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  • Mon, 25 Sep 2017 07:53:11 +0000: Premier League: 10 talking points from the weekend’s action - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian
    Sean Dyche was worked up about nothing, Mark Hughes hopes life for Stoke will get easier and Ronald Koeman played his last cards to get Everton out of trouble

    If Brighton survive this season – and they survived this game thanks to several Newcastle misses and some good goalkeeping – there is every chance we will be talking about the signing of Pascal Gross as a masterstroke. The German midfielder with a picture-perfect delivery has been involved in all of Brighton’s Premier League goals, and was instrumental again at the Amex in the 1-0 win over Newcastle when his free-kick homed in on Dale Stephens, who headed down for Tomer Hemed to finish. The value of an accurate set-piece taker cannot be overlooked in a squad short on goalscorers and one suspects there will be plenty more of those well-rehearsed moves. Ingolstadt were relegated despite Gross creating more chances than any other Bundesliga player; Chris Hughton will hope his creative streak delivers safety for Brighton. Lawrence Ostlere

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  • Mon, 25 Sep 2017 07:00:07 +0000: Brighton’s Chris Hughton serves up reminder of lost art of defence | Jonathan Wilson - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian
    In the 1-0 win over Newcastle both managers set up their teams not to lose and, while their organisation was impressive, it was at the cost of attacking flair

    Sometimes straightforward virtues are the best. In a Premier League that at times seems to have all but given up anything resembling traditional defending, there was something almost comforting about a clash between two sides who play in such a familiar, unpretentious way. This was a reminder of simpler virtues, a world in which the greatest aspiration is to be compact, and produced a sort of mutually assured self-neutralisation, a game in which flair was all but absent and, where it did exist, confined to a tiny sliver on the flanks. That the one goal came from a set piece was entirely appropriate.

    The free-kick that produced the goal five minutes into the second half was in part a result of the Brighton left-back Markus Suttner pushing forward and linking with Tomer Hemed on the left, which always looked the most likely source of a breakthrough for Brighton. There seemed a fairly clear plan from the start to isolate DeAndre Yedlin, the Newcastle right-back, against Solly March. It was the 23-year-old’s cross, after Newcastle had been opened up by a burst from Anthony Knockaert, that led to the Pascal Gross shot that cannoned to safety off Knockaert and then his cross-shot, cutting inside, that drew an awkward sprawling save from Rob Elliot.

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  • Sun, 24 Sep 2017 17:25:00 +0000: Tomer Hemed sinks Newcastle as Brighton grab much-needed win - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian

    If Brighton & Hove Albion get relegated this season it will not be for a lack of valour, focus or determination. This narrowest of home wins against a team who were technically their better will be celebrated in this part of the south coast, though probably only briefly. The next test, at Arsenal next Sunday, is only around the corner.

    Tomer Hemed’s dextrous second-half volley was enough to separate the home side from a Newcastle United who had come into the match after three consecutive wins and left it reminded of the fine margins of Premier League football. For Brighton, meanwhile, it was back-to-back victories at the Amex Stadium.

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  • Sun, 24 Sep 2017 16:56:17 +0000: Brighton 1-0 Newcastle United: Premier League – as it happened - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian

    Tomer Hemed’s second-half goal gave Brighton the points and their second Premier League win, propelling them to 13th in the table; Newcastle stay ninth

    Related: Tomer Hemed’s strike sinks Newcastle as Brighton seal much-needed win

    So, that’s about us - enjoy the rest of your weekends. Bye!

    It’s not at all easy to predict who’ll go down with Palace at the end of the season. All three of the promoted clubs have a chance of staying up, and the more early points they can rack up, when they’re confident and can still remember what it’s like to win regularly, the better. I’m not sure both of these two will make it, but they’re doing enough to put themselves in with a chance.

    So there we go! The Amex is bouncing, and Brighton are now 13th in the table, above Everton and below Arsenal on goal difference. Newcastle stay ninth.

    Brighton have their second Premeer League victory!

    90+3 min Brighton snatch possession just outside their own box and Murphy stretches as his tam-mates rush forward. So Lascelles hacks him down and is booked.

    90+2 min Gayle finds himself in the box, frantically swivelling to shoot as the ball drops, but can’t get anything like the necessary power.

    90 min There shall be three additional minutes.

    90 min Lascelles wanders forward and squares to Merino, who moves on to Shelvey. Dead centre, he sets himself for a shot and thunders into it, but it’s travelled about 3.4cm when Dunk blocks, and if he hadn’t Duffy was behind him, spread to do likewise.

    88 min Brighton have seen this out pretty nicely thus far. After a bit of slip and tackle, Hemed accidentally stands on Yedlin’s calf, and no one sees anything untoward.

    86 min Lovely ball over the top from Merino, who’s struggled to exert a constant influence, but looked Newcastle’s most likely threat. Anyway, breaking into the box, left-hand side, is Shelvey, but with men milling about he holds into possession for far too long and sees his low cross deflected behind. The corner comes to nothing.

    85 min Tomer Hemed is announced as man of the match, and he clearly davened his arse off on Rosh Hashana.

    83 min Last shot from Newcastle: Gamez replaces Mbemba.

    82 min Newcastle have created very little this afternoon and Brighton will know that. March, who’s been excellent, nips around the side and crosses low - Clark has to be alert to get it out.

    80 min Change for Brighton: a displeased-looking Knockaert is replaced by Murphy.

    79 min Yedlin arcs in a cross and Gayle gets a touch at the near post, but after Shelvey flings himself at it, the ball takes a nasty bounce and gets big on Atsu at the back post, who can’t get over his shot.

    77 min Dunk is well late on Perez, so is booked. From 25 yards out, left of centre, Shelvey curls the free-kick way over the top.

    76 min “Disappointed that I haven’t heard the Brighton supporters sing this tune for Davy Pröpper,” emails A.P.

    73 min Newcastle are having plenty of the ball now, and there we go - Gayle gets between Duffy and Dunk, Shelvey hits one long at him, and Brighton are forced to concede a corner. Shelvey takes it, sees Gayle heading towards the near post and Ryan failing to guard it, so has a dig! And it’s a goodun too, clattering the base of the near post! Diejo Marashelvey!

    71 min Gayle replaces Joselu, and will presumably look to give Shelvey a target to hit.

    70 min Brighton are already sitting a little deeper, which is not a criticism. Newcastle have struggled to create today, so it makes sense.

    69 min Dwight Gayle also looks imminent.

    68 min Change for Newcastle: Shelvey replaces Hayden. The crowd give him plenty.

    65 min Bruno looks like Richard from Guess Who - which should be Guess Whom, right?

    64 min “That goal was no good,” emails J.R. ‘Running across the defender’? Bruno set a freakin’ back pick on Mbemba. As I understand it that is legal in basketball but not football. And I don’t just think that because that goal screwed my fantasy team.”

    Artistic licence. I’m an anarchist.

    63 min Benitez calls for Shelvey! Now it’s on!

    61 min Ritchie allows Perez’s pass to run across his body, tempting Suttner to foul; free-kick, left of centre, 25 yards out. There appears to be a shoot/cross debate taking place - Ritchie seems to ask Benitez his thoughts - before driving into the wall. The ball, though, ends up with Merino, who shoots, only for Dunk to chuck a head at it and send it behind. The corner comes to nowt.

    59 min Newcastle are hanging in there now. On the plus side, their fans have the joy of a six-hour quench home to look forward to.

    58 min We see sweetheart, you’re Tim Krul on the Brighton bench, minding me of one of the greatest football songs that never was.

    56 min Lovely from Brighton, Knockaert backheeling to send Bruno away down the right. His cross is low and hard towards the far post, where March slides in, connecting well ... but Elliot dives back, over his own line, to shovel it away from on the line. He’s kept his team in the match, there.

    56 min Watching that goal again, we can see Dunk and Bruno doing an excellent job of running across defender to block them off. Even better done, Chris Hughton.

    54 min The ground is up as Brighton seek to press home their advantage, but they can’t find the quality in their passing - at least not for now.

    53 min With Newcastle set up to break, Brighton would do well to wade in before they can reorganise.

    This is really nicely done.With Newcastle expecting a ball into the middle, Gross’ free-kick goes to the back post where Stephens has pulled away. His downward header passes through a pair of legs, whereupon Hemed - Chhhemed - six yards out, imparts a kind of overhead hook of a shin, into the roof of the net. Well done Chris Hughton - that was clearly a plan.

    50 min Again, it’s Brighton making the running, and Suttner lifts a much better ball into Hemed who, on the half-turn, tips it away from Lascelles and rides the inevitable foul. Free-kick Brighton, 25 yards out, level with the left edge of the box....

    49 min It is not at all easy to foresee a goal. I do not foresee a goal.

    48 min Brighton lump the ball forward thrice, to predictably little avail.

    47 min Does any team contain as many verbs - Dunk, March - nouns - Knockaert - and adjectives - Propper - as Brighton? I contend not.

    46 min Why waste your time, you know you’re gonna be mine.

    The players are back with us.

    “First we had the Steel City derby which was awesome (for neutrals and Blades fans at least),” says Issa Rae J.R. in Illinois, “and now we’ve got this game which is hella entertaining! Who needs Chelsea v Arsenal and Man United v Everton like last Sunday? This is a proper Super Sunday!”

    I’d agree with half of that. This game would be great if it was later in the season and the stench of desperation diffused through the screen, but for now it’s about adequate if we take it for what it is. In my frequently incorrect opinion, anyhow.

    Not a terrible game, I don’t suppose. Let’s leave it there.

    45+1 min Brighton win a free-kick down the left, plenty far from goal but when Dunk wins the header and knocks the ball back across, Hemed isn’t far from catching up with it.

    45 min There shall be one added minute.

    45 min Newcastle exert a bit of pressure with crosses and such, both Yedlin and Mbemba having sticking them in. Nothing comes of either, but they reflect their team’s greater control in midfield.

    43 min Nice from Newcastle, Merino gliding forward and sliding into the path of Atsu, outside him. The ensuing cross is a good one too, low and hard; Perez and Ritchie both slide in, but neither can impart the decisive touch.

    42 min As you may have divined, there is not a whole lot currently coming to pass.

    40 min Point of order: Hemed, as in Tomer Hemed, is pronounced with a guttural H, written in English as Ch, or in Hebrew with a chet, like thus: חמד. Thanks.

    38 min Ritchie looks to curl the free-kick around the wall, hoping the keeper moves, which he doesn’t, and as such the ball clunks into his midriff.

    37 min Nice from Newcastle, Ritchie allowing a pass from Merino through his legs before trying a wall-pass off Joselu. But Gross is wise to the ruse, blocking him off at cost of a free-kick, 30 yards out and right of centre.

    36 min Brighton are back on top now, moving the ball around as Newcastle sit deep and wait for something to happen. Dunk then attempts to slip in Kncokaert, but Yedlin is paying attention and nips in front of him to clear.

    33 min Brighton, who’ve been quiet the last few minutes, swarm forward when Propper sweeps out to March, who’s been a constant threat. He switches the ball back inside for Stephens, who finds Gross; inside the box,he can’t quite decide what to do and eventually squares when he might’ve shot ... all the delay Clark needs to intercept.

    31 min Merino starts a move with a lovely flick, moving the ball behind his standing leg and feeding Atsu, suddenly in all manner of space at inside-left. He then finds Mbemba who, with little left foot to speak of, nips inside and squares for Perez, arriving to send another shot wide. Brighton do not look at all secure at the back.

    29 min Newcastle enjoy some possession and Perez bursts into the box at inside-left, looking to open his body and curl a perfect finish into the top corner before racing to embrace the adulation of his adoring public. Instead, he sends a miserable effort miles away from anything.

    26 min Newcastle have been better the last five minutes or so, but then March chases a ball larruped down the line and shoves Yedlin to the ground, earning a free-kick in the process. Lascelles is not at all happy - with good reason - but when the cross, from the left touchline, comes across, he’s there to head away and one of his mates then clears Stephens’ attempt to put it back in the danger zone.

    24 min Perhaps Newcastle’s gameplan is to sit deep and break fast, but they won’t have anticipated being put under as much pressure as they have been. Still, Dunk whacks a clearance into Duffy and Newcastle have a corner, but Bruno, at the near post, gets rid without much aggravation.

    22 min Atsu breaks and finds Yedlin on his outside ... his cross is a fair one, but Joselu makes it a fine one, dragging it into his path on the half-turn. For a second he looks a cert to score only for Duffy to come sliding in, nowhere near the ball but restricting the shooting angle; the eventuating effort is dragged wide of the far post from ten yards.

    21 min The master of the genre...

    19 min “Enjoyed Knockaert shoving Mbemba out of the way only to block the shot himself,” tweets Paul Waggott. “Football’s karma gods working well there.”

    A team-mate blocking a goalbound shot is one of life’s true delights. I’m also a big fan of the prematurely celebrated goal.

    18 min Mbemba makes a fine interception to keep a through-pass from finding Knockaert, but his team have a problem. They’re far too rigid to cope with Brighton’s movement, can barely muster a decent kick of the ball, and are going to concede if they don’t do something about it, and quickly.

    16 min Brighton have been very good these last few minutes, Knockaert, Gorss and March giving Newcastle all manner of aggravation. The way that they’re interchanging is allowing them to stretch the play without being outnumbered in midfield, though they could use another man in the box when the ball comes in.

    14 min Brighton are all over this now, Knockaert finding Bruno, whose cross is brilliantly headed away by Yedlin, straining every follicle to reach it. March, though, is on-hand to zip in a low cross, strongarmed out by Elliot with Hemed, perfectly placed to intervene, caught on his heels.

    12 min Knockaert, doubtless still smarting, hauls back Atsu and is booked.

    11 min Oh mate! Maaaate! Gross drifts outside so Knockaert comes in inside and spreads play out to March on the left. His cross is a good one, the ball arriving back with Gross who drives a shot at goal .... it’s going in ... until it hits Knockaert!

    11 min After a reasonable start, things have slowed down. Brighton are enjoying - in the loosest possible sense - most of the possession.

    9 min I like to think that Andre Marriner goes as Dre, still has love for the street, and is the subject of this song.

    8 min Perez pops up between the lines and slides a pass out to Atsu. He swiftly whacks a cross into the nearest pair of shins, then does so again when the ball rebounds straight to him.

    7 min Stephens makes a mistake and Atsu pounces on the loose ball 30 yards out, quickly finding the nearest shins into which to smash the ball.

    6 min Gross drifts left and swerves in a cross for Hemed, peeling away at the near post. He gets his head to it, but can’t quite get his head around it, sending the ball wide of the near post.

    5 min And Knockaert swings the ball in, Propper and Duffy throwing feet to try and get it in but a phalanx of defenders doing just enough to block.

    4 min Stephens sweeps a ball wide to March, and he lays back for Suttner. His cross is deflected behind and now it’s Brighton with the corner.

    2 min Well! Ritchie curls the corner to the edge of the box, far left side, and Gross chases over to block. But all he succeeds in doing is blocking Ryan’s sight of Merino’s volley, into the ground and only just wide.

    1 min Perez wriggles some space and feeds Joselu, so Duffy ploughs through the back of him, a reet sair yin. There’s a brief pause, and Ritchie will now curl one in from 40 yards out, on the right - Hemed heads behind.

    1 min Away we go!

    Imagine the nick the Newcastle fans are in right now; imagine the nick they’ll be in when they get home. ENVY.

    Out come the teams!

    “Regarding your assertion about Andre Marriner,” emails Kári Tulinius. “Surely the least (or possibly most) referee name for a referee ever is golden oldie Segar Bastard, ‘The Knight of the Whistle’, who refereed the 1878 FA Cup final and then went on to earn an England cap. Incidentally, his first name is an old norse name, Sægeir, which means ‘sea spear’.

    I did think of him – and his grandson Spoilt, of Viz fame – but decided that wasn’t such an unorthodox name in its era.

    I wonder if this game will be decided by which number 10 has the better afternoon. Pascal Gross was excellent in Germany last season and is growing into the Premier League, while Ayoze Perez has the kind of improvisational talent that, if harnessed, will see him develop into a proper player. In a tight contest, that could be crucial.

    Rafael Benitez says his team is unchanged because it’s only playing one game a week. Chris Hughton says he’s happy with how his team have been playing, and that people said they’d struggle to score before they did so thrice against a well-organised West Brom team.

    Graeme Souness likes someone! Well done Matt Ritchie!

    I do not think we’re going to see many goals today. I’m going 0-1, but Jonathan Pearce reckons Brighton will shade it, so a draw is the most likely outcome.

    We’re watching tape of Davy Propper, having been told by Chris Hughton that he’s used to playing in a three not a two. As for the man himself, he’s more comfortable now he’s certain he can score and create goals in the Premier League, and Newcastle will need to get a hold of him today.

    “So Seagulls v Magpies, eh?” asks J.R. in Illinois. “I think this match-up should be pretty even. Seagulls have a massive size advantage (have you seen Shane Duffy?) being anywhere around five times the mass and up to three times the wingspan of magpies, but being the only non-mammal to recognise itself in a mirror means magpies absolutely crush the seagulls in the intelligence department.”

    I wonder about this. Perhaps the real brain is the seagull, who is above the narcissism and painful self-awareness that pains anything cursed by a sense of self. Deep, yeah?

    “It’s bigger than I thought it was going to be,” says Graeme Souness of the Amex. I’m glad he doesn’t bother with the internet – if he did I’d have to re-evaluate my entire system of belief.

    “Newcastle not being in the EPL was just a temporary blip,” returns yerman Rob, “while Brighton shouldn’t really be there. This is the difference, and it will out again before tea-time too.”

    I’m not sure about this. Couldn’t we say the same about Stoke when they came up, and Burnley - even Huddersfield?

    Hairs on back of neck, etc.

    The atmosphere is building outside the Amex ahead of today's game between #BHAFC and @NUFC. #BHANEW

    Email! “Does anyone seriously think that Brighton can ‘do’ ‘gritty’?” asks Rob Coughlan.

    Well, to the extent that anyone can “do” “anything”, of course not. And I don’t think they’ll stay up, but reckon it’ll be lack of goals that does for them.

    So what does it all mean? Well, Brighton make one change: Liam Rosenior of the Guardian is replaced at right-back by Bruno, his new diet of lentils and hummus ill-received in the dressing room. Newcastle, meanwhile, are unchanged; as such, they have a bench which hosts Jonjo Shelvey and Dwight Gayle, key men for them last season.

    Brighton & Hove Albion (a retro 4-4-1-1): Ryan; Bruno, Duffy, Dunk, Suttner; Knockaert, Stephens, Propper, March; Gross; Hemed. Subs: Krul, Rosenior, Huenemeier, Schelotto, Izquierdo, Murphy, Brown.

    Newcastle United (a characteristic 4-2-3-1): Elliot; Yedlin, Lacelles, Clark, Mbemba; Hayden, Merino; Ritchie, Perez, Atsu; Joselu. Subs: Darlow, Gamez, Manquillo, Diame, Murphy, Shelvey, Gayle.

    There are certain phrases that appear, at first glance, to describe a circumstance ... but at all other glances describe the individual using them. “Gritty realism”, for example, could suggest depressing drama that it complex, yet approachable ... or it could suggest a person who speaks in television listings and is unwilling to or incapable of thinking for themselves.

    In a Premier League context, Brighton v Newcastle could not be more gritty, more real, nor more grittily real. After spending last season in a mass pagga to get promoted and earn the right to play in the biggest matches, both squads will now know that life isn’t actually like that. The games are a slog, the season is a slog, and if they want the privilege of repeat slogging they’ll need to outslog at least three other devoted sloggers.

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  • Sun, 24 Sep 2017 07:00:39 +0000: Brighton’s Davy Pröpper: ‘The Premier League was very important for me’ - Brighton & Hove Albion | The Guardian
    The Dutch midfielder has banished the self-doubt that scarred his early career and has settled swiftly into a central role at Brighton since his move from PSV

    It does not take Davy Pröpper long to pinpoint the period that altered his outlook for good. Life had initially been kind since the midfielder made his debut for Vitesse Arnhem, the club he supported, in January 2010 but things had soured. A new owner, Merab Jordania, brought in players he preferred and there was the intense frustration, too, of seeing childhood friends push ahead of him in the reckoning. The way back was unclear; it all became hard for a young player to take and during the 2012-13 season, when he played 14 games, Pröpper sought a means of regaining control.

    “I went to see someone, I guess you’d call him a motivational coach, and it helped me a lot at the time,” Pröpper tells the Observer. “He told me that events were there to be shaped by me, and not about the choices a trainer or somebody else makes. It led to a change in my career; when I didn’t play, I was able to throw the problem away a little bit. I didn’t keep disappointments in my head.”

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