Harrison crosses low from the left, looking for Bamford at the near post. Konsa does well to slide the ball out for a corner, just in time.

    61 min: Leeds launch another attack at full velocity. Rodrigo slips Costa into space down the right. Costa feeds Dallas on the overlap. Opportunities present themselves in the middle ... but Dallas inexplicably runs the ball out of play. Goal kick.

    59 min: Leeds are suddenly back on top, and full of beans. No wonder: if they hold onto this lead, they’ll finish the evening in third place, one behind Villa.

    57 min: That was some passage of play. A couple of near misses by Grealish, a spectacular save from Konsa, then the sucker punch. How did it take so long for the opening goal?

    Bamford starts a counter on the halfway line and keeps on running. The ball’s worked down the left. Rodrigo has a slap from a tight angle, across Martinez, who parries well, but can only tee up Bamford, who completes his run by slamming the loose ball home from close range!

    53 min: One corner leads to another. Before that can be taken, Mings is booked for fannying about. Then from the second corner, Konsa volleys towards the top right. Another fine Meslier save denies him. The third corner comes to nought.

    52 min: So would this! Grealish takes up possession on the halfway line, and drives down the left. He cuts inside, past Dallas, Ayling and Koch dancing left to right across the face of the Leeds six-yard box. All very George Best versus Sheffield United. But in finally aiming for the bottom right, he slams straight at Meslier, who saves well. Corner.

    51 min: A free kick for Villa, 35 yards out, a little to the left. Targett slips to Grealish down the left. Meslier is off his line, anticipating the cross, so Grealish tries to fire a surprise low shot into the small gap at the bottom left. The angle’s too tight, and he finds the side netting. That would have been pretty special.

    49 min: Klich steals the ball off McGinn with absurd ease. He advances towards the Villa box with purpose, but then dithers a little. The ball’s switched to Rodrigo on the right, but Villa have had time to funnel back and crowd the box. Rodrigo’s shot is blocked. The ball breaks left to Alioski, who slices wildly over the bar. That move became unnecessarily complicated.

    47 min: Another Leeds raid down the left. Harrison skitters along the touchline before cutting infield and fizzing a low shot towards the bottom left. Martinez smothers.

    46 min: Leeds are quickly on the front foot. Alioski crosses from the left. Martinez claims well amid a crowded box.

    Villa get the second half underway. No half-time changes.

    The Few-Minutes-Before-Nine O’Clock News. David Conn with the exclusive.

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    Don’t let the scoreline fool you. This has been wonderful entertainment. We’re just missing that final touch. Somewhere in the multiverse, we’re halfway to another nine-goal bonanza at Villa Park.

    45 min: There will be one added minute.

    44 min: Leeds break upfield at speed once more. Harrison romps into acres down the left, then swings a low pass infield for Bamford, running into the area at full pelt. He meets the cross, but leaning back, and under pressure from Konsa, slashes wide left from ten yards. A huge chance spurned.

    43 min: VAR checks and confirms. No penalty.

    42 min: From the resulting free kick, out on the right, Barkley wafts a very average ball out on the full for a goal kick. Villa come back quickly at Leeds, Grealish going over in the area with Costa at his back. Villa scream for a penalty, but they’re not getting it, and rightly so. There was no contact.

    41 min: Shackleton clatters into Watkins with a reckless high-kick. Accidental rather than malicious, which probably keeps him out of the book.

    39 min: After some head tennis, Leeds clear the corner and break upfield with speed and sass. Rodrigo finds a little space 25 yards out, and sends a useless curler 25 yards wide and 25 yards over. Like I said, it’s just the final touches that have been missing so far.

    38 min: Grealish jigs down the left again, slipping the ball inside for Watkins, who shoots from a tight angle. Ayling is forced to slam behind for a corner.

    36 min: Harrison and Alioski have got quite the routine going on down the Leeds left. They win another corner with some crisp, clever passing. Nothing comes of the set piece. Both teams have been effervescent in the build-up; it’s just the final touch that’s been lacking.

    34 min: Watkins spins into space down the left and combines with Grealish, eventually taking a wee bit too long over a shooting opportunity that presents itself just inside the Leeds box. He’s swarmed and the ball’s cleared.

    32 min: From the corner, Bamford heads harmlessly high and wide. “A goal has to be coming soon,” says Mary Waltz. “You can almost feel it through the screen.”

    31 min: Harrison hugs the left touchline and makes enough space to fire one low into the middle for Rodrigo. Mings reads the play well but only half clears, allowing Harrison to come again down the left and earn himself a corner.

    29 min: Grealish dances down the left but his wedge into the box is easily claimed by Meslier. Then Alioski barges into the Villa box from the left but bowls Cash over illegally. It never stops.

    28 min: Villa had been relatively quiet up until that move, and it seems to have woken them up a bit. They’ve moved up a gear or two, and are pressing Leeds back a little for the first time in the game. This is being played at a super-high pace, and it’s a lot of fun.

    26 min: Watkins steals the ball off a snoozing Ayling, and tears into the box from the right. His low cross finds Trezeguet, who miskicks. The ball rolls on for Grealish, bombing in from the left. He creams a low shot past Meslier, but Ayling makes up for his mistake, racing back to flick off the line. Just in time. Villa inches away from opening the scoring.

    24 min: Leeds crank it up again, pinging the ball hither and yon. Harrison pulls one back for Dallas, whose shot from distance is as wide and wild as Texas.

    23 min: The first lull, the game having been broken up by the substitution.

    21 min: Yep, he’s hooked and replaced by Shackleton. No tantrum, he just looks resigned. A couple of rash tackles gave Bielsa little choice.

    20 min: Leeds are preparing a sub. It doesn’t look as though Bielsa wants to chance Struijk, who is on a booking and in the last-chance saloon.

    18 min: Grealish brings down a high ball while running at full pelt down the left, beating Dallas in one smooth motion. Koch reads the danger well and comes across to block, just as it looked as though Villa’s main man was about to burst into the box.

    17 min: Barkley bashes one goalwards from 30 yards. Meslier does well to claim a swerving ball without too much drama. This is absurdly open. Let’s not rule out another nine-goal thriller yet.

    16 min: McGinn makes good down the left. His attempted cross is blocked out by Struijk for a corner. Grealish’s delivery is awful, and Leeds are suddenly breaking four on two! But they overthink it, and eventually Harrison ships possession.

    14 min: Leeds are sensational when they’re on the front foot. Costa whips in from the right and finds Rodrigo, racing in towards the near post. But Rodrigo’s attempted steer goalwards is nothing more than a weak waft, and the ball flies away harmlessly.

    13 min: Harrison and Alioski combine crisply down the left. Harrison pulls back for Rodrigo, who batters a first-time snapshot off Konsa and out for a corner. From the set piece, Alioski has a whack from distance. Martinez gathers.

    11 min: Struijk wants to watch himself here. He’s just left one in on Douglas Luiz. Another referee might have shown a second yellow. It’s just a free kick. One more transgression and he’ll be in all sorts of bother.

    10 min: Struijk is booked for a late lunge on Grealish in the centre circle. A totally pointless challenge, with Grealish having overrun the ball.

    9 min: Ayling passes long. Bamford cushions the ball down for Rodrigo, who momentarily looks in good shape to shoot. But he hesitates and the chance is gone.

    7 min: Villa slow it down a bit with some boring stuff around the back. They need the breather, Leeds having come at them with extreme prejudice during these opening exchanges.

    5 min: Leeds come at the hosts again, the ball ending up at the feet of Klich just inside the box. But he can’t sort his feet out and McGinn is able to block before a shot is taken. Some worrying signs early on for the only 100 percenters in the entire league.

    4 min: Alioski crosses from a deep position on the left. Mings misreads, and Bamford launches himself horizontally at the dropping ball. He sends a fine diving header not too far wide of the left-hand post.

    3 min: Harrison crosses from the left and nearly finds Rodrigo at the far post. Targett intercepts well. Up the other end, Trezeguet shows on the right again, his looping cross claimed by Meslier.

    2 min: Both teams look in positive mood already. McGinn tries to slip Watkins free with a cute ball down the middle. Bamford chases down a slightly weak Mings backpass. Trezeguet dribbles down the right. Costa does the same up the other end. A real open feel from the get-go.

    Leeds get the ball rolling ... but only after everyone takes a knee. No room for racism. Black lives matter.

    Here come the teams! Aston Villa in their Victorian claret, Leeds in blue stripes. We’ll be off in a minute or two.

    Dean Smith speaks! “Our performances have been excellent, and when you’ve got that, it’s very hard to leave anybody out. The players are picking their shirts at the moment, and consistency breeds confidence. We have to have the same mentality and match their work rate; they’re one of the fittest teams in the league. But we’ll show our quality as well, what we’re about and why we’ve got the results we’ve had so far.”

    Marcelo Bielsa’s turn. “We would prefer Kalvin Phillips to be here of course. He will be missed. We will try to attack in numbers, as we always do, and try to create as many chances as possible.”

    Are you a child of the Seventies? The flashing blue diamonds on the BT Sport Box Office holding screen will give you one hell of a Proustian rush. Well worth £15 of anyone’s money.

    Aston Villa are very much in If It Ain’t Broke mode. Having won their first four games of the season, they stick with the XI named for the win at Leicester last Sunday.

    Leeds must make do without the injured Kalvin Phillips. Pascal Struijk moves up from defence to deputise; Ezgjan Alioski comes in as the only change to the XI sent out for the defeat by Wolves on Monday evening.

    Aston Villa: Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett, Douglas Luiz, McGinn, Trezeguet, Barkley, Grealish, Watkins.
    Subs: Steer, Hourihane, Traore, Nakamba, Engels, Elmohamady, Davis.

    Leeds United: Meslier, Dallas, Ayling, Koch, Alioski, Struijk, Helder Costa, Klich, Rodrigo, Harrison, Bamford.
    Subs: Poveda, Roberts, Casilla, Raphinha, Hernandez, Davis, Shackleton.

    Saturday 20 August 2011. Goals from Gabriel Agbonlahor, Emile Heskey and Darren Bent give Alex McLeish’s Aston Villa a tidy 3-1 win over Blackburn Rovers, and after two matches they find themselves top of the Premier League table. But the very next day, Manchester City win 3-2 at Bolton Wanderers, leapfrogging to the summit, and Villa have never been back there since.

    They could end that long wait this evening. A draw tonight, at home to Leeds United, would be enough to send them to toppermost for the first time in nine years. However, brimful of confidence as the only team left in the Premier League with a 100 percent record, they’ll be looking for more than that. Having started with four successive wins for the first time since 1930-31, they could go one better than Pongo Waring’s old lot and make this the grand old club’s fastest start of all time.

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  • Fri, 23 Oct 2020 21:06:20 +0000: Leeds unstoppable as Patrick Bamford hat-trick bursts Aston Villa bubble - Aston Villa | The Guardian

    Many people said Patrick Bamford was not cut out for the Premier League. Many people reckoned Aston Villa were about to climb to the top of the table for the first time in nine years. All those people were made to look idiotic as Leeds ran Villa ragged here and clinched victory thanks to a wonderful hat-trick by their centre-forward.

    That sent Marcelo Bielsa’s team to third place in the table and took Bamford’s tally for the season to six goals from six league games. His previous 27 matches at this level had yielded just one, and his strike rate in the Championship was patchy. “I am very happy for him,” said Bielsa of Bamford. “There have been no significant changes [to how he plays], it’s just that now he is being more efficient.”

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  • Thu, 22 Oct 2020 23:18:40 +0000: Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend - Aston Villa | The Guardian

    Axel Tuanzebe should start, Everton’s and Aston Villa’s credentials will be tested and Rhian Brewster returns to Anfield

    Following their last-ditch heroics against Tottenham, West Ham host Manchester City and in this white-knuckle rollercoaster ride of a season not even the combined forces of Mystic Meg, Nostradamus and Sally Morgan could boldly predict what might happen. City came from behind to beat Porto in the Champions League on Wednesday but their win was far from convincing. The Portuguese side carved open the City defence on several occasions, while Ederson was lucky to survive an uncharacteristic howler. Already without Kevin De Bruyne, Aymeric Laporte, Benjamin Mendy and Gabriel Jesus, City were dealt a further blow with the news Fernandinho will be sidelined for four to six weeks. While undeniably valuable to their cause, the Brazilian may not be quite the loss Guardiola fears – the season before last, City averaged 2.7 points per top flight game in which he played, compared with 2.0 in those in which he didn’t. Last season, with Fernandinhooften covering in City’s now-replenished central defence, they earned more points in the eight games without him (2.4 per game) than in matches he played in (2.13). BG

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    Southampton v Everton – Sunday 2pm GMT

    Aston Villa v Leeds United – Friday, 8pm BST

    Related: Hakim Ziyech: 'I'm not afraid to have my opinion, I speak from the heart'

    Wolves v Newcastle United – Sunday, 4.30pm GMT

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  • Thu, 22 Oct 2020 19:45:34 +0000: Ross Barkley: 'I knew I was ready to show how good I am' - Aston Villa | The Guardian

    Aston Villa’s midfielder on anger in this week’s training, how he satisfies his obsession to improve and his England hopes

    A masterplan. That is how Ross Barkley describes the approach that helped Aston Villa to thrash Liverpool 7-2 on his debut for the club three weeks ago. Judging by how things have gone for him and Villa so far, the same word could apply to his decision this month to join Dean Smith’s side on loan from Chelsea for the rest of this season. His two appearances have yielded two wins for Villa and two goals for Barkley. They look made for each other.

    “I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better so far,” Barkley says. “The game against Liverpool was the perfect way to get up and running. When it was 5-2, we were all saying: ‘We can go for more goals here, they’re up for the taking.’ It could have been a lot more but 7-2 against the champions is a statement to everyone else in the league that we’re ready to kick on this season.”

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Historical Transfer News and Team Gossip has been archived below:

Aston Villa are now looking to strengthen their squad for the up coming season with a large number of new players touted to be on the clubs radar in the closed season. The club has been boosted lately by the resigning of goalkeeper Brad Guzan who left the club at the end of last season. The American keeper has now penned a new lucrative three year deal which will keep him at Villa park until the end of the 2015 season.

Another huge target for the club this season is Blackburns Steven N`Zonzi who is also a top target for Sunderland, Tottenham and Stoke City with the midfielder stating that he has no intention of playing football in the championship. The Frenchman is thought to be available for a fee of around five million pounds and would welcome the chance to play in the English top flight again.

Blackpool winger Matt Phillips is also believed to be on the clubs radar as the championship side looked doomed to lose their influential winger as a host of top flight clubs are now vying for his signature. The twenty one year old has had a brilliant season for his club and now looks set to move to the premier league with clubs such as Everton, Wigan, Reading and Sunderland all in for the winger.

Sheffield United defender Matt Lowton is another target for the Villa Park outfit as Paul Lambert looks to strengthen his back line for the new season and the player is thought to be his top target for his defence. Lowton is now regarded as one of the hottest prospects in English football but Villa will need to fight off stern interest from additional clubs such as feyenoord and Bersiktas.

Aston Villa Latest News




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Former Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor had called Leeds 'a myth' earlier this week after they were beaten at home by Wolves and Bamford wasted no time in reminding him of his words.

If anyone can overcome the Big Six dominance, why not comeback clubs Aston Villa and Leeds?
TOM COLLOMOSSE: Villa have won more top-flight titles than both Tottenham and Manchester City and their single European Cup puts them above Spurs, City and Arsenal in the continental pecking order.

Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds: Hat-trick hero Patrick Bamford crushes Dean Smith's table-topping dreams
ASTON VILLA 0-3 LEEDS - IAN LADYMAN AT VILLA PARK: Sometimes centre forwards happen upon runs of form and confidence like this and Bamford has certainly waited long enough for his.

Davis on the Bench: Team News and Predicted 4-2-3-1 Aston Villa Lineup vs Leeds United
predicted aston villa lineup

Aston Villa have a tricky tie against Leeds United in the Premier League on Friday. Here is the predicted Aston Villa lineup and team news.

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Matchweek 5: Aston Villa Continue To Surprise While Chelsea & Tottenham Fail To Capitalise
manchester united lineup

The Premier League once again showcased why it is the most entertaining league in Europe this past week. There were miraculous comebacks, more goals, controversy, and surprise wins on offer in England’s top-flight following the international break. Let’s take a look at the 5 talking points from the Matchweek 5 of the Premier League Liverpool fall prey to VAR The big match of the weekend saw Liverpool travel to their Merseyside rivals Everton. The hosts were undefeated heading into the game, while the reigning champions had lost 7-2 to Aston Villa in humiliating fashion before the international break. In a

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Premier League Matchweek 5: Big Test For Arsenal While Pressure On For Manchester United
premier league

Premier League fans rued the fact that the international break disrupted the English top-flight as it was picking up steam with a cluster of eye-grabbing results. The international matches could worry some clubs, as players have travelled far and wide, and played tough games in a close period of time. This could cause fatigue and lead to more open games in the Premier League in the upcoming Matchweek. Let’s take a look at 5 things to look forward to in Matchweek 5 of the Premier League Merseyside Derby The big game of this coming weekend in the Premier League will

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Premier League Matchweek 4: Top 5 Players Including Aston Villa and Chelsea Stars
premier league matchweek 4

Matchweek 4 of the Premier League delivered loads of goals, shocking results, and great drama. Liverpool and Manchester United were absolutely trounced, while Chelsea and Everton got important wins ahead of the international break. Newcastle United, Southampton, and West Ham United got their second wins of the season, while Sheffield United, Fulham, and Burnley continued their losing streak. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 players from Matchweek 4 of the Premier League: Ollie Watkins Ollie Watkins has got off a terrific start in the claret and blue of Aston Villa since signing from Brentford. The English striker has

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Team News and Predicted 4-3-3 Aston Villa Lineup vs Liverpool: Watkins to Start
predicted aston villa lineup vs liverpool

Aston Villa will take on defending Premier League champions Liverpool on Sunday. Here is the predicted Aston Villa lineup.

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Aston Villa make a bid of €10million for defensive ace: A good option for Dean Smith?
victor nelsson aston villa transfer news

Aston Villa have reportedly made a bid of €10million to sign FC Copenhagen centre-back Victor Nelsson as they look to strengthen their team.

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Despite failed summer efforts, Aston Villa would be smart enough to go back for this 24-year-old star

Why Aston Villa should return for Milot Rashica in January According to Birmingham Live, Aston Villa had made contact with Werder Bremen over the transfer of Milot Rashica last summer. Werder Bremen’s head of professional football and scouting confirmed the same in the report. He was linked to the club back in January this year too. […] More

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[Image] Predicted 4-1-4-1 Leeds XI to face Aston Villa – Can Bielsa stop the in-form Villans?

Predicted Leeds United XI to face Aston Villa in the Premier League Leeds United take on Aston Villa in a Friday kickoff in the Premier League. Marco Bielsa’s men suffered a narrow loss against Wolves and will need to find a way to somehow stop the steamroller that Aston Villa are looking like this season. The […] More

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[Image] Predicted 4-3-3 Aston Villa XI to face Leeds – Can the Villans make it 5 wins in a row?

Predicted Aston Villa XI to face Leeds United in the Premier League Aston Villa will take on Premier League new boys Leeds United as they attempt to keep their 100% record intact. It’s a rather big surprise that Aston Villa are the only English team to have won all four of their league games so far, […] More

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Aston Villa pursuing their 25-year-old summer target in January would be quite a useful move

Why Aston Villa should reignite interest in Jake Cooper According to a report from Football Insider (h/t Birmingham Live) back in February, Aston Villa had identified Millwall centre-back, Jake Cooper, as a potential target for the summer window. However, Dean Smith’s side largely focused on bolstering their attack this summer, meaning that rumours linking Cooper […] More

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[Image] Predicted 4-3-3 Aston Villa XI to face Leicester – Can the Villans keep up their hot form?

Predicted Aston Villa XI to face Leicester City in the Premier League Aston Villa visit the King Power Stadium to face Leicester City as they resume Premier League duties. Not even in their wildest dream could Villa have expected that result against Liverpool. Slamming 7 goals past the defending champions is by no means an […] More

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Aston Villa letting go of their 25-year-old ace wouldn’t be a smart move by Dean Smith and here’s why

Why Aston Villa offloading Frederic Guilbert wouldn’t be a smart move According to Football Insider (h/t Birmingham Live), Aston Villa are ready to make out-of-favour right-back Frederic Guilbert available for transfer before the domestic deadline on October 16.  The Villans are also trying to find potential suitors for winger Anwar El Ghazi and Henri Lansbury as […] More

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Aston Villa Latest News

Aston Villa Game Fixtures

Aston Villa Game Fixtures 2016 – 2017

The Season has now ended for Aston Villa

We will be publishing the Summer friendly games as well as the 2017 – 2018 season fixtures as soon as they are published.


Aston Villa Game Results

Aston Villa Game Results for the 2016 – 2017 Season in the Championship

ChampionshipAston Villa 1-1 Brighton & Hove AlbionSun 7 May
ChampionshipBlackburn Rovers 1-0 Aston VillaSat 29 Apr
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-0 Birmingham CitySun 23 Apr
ChampionshipFulham 3-1 Aston VillaMon 17 Apr
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-3 ReadingSat 15 Apr
ChampionshipBurton Albion 1-1 Aston VillaSat 8 Apr
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-0 Queens Park RangersTue 4 Apr
ChampionshipAston Villa 2-0 Norwich CitySat 1 Apr
ChampionshipWigan Athletic 0-2 Aston VillaSat 18 Mar
ChampionshipAston Villa 2-0 Sheffield WednesdaySat 11 Mar
ChampionshipHuddersfield Town 1-0 Aston VillaTue 7 Mar
ChampionshipRotherham United 0-2 Aston VillaSat 4 Mar
ChampionshipAston Villa 2-0 Bristol CityTue 28 Feb
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-0 Derby CountySat 25 Feb
ChampionshipNewcastle United 2-0 Aston VillaMon 20 Feb
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-3 BarnsleyTue 14 Feb
ChampionshipAston Villa 0-1 Ipswich TownSat 11 Feb
ChampionshipNottingham Forest 2-1 Aston VillaSat 4 Feb
ChampionshipBrentford 3-0 Aston VillaTue 31 Jan
ChampionshipAston Villa 2-2 Preston North EndSat 21 Jan
ChampionshipWolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 Aston VillaSat 14 Jan
FA Cup – Third RoundTottenham Hotspur 2-0 Aston VillaSun 8 Jan
ChampionshipCardiff City 1-0 Aston VillaMon 2 Jan
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-1 Leeds UnitedThu 29 Dec
ChampionshipAston Villa 2-1 Burton AlbionMon 26 Dec
ChampionshipQueens Park Rangers 0-1 Aston VillaSun 18 Dec
ChampionshipNorwich City 1-0 Aston VillaTue 13 Dec
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-0 Wigan AthleticSat 10 Dec
ChampionshipLeeds United 2-0 Aston VillaSat 3 Dec
ChampionshipAston Villa 3-1 Cardiff CitySat 26 Nov
ChampionshipBrighton & Hove Albion 1-1 Aston VillaFri 18 Nov
ChampionshipAston Villa 2-1 Blackburn RoversSat 5 Nov
ChampionshipBirmingham City 1-1 Aston VillaSun 30 Oct
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-0 FulhamSat 22 Oct
ChampionshipReading 1-2 Aston VillaTue 18 Oct
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-1 Wolverhampton WanderersSat 15 Oct
ChampionshipPreston North End 2-0 Aston VillaSat 1 Oct
ChampionshipBarnsley 1-1 Aston VillaTue 27 Sep
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-1 Newcastle UnitedSat 24 Sep
ChampionshipIpswich Town 0-0 Aston VillaSat 17 Sep
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-1 BrentfordWed 14 Sep
ChampionshipAston Villa 2-2 Nottingham ForestSun 11 Sep
ChampionshipBristol City 3-1 Aston VillaSat 27 Aug
ChampionshipDerby County 0-0 Aston VillaSat 20 Aug
ChampionshipAston Villa 1-1 Huddersfield TownTue 16 Aug
ChampionshipAston Villa 3-0 Rotherham UnitedSat 13 Aug
EFL Cup – First RoundLuton Town 3-1 Aston VillaWed 10 Aug
ChampionshipSheffield Wednesday 1-0 Aston VillaSun 7 Aug
Premier LeagueArsenal 4-0 Aston VillaSun 15 May

Aston Villa FC

Aston Villa FC

General Description:

Aston Villa Football Club was Established  in 1874 and the Football Club Nickname is The Villans.

The Football Club Manager is: Steve Bruce

The Official Website for Aston Villa Supporters is:

The Contact Details for Aston Villa Football Club are as follows:

Aston Villa Football Club
Villa Park
B6 6HE

For Corporate Hospitality Please phone  – 0121 327 2299

The Aston Villa Official Twitter Account can be found at:!/avfcofficial

The Official Facebook Account for Aston Villa is: