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  • Sun, 17 Feb 2019 18:15:09 +0000: The Dozen: the best FA Cup fifth round pictures - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian

    Images from around the grounds as teams vie for a place in the quarter-finals

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  • Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:44:23 +0000: Brighton 2-1 Derby County: FA Cup fifth round – as it happened! - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian

    Brighton are into the quarter-finals after goals from Jürgen Locadia and Anthony Knockaert were enough to knock out Derby

    Right, that’s all from me. Brighton are into the quarter-finals. Derby’s FA Cup run is done. I’ll be back later to see if Newport can cause a PROPER FA CUP SHOCK against Man City. Join me if you like. Bye.

    Here’s Paul Doyle’s match report from the Amex:

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    A Cole goal stat!

    1 - Ashley Cole's goal was his first in English football since September 2012 (for Chelsea vs Stoke), and his first ever in the #FACup (49th appearance). Throwback. #BHADER

    Anthony Knockaert speaks. He says that the Cup win should hopefully give them some momentum for their next Premier League game, against Leicester. “We know it won’t be an easy game against Leicester but it is always better to go there with a victory.” Bruno joins him on the pitch too. He says that his team will look to go deep in the competition now. Well, they’re one win away from a Wembley semi-final.

    Derby were much better in the second half, with Cole bringing a bit of assuredness to their play and helping them get forwards. His goal was a very good header too. But Brighton deservedly go through. They were the better team, despite the late jitters. It will givep Chris Hughton’s side some confidence going into their relegation battle too.

    90+4 min: Derby win a free-kick. It’s last chance-saloon time. Roos races up from goal for it. Cole swings it in, but it’s over Roos and Brighton clear. Peep!

    90+3 min: There’s an almighty stramash in the Derby penalty area after Brighton break and a collection of players converge only for Roos to emerge with the ball. Bruno calls for VAR to be used as he believes there was a foul but I couldn’t tell you what happened if I watched it 10 times over.

    90+2 min: Derby win a corner but Brighton defend it diligently. It’s floated back into the box by Bogle and Tomori forgets that he’s a centre-back and tries the acrobatics, hooking the ball over his shoulder but getting little contact and watching it dribble through to Button.

    90 min: Button drops a clanger! But gets away with it. he drops a routine cross from the right, with Waghorn sniffing. But it drops kindly for the keeper who paws it away just as Wilson’s eyes had lit up.

    88 min: Wilson thuds the ball into Duffy’s head again! Doink! Another brain-rattler for the big centre-back to shake off. And the ball drops kindly for Brighton to break, Knockaert finding Gyokeres, who sprints through on goal in the inside-left channel before sidefooting into the midriff of Roos. That could have been game, set, match but Derby are still in this.

    86 min: A bit of housekeeping. Locadia was replaced by Gyokeres. And Bissouma, who has had a fine game, is taken off and in his stead trots Pascal Gross. Not a bad replacement. Hughton will hope this substitution upsets Derby’s rhythm.

    84 min: Brighton have the jitters all right now. Under no pressure, Bruno, who has oodles of experience but shows little of it here, heads out for a corner. From that the ball is headed at goal by Tomori and tipped over by Button.

    Yes, Ashley Cole! Huddlestone pings another beauty in behind the Brighton defence to the onrushing Bogle. He knocks the ball into the six-yard box first-time, where Burn makes a hash of clearing it, poking the ball at Cole, who heads into the empty goal as Button had rushed out. Well, well, well. Game on!

    79 min: Locadia is thankfully able to hobble off. Replays showed his left ankle rolled over on the touchline.

    78 min: Locadia has just screamed out above the din of the crowd after crumbling to the floor with no one around him. the Brighton physios are straight over to him and play continues, as he is just about off the pitch. While that goes on, Cole looks for Marriott at the back post with a beautifully curled in cross, but Burn hooks the ball against Waghorn and out for a goal-kick.

    76 min: The corner is swung in deep, where Duffy knocks it down towards Locadia, who arcs his back and wallops a volley over his shoulder and straight at Roos, whose palms must be stinging violently after staying strong and keeping that out. A great stop.

    75 min: Cole hooks the ball away from Bruno, who was on the overlap behind him. It’s a corner for Brighton. What a matchup that was. There are 76 years shared by the Brighton captain and Cole.

    72 min: Nugent is replaced by Jozefzoon, who should have a bit more zip about his game than the departing old-timer.

    70 min: Locadia turns Tomori much too easily on the halfway line and releases Knockaert, who has clear grass ahead of him. He scurries to the edge of the penalty area and tries to curl a low left-footer around Roos, who does well to stretch ever sinew to tip the ball around the post.

    68 min: Cole has definitely helped Derby to get the ball out from the back in the patient manner Lampard prefers. He’s more often than not finding a pass inside or down the line. Duffy has just made a wonderful sliding interception to nick the ball away from Waghorn, who was trying to nip in ahead of him on the inside-right channel. Duffy has been rock-solid.

    66 min: “You would think that having a Marriott on the pitch would at least bring Derby rewards,” honks Ian Copestake, who may be on commission.

    64 min: Huddlestone drills a glorious ball out wide to Nugent, who holds the ball up well, then finds support before the ball is shuffled back to the Hud once more. This time he pings the ball out to Cole on the left, who wins a corner. The corner, like most, comes to nothing but Huddlestone was majestic there, like a magnetic planet-sized passmaster. His pings are so accurate. If only they could get him on the ball more.

    62 min: Wilson picks out Marriott on the overlap. The substitute skidaddles into the box and cuts back inside, but he wallops his shot at Burn and Brighton clear. Promising for Derby, though.

    61 min: Duffy meanders his way into the Derby penalty area. He’s got five goals this season and he senses another, but Tomori is all over him like a nasty rash. He nicks the ball away and eventually clears over near the touchline.

    60 min: While there is bugger all happening, I’ll let Sean Cole ask you a question: Do you appreciate Ashley Cole enough?

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    59 min: Knockaert swings it in and Roos collects it on his goal-line under no pressure.

    58 min: “The seagulls here in Brighton are aggressive scavengers – glad to see their footballing namesakes are letting no opportunity pass them by,” writes Andrew Benton. “But the stadium was very quiet when I passed through the railway station next door a few mins ago - quiet confidence, must be.” Or perhaps it was half-time. Brighton have won a corner. It could get noisy now.

    56 min: Waghorn slides past Kayal and clips him on his way. The pace has completely dropped off now that Brighton are sitting back. It’s up to Derby to raise it.

    54 min: Brighton have stopped pressing Derby high up the pitch. The away side are now finding it much easier to work the ball forwards. It always fascinates me that teams invariably sit back when they get a comfortable lead. I know they fear being caught on the break but not being in possession is a dangerous tactic in itself. Perhaps Brighton are more comfortable playing that way.

    52 min: The Derby fans are in good voice after that attack. They’re giving it some welly in the away end. Cole responds and tries to roll back the years and dribble past Knockaert, who sticks to his task and wins back possession diligently.

    49 min: Huddlestone pings a crossfield ball to Bogle on the right. He sidefoots a cross towards Waghorn on the edge of the box, but he feints to shoot and lets the ball fall behind him to Wilson, who drills a shot at goal that Duffy clears with his head. He’ll be seeing stars after that. It thumped into his forehead.

    47 min: Marriott will play up front alongside Nugent and Cole will perhaps help Derby to play the ball out from the back with a little more calm assurance. Brighton have a little run up the right and win a corner but it comes to nothing.

    45 min: Two changes for Derby. Jack Marriott is on for Duane Holmes and Ashley Cole is on for Scott Malone.

    “Naively I hoped this might be on actual TV,” writes Ian Copestake. “Alas the nearest I could find was Man v Food.” Brighton v Derby could turn into Man v Food, Ian. Derby have put the ball on a plate for Brighton in midfield on more than one occasion. They just need to be hungrier in front of goal and gobble up their chances when they get them.

    I’m off to get a half-time cuppa. Gawp at the lovely pictures here while I’m gone.

    And if you fancy a night out in that there London on Friday 15 March, come and watch Guardian Football Weekly Live. I happen to be on it, but that’s not why you should come. David Squires will be making a rare appearance. Maybe he’ll bring his pens. And Max Rushden and Barry Glendenning will be doing their thing, as always, too.

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    A fair scoreline. Derby haven’t been at it, whereas Brighton’s much-changed team have been full of beans and have jumped at the chance to show their manager that they deserve to play every week. Hughton will be delighted. Lamps will be reaching for the hairdryer.

    Brighton break and Bissouma has the ball on the edge of the box. He stands his man up and then touches the ball through Huddlestone’s legs (I think), emerging on the other side with the ball before curling a wonderful left-footed effort towards the far post that has Roos stranded. It clatters the post and falls right in front of Locadia, who stabs home. Brilliant from Bissouma.

    45+1 min: Waghorn only half connects with a shot at goal and then …

    44 min: At last Huddlestone has a second on the ball and carves open Brighton’s defence with a fizzed in pass behind Bernardo to the onrushing Holmes. The Derby wide man looks up and has options in the box if he can ping it in first time, but the ball slams off his shin and whizzes out for a goal-kick. That was awful. What a waste.

    42 min: Derby have a rare foray forwards and a hopeful cross is punched clear by Button. Brighton work it out to Jahanbakhsh on the left, who cuts inside and is brought down by Tomori, who slips into him having been bamboozled more than fouling him in the cynical fashion. The Brighton fans don;t see it that way. They call for a red card as Tomori is already on a booking. But David Coote is having none of it. He’s having a good game. The free-kick is aimed at Duffy, but it’s too high for him and bounces off his head and away to safety.

    38 min: If Ashley Cole comes on at some point, we will have two 38-year-old full-backs on the pitch. Bruno is the other one. That can’t have happened too often in any professional match. Full-backs have to cover the ground – you can’t slack off in that position.

    36 min: Brighton deserve that goal. They’ve been the most energetic team – and the most pragmatic too. Derby’s persistence in playing out from the back has been laudable but if the players aren’t able to keep possession, they need to find another way to bring the ball out. Too often it is going to the full-backs, who are very quickly hassled out of possession.

    What a lovely goal. Bissouma, who has been Brighton’s most lively player, plays a one-two with Jahanbakhsh on the left, before drilling a right footed cross low to the edge of the box. The one man Derby don’t want running on to it, Knockaert, is the man running on to it … and he curls it low and sweet into Roos’s bottom left corner with his right foot. What a delightful strike and a rare moment of quality at last.

    30 min: Knockaert cuts in from the right and whips a shot round a defender and towards the far post with his cultured left foot that Roos does well to tip away. Brighton keep possession and Knockaert gets on the ball again, but Nugent shows his age as he gets beaten easily on the right and claws at Knockaert to bring him down. Free-kick. It’s a decent ball in but Derby defend it admirably.

    28 min: Wilson is booked for a hefty challenge on Kayal. But there’s a VAR review to see if it should in fact be a red. It was a wild kick but his intention was to make contact with the ball and VAR agrees a yellow is adequate punishment. Quite right too.

    25 min: Brighton race forwards in numbers and Jahanbakhsh finds Bissouma on the overlap. The midfielder hares into the box and his eyes light up as he sees a sliver of the goal from around 18 yards out … but he wallops a horrible right-footed effort well wide. Deary me.

    22 min: … but it’s Bissouma who mishits a daisycutter under the wall that bobbles towards Roos’s bottom-left corner and requires him to palm it away at full stretch. What an odd free-kick. It would have been the simplest of saves had their been no wall. I still think more teams should try doing away with the wall. Maybe Pep will do it one day. He loves to be loved for innovation …

    20 min: Tomori is booked after clattering into Locadia from behind. It’s the kind of challenge that was outlawed around 30 years ago. Locadia needs treatment. It’s a concern for Hughton, as he has very little on the bench. Locadia’s sock has been torn in that challenge. It’s a sore one, all right. Brighton will have a free-kick absolutely smack, bang in the middle around 30 yards out. Knockaert is licking his lips again …

    17 min: Roos wallops a goal-kick clear and Burn gets caught out of possession, allowing Waghorn to race in behind him in the inside-right channel. He pops a short pass into Nugent’s feet but his lay-off, intended for Waghorn, arrives at the feet of Holmes, who drills a cross into the box that is about 15 yards away rom the nearest Derby player.

    15 min: Brighton are beginning to get on top now. Derby are playing it out from the back at every opportunity and the home side are cranking up the press in midfield and winning back possession with ease. Kayal stretches his legs down the left but his low cross is cut out and Derby clear … but only into midfield where Brighton win it back again.

    13 min: Knockaert curls the free-kick left-footed towards Roos’s top-right corner, where Roos is standing right under neath it. The Dutch keeper could probably catch it but opts to tip it over instead. Brighton’s corner is slightly overhit and Bruno can’t get a good connection on it with his forehead at the back post. It’s still to take off this Cup tie.

    12 min: Locadia is bundled over on the edge of the Derby box. Knockaert’s eyes light up. It’s 25 yards out on the right side of the D.

    10 min: Huddlestone has a few touches of the ball. Each one delicate, like he is welcoming an old friend.

    7 min: Bissouma races out of his own half with the ball like he means business. He picks up pace with Holmes tracking him as best he can. The Derby midfielder has a few nibbles and knocks Bissouma out of his stride as he enters the box. The home fans call for a penalty but there wasn’t enough contact in my opinion. Bissouma was put off as much by the defenders approaching him in the box than Holmes behind him. It was a powerful run by the Brighton player though. More of that please and we may have ourselves a game.

    6 min: Nugent is nudged off the ball by Duffy after the ball was drilled into him from midfield. Brighton break with Kayal but Derby harry and press and force the home side back into their own half. That was impressive defensive work by the Derby midfield.

    4 min: Derby get on the ball and give the home side an impressive display of their comfortable short passing possession football, going sideways and backwards with ease but not finding the forward pass to trouble Brighton.

    2 min: Brighton win a corner and play it short. Bissouma touches the ball past his man and whips in a cross towards Duffy on the back post, but it’s just too high for the towering centre-back.

    1 min: Brighton, in their customary blue and white stripes, get us under way. They’re shooting from left to right on my TV, so build a picture of that in your heads. Derby, in a dark purple away strip, are going the other way. Brighton have the best of possession in the first throes of this Cup tie.

    There is a generous and warmly embraced minute’s applause for Gordon Banks. What a goalkeeper. Richard Williams wrote a lovely tribute to a man who was the best goalie in the world at his peak.

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    There could be extra-time and penalties today. Oh, and we have VAR. Let’s hope we don’t need much use of that particular technological advancement today. Let’s keep it nice and simple. I stand by my prediction of 2-2 but I’m not telling you which way I’d sway if we do have spot-kicks.

    The teams emerge from the tunnel at the Amex. There’s a decent crowd and the atmosphere’s building nicely considering the early kick-off time. Brighton fans aren’t taking the Cup lightly. They’d love to see this flock of Seagulls emulate the Class of 83. Did I just say Flock of Seagulls? Ah, go on then. Alternative entrance music right here!

    I’m intrigued to see how Huddlestone plays today. He’s 32 now but even when he was 21 he played at the same leisurely pace that he does now. He can knock the ball around for fun if given time and space but if Brighton sit on him and stop him playing it could go a long way to upsetting Derby’s rhythm.

    Frank Lampard was asked about this match earlier. Here’s what he had to say: “The players enjoy testing themselves against Premier League sides. What we have done against Premier League teams is step up. We did it against Manchester United and Chelsea [in the League Cup] and the two games against Southampton. It’s a nice test. Can we go one step further? We’re getting closer to a dream of playing at Wembley. I’ve really enjoyed working [with these players]. I think I’ve changed. It’s been an absolute bundle of experience. I’m dealing with things better, prioritising and filtering out what’s not important and what is. The ‘what if’ is round by round. Can we go one step further?”

    Lampard Derby has restored midfielders Tom Huddlestone and Craig Bryson and forward David Nugent to his starting line-up. The trio came in for Bradley Johnson, the cup-tied Andy King and injured forward Tom Lawrence, while Jack Marriott was back on the bench after missing the last four games with illness and injury.

    Chris Hughton speaks. Glenn Murray is injured, apparently. “We have a few injuries which have been unfortunate. It’s affected the bench we have. But it’s a great opportunity for us to get to the next round. Yes, we’re hopeful for [Glenn] for the next game. Occasionally [injuries] go against you and unfortunately it’s this week. He was instrumental in the last round.”

    On Derby: “They’re in very good form, the fact that they’ve knocked out who they have knocked out [Southampton in the last round], Frank has got them playing in a very exciting way. It’s exactly the same as every other game we have here. We expect a tough game.”

    Only one of these teams have won the FA Cup before … Derby County in 1946, who beat Charlton 4-1 at Wembley in the first Cup final after the war. What a joyous day that must have been! Brighton made it to the final in 1983 and took Manchester United to a replay, which they lost 4-0.

    I hope they’re not playing with those footballs in the main image. The one on the left looks like a 99p flyaway. Could cause havoc in the seaside breeze.

    As for Derby, Frank Lampard fields a strong team with only Tom Lawrence missing through injury and Andy King cup-tied. Ashley Cole, who has won the FA Cup more times than any other player, is on the bench.

    So Brighton make eight changes from the 3-1 defeat by Burnley and Glenn Murray is not in the squad. Where are the goals going to come from? It’s time for Locadia and Knockaert to step up.

    Brighton: Button, Bruno, Duffy, Burn, Bernardo, Kayal, Stephens, Bissouma, Knockaert, Locadia, Jahanbakhsh. Subs: Sanchez, Montoya, Ostigard, Bong, Gross, Molumby, Gyokeres.

    Derby: Roos, Bryson, Tomori, Keogh, Wilson, Waghorn, Holmes, Nugent, Bogle, Huddlestone, Malone. Subs: Ravas, Wisdom, Jozefzoon, Marriott, Johnson, Evans. Cole.

    Hello readers! It’s the fifth round of the FA Cup, when it starts to feel a bit more serious for clubs who perhaps haven’t been fully invested in it until now. Maybe it’s because they can scent silverware on the February breeze. It certainly feels that way with Brighton who, Chris Hughton says, will use the Cup as a welcome “distraction” from their nosediving form in the Premier League. With big Premier League clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs having been dumped out already – and one of Chelsea or Manchester United to follow – does Hughton think the draw has opened up a bit?

    “If we start thinking beyond that then we won’t get past a very good Derby side,” said the Seagulls’ ever-respectful boss. “But it is definitely a great opportunity for somebody. And we are part of that group of teams. It’s unusual for so many Premier League teams to be out at this stage. There’s a really good opportunity for somebody to get through to the latter stages, which for a club like ourselves is deemed a success.”

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  • Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:31:25 +0000: Knockaert and Locadia put Brighton into last eight despite late Cole scare - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian

    Ashley Cole has a record seven FA Cup winners medals and now he can also say that he has scored in the competition, but he will not be contesting this season’s quarter-finals, as his landmark goal here was not enough to save Derby from elimination. The 38-year-old full-back scored after being introduced as a half-time substitute but Brighton clung on and advanced thanks to first-half goals by Anthony Knockaert and Jürgen Locadia.

    “It got a bit nervy at the end,” said Chris Hughton, whose side had been comfortably superior to the disappointingly limp visitors for most of the match. The Derby manager, Frank Lampard, said he was annoyed with his team’s first-half display but proud of their turnaround in the second.

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  • Fri, 15 Feb 2019 15:30:47 +0000: FA Cup fifth round: match previews for the weekend’s games - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian
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  • Tue, 12 Feb 2019 15:07:16 +0000: Burnley fan charged with racially abusing Brighton’s Gaëtan Bong - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian
    • Alleged abuse happened at match in Brighton last Saturday
    • Minister for sport urges fans to report anything they see or hear

    A Burnley supporter has been charged with a racially aggravated offence after allegedly aiming abuse at Brighton & Hove Albion’s Gaëtan Bong last Saturday.

    The CPS brought the charge after Sussex police arrested two men during Burnley’s 3-1 victory at Brighton in the Premier League.

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