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  • Fri, 06 Dec 2019 02:50:02 +0000: Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend - Arsenal | The Guardian

    Fred is finding his feet under Solskjær, Maddison and Grealish jostle for England attention and do Everton have a new plan?

    Fred has described Fernandinho has his role model in the past but, until recently, it seemed like the only thing the pair had in common was that they both moved from Brazil to Shakhtar Donetsk before arriving in Manchester. Over the last month, however, Fred has finally started showing the quality that persuaded United to spend £52m on him last year. He and Scott McTominay form a midfield partnership of formerly maligned players who have become more than useful. They, along with Marcus Rashford’s refulgent form and the fact that United now relish being underdogs, are reasons why City might not annihilate Saturday’s visitors to the Etihad. Paul Doyle

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  • Fri, 06 Dec 2019 00:32:46 +0000: Freddie Ljungberg lets rip at half-time against Brighton: ‘This is not Arsenal’ - Arsenal | The Guardian
    • Arsenal’s low confidence a concern after 2-1 home defeat
    • Graham Potter says Brighton ‘showed enough quality to win’

    Freddie Ljungberg told his players “This is not Arsenal” in a frank half-time team talk but could not cajole them into avoiding a defeat that leaves them significantly closer to the relegation zone than the Champions League spots.

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  • Thu, 05 Dec 2019 22:44:03 +0000: Arsenal 1-2 Brighton: Premier League – as it happened - Arsenal | The Guardian

    Neal Maupay scored late to extend Arsenal’s winless run to nine games – the London club’s worst run since the 1970s

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    “Of course it was disappointing but we have to keep on going. The players are low on confidence, I think you can see that. We had a good reaction at the start of the second half but we need to start games likes that. That’s the biggest disappointment I have ... We’re in a difficult situation, we’ve lost a lot of games and confidence has gone down. You could see that at the start, with low energy... A lot of things to think about.”

    Asked whether players are aware of their responsibility for improving performances, he replies: “Players do as good as they can. They are a bit low on confidence.”

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    “Absolutely delighted. It’s a wonderful feeling. We had three tough games with no pints so it’s nice to bounce back at a place like this. I thought we did really well in the first half ... pressed well and defended well, kept the ball when we had to and tried to create things. Then there was a response [from Arsenal] and we had to dig in... It gives us a lot of belief.”

    “I thought Aaron Mooy was fantastic all game. He was so unselfish with his play and then added that little bit of quality at the end [the cross for Maupay’s decisive goal]. All the player were amazing, real courage and real bravery on the ball.”

    Lewis Dunk: “We made it tough for ourselves after the first half in which ew were excellent ... but we showed great character to come back and win the game.”

    Maupay: “Lewis said before the game we can’t say ‘we played well but didn’t get the win’. We needed to win today.”

    Nick Ames was at the Emirates. I haven’t had a chance to read his report yet but the Probability Indicator says there’s a 99% chance it’s terrific. Have a gander here:

    Related: Freddie Ljungberg’s Arsenal suffer painful home defeat by Brighton

    Lee Dixon, referring to how easily Brighton found space all over the pitch, but especially in midfield: “It’s fine to make mistakes, but if you keep making the same mistakes .... There are players out there doing exactly the same thing now that they were doing at the end of last season. The players have got to take responsibility.”

    Alan Pardew, speaking on Amazon, has it right. “Brighton totally deserved it .... it all came down to basics. If you don’t have pressure on the ball you look disjointed and that was Arsenal. Brighton did all the basics right.”

    “Only just noticed that Aaron Mooy looks like a young Freddie Ljungberg,” parps Jim Greenan. “This is becoming a Stephen King novel.”

    Arsenal extend their winless run to nine matches, as Brighton make off with an impressive victory. Graham Potter’s team dominated the first half and went in at the break with a lead thanks to Adam Webster. Freddie Ljungberg inspired an improvement from Arsenal in the second half and they deservedly equalised through Alexander Lacazette. But that was as good as it got for the generally ragged hosts, who fell to an excellent late winning goal by Neal Maupay. Brighton were the better, more accomplished side overall and deserve their win.

    90+3 min: Trossard pounces on a mistake by Xhaka and dodges his way towards the Arsenal box. He cuts back on to his left foot and then blems a shot over the bar. That would have sealed it!

    90+1 min: There will be at least three more minutes of stoppage time. Our makeshift Probability Indicator - mad from some staples and chewing gum - puts Brighton’s chances of victory at 96.7%.

    90 min: Pépé curls a low freekick around the wall and wide of the far post. It must have taken a slight nick of the wall, actually, because a corner has been awarded. Nowt comes of it.

    89 min: Freekick to Arsenal about 20 yards out, a little to the right of the D, after Trossard needlessly fouls Pépé... will he be made to regret that?

    Brighton substitution: Duffy on, Alzate off. That’s a pretty strong declaration of intent.

    86 min: Tierney’s provides a wonderful cross from the left. Martinelli meets it with a very good header towards the bottom corner, but Ryan manages sto pushes it behind for a corner. That was almost a convincing cover version of Brighton’s second goal.

    84 min: Bellerin scampers down the right and sends a token cross into the box. Easy pickings for Ryan.

    82 min: Pépé forces Ryan into a moderate save with a reasonable effort from the right.

    80 min: That really was an exquisitely crafted goal. Mooy outfoxed Bellerin on the left by shifting niftily on to his right foot to deliver an ideal cross. And then Maupay, having found space with some deft movement away from Arsenal’s defenders, glanced a header into the corner beyond the reach of Leno. All very accomplished, in the image of their overall performance here.

    A superbly directed header from 10 yards after a lovely cross from the left by Mooy!

    Brighton substitution: Trossard on, Gross off.

    79 min: Mooy finds Maupay with a canny disguised pass. David Luiz makes an important block.

    Arsenal substitution: Martinelli on, Lacazette off.

    76 min:Delightful play by Propper and Alzate to work the latter into a prime crossing position. But then Alzate tries one trick too many and confuses himself, allowing the ball to dribble out of play.

    Brighton substitution: Montoya on, Connolly off. That suggest a change of tack from Potter.

    74 min: This match is in the balance. Arsenal are looking the more sprightly but Brighton still have the ability to create chances. There’s no telling how this is going to play out. Anyone know where a man could get a good Probability Indicator?

    Arsenal substitution: Tierney on, Kolasinac off. I believe that change was already in the pipeline before Koalsinac got that knock - he doesn’t appear to be seriously injured.

    71 min: Another burst forward by Kolasinac ends with him being caught late by Alzate, who’s lucky to avoid a booking.

    69 min: Lacazette retrieves a hopeful pass chucked into the channel by Sokratis. He looks up and presents the ball to Ozil about 25 yards out. Ozil goes for the first time shot but doesn’t catch it properly.

    68 min: David Luiz booked for taking out Connolly to abort a counter-attack.

    67 min: Dunk goofs mid-way inside the Arsenal half and has the ball ripped off him. Pépé hurtles forward and then nips a nice ball through to Aubameyang, whose shot on the run is deflected out for a corner.

    64 min: The goal is ruled out, correctly.

    63 min: GOAL? Ozil floats in a freekick from the right and David Luiz is free to sidefoot a volley in from 15 yards! But he was a couple of yards offside so expect VAR to overrule it .... eventually.

    62 min: Lovey dainty cross from the right by Alzate after a flowing move. Mooy leaps above Bellerin to get a good downward header in from eight yards. Leno pushes it out for a corner!

    61 min: Brighton take the corner short, then Xhaka clears Mooy’s cross. Gross cops a booking for deliberately handling the ball to curtail a counter-attack.

    60 min: Gross cruises through midfield and slips in Mooy, whose shot from the edge of the area cannons off a defender and goes out for a corner.

    58 min: Torreira seems to have injured himself whilst fouling Connolly.

    58 min: Kolasinac is getting stuck into Brighton like they’re a pair of knife-wielding car-jackers. Aubameyang narrowly fails to get a touch to his latest cross from the left.

    55 min: Superb work by Bellerin down the right, followed by a cracking cross. Webster gets enough of a touch on it ti deviate it away from Aubameyang, who would have had a tap-in.

    54 min: Ljungberg evidently located Arsenal’s mojo at half-time because they’ve come out with fresh intensity in this half and have already posed Brighton more problems than they did in the whole of the first period.

    52 min: Brighton’s counter-attack. Connolly has Mooy coming in offering support on the left but he doesn’t see him and goes for goal himself. His shot from the edge of the box goes wide off a defender.

    Ozil’s corner is flicked on at the heat post by Lacazette and it goes in off the far post. Kolasinac jumped but didn’t need to it help it over the line, which is just as well, as he may have been offside.

    50 min: Pépé supplies the overlapping Bellerin, whose cross is deflected out for a corner.

    49 min: Strong run by Pépé down the right - he’s made a positive impact so far, adding much-needed thrust and urgency to Arsenal’s attack. But his concluding pass this time falls short of Ozil.

    47 min:Pépé’s first contribution is a dinky exchange with Ozil, which enables him to win a corner. Ozil’s delivery is cleared by Burn.

    Arsenal substitution: Pépé on, Willock off. According to Clive Tyldsley, the new comers “has just gone through the most languid warm-up I have ever seen.”

    “I was listening to one of those learned podcasts we’re always being encouraged to improve ourselves with, and it turns out that Hope hasn’t always had a good press among the philosophers,” lectures Charles Antaki. “Apparently there’s some feeling that Zeus arranged that it should remain in Pandora’s box of vices precisely because it was the most pernicious of the lot. Nietzsche didn’t think much of it either. And now legions of Arsenal fans.” Don’t fret, Charles: Pepe is about to come on ....

    “Booooooooo!” is the familiar verdict from home fans. Their team have been disjointed and slow, the total opposite of Brighton, who have had the majority of possession and been clever and constructive with it. They know what they’re doing, whereas Arsenal have got nothing but spasmodic bluster and glimpses of talent. The Probability Indicator say Brighton are cruising to victory here, Ljungberg isn’t getting this job full-time and the New Manager will have his work cut out.

    45 min: Sokratis booked for sliding into to the back of Connolly’s legs near the corner flag.

    44 min: Aubameyang sends over another useful cross from the right. It comes to Lacazette, who goes down under a light challenge by Webster. No penalty, reckons the referee. At first look that seems right.

    41 min: Connolly collects a nice pass from Mooy but is too slow to feed Maupay. Otherwise Brighton would have surely been in for goal number two.

    40 min: Aubameyang leaves Burn for dead down the right and then measures out a fine cross. Lacazette meets it with a header seven yards out ... and Ryan makes an excellent save! Much better from Arsenal!

    39 min: Brighton stream forward anew, and Arsenal are lucky that the final ball towards Connolly is overhit. “The Arsenal back line simply retreats and retreats,” notes Mary Waltz. “Don’t they know how to challenge a onrushing attacker?” In fairness to them, they are getting zero protection from midfield - Brighton are free to run at them in numbers.

    37 min: The sound you can hear is either Arsenal fans whingeing or the Amazon Probability Indicator smashing into a million useless pieces on the ground after being chucked out of a window with righteous vigour ....

    That’s been coming! Brun nods a corner to the edge of the six-yad box, where Connolly took it down and tried to shoot on the swivel. It as taken off his foot by a defender but fell to Webster, who swept it into the net from eight yards!

    35 min: David Luiz, spooked by Connolly’s ferocious pressing, donks the ball straight out of play for a Brighton throw-in, then throws his hands up at the lack of options provided by teammates. Arsenal fans’ grumbling is growing louder ...

    34 min: Propper canters through midfield and has a pop from 20 yards. Leno makes another save. Arsenal are increasingly nervous and ragged, other than their goalkeeper.

    33 min: Maupay lets fly from 25 yards after a quickly taken Brighton freekick. While Arsenal’s defenders dozed, Leno was alert enough to dive to his left and push the ball away.

    30 min: Brighton are having the majority of possession and passing with far more confidence and purpose than Arsenal have mustered so far.

    28 min: Arsenal work up a storm around the opposing box. Torreira’s miskick from outside the area finds its way to Aubameyang, whose low effort from the right-hand side wobbles wide. “I’ve been an Arsenal follower since 1953, I’m in my hospital bed in Melbourne recovering after a cancer op,” says Ray Brindle. “Are there any signs so far that the Gunners will give me a hope for a reverse in fortunes?” At the moment I’s say Arsenal’s most likely source of a goal is a penalty, because Brighton’s defenders are quick to grab shirts on the rare occasions Arsenal apply pressure in the box. Soonoer or later the ref is going to spot it, you suspect. Get well soon!

    26 min: Mooy’s delivery from the left finds Maupay beyond the far post. The Frenchman takes it down and cracks a fierce low shot just wide of the other post from a difficult angle.

    25 min: Three players converge on Connolly at the edge of the Arsenal area but the young striker manages to win a corner. “Does the Amazon Win Probability Indicator work like Duckworth-Lewis in cricket,” wonders Graeme Thorns. “So that if the floodlights failed, there was a freak flood submerging the pitch or any other way the match is abandoned, then Arsenal would be awarded the win?” Probably not.

    24 min: Ebster gets his head to Gross’ outswinging corner. Leno makes another comfortable save.

    23 min: Gross bangs the freekick straight into the wall he had been watching get assembled for the past two minutes.

    22 min: No quick freekick by Brighton this time, unlike at Anfield .... Arsenal are still setting up their wall

    20 min: Connolly goes down in the Arsenal box as he tries to latch on to a clipped pass by Stephens. Bellerin pulled him back and gets a booking. The ref awards a freekick just outside the box..

    18 min: Connolly jinks on the his right foot at the left-hand corner of the Arsenal box and tries to send a curler into the far corner of the net. But it’s too close to Leno, who makes a straightforward save.

    15 min: Steady buildup by Brighton, featuring a nice burst by Mooy past Bellerin. But then David Luiz steps in front of Connolly to make a good interception.

    13 min: According to Amazon new-fangled “Win probability indicator”, Arsenal have a 53% chance of winning this match based on the play so far. Brighton have just 15% chance. I put it to you that that is 100% bilge.

    12 min: Brilliant interplay between Xhaka, Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette before the Frenchman forces a good save from Ryan from 10 yards .... but it wouldn’t have counted, as the flag was up for offside.

    10 min: Brighton half-clear a corner. The ball is worked to David Luiz at the right-hand corner of the box. He rasps a low ball across the face of goal. Ryan gets down to snaffle it.

    9 min: Ozil and Kolasinc combine down the left before the German sends over a cross that Burn feels obliged to head behind for a corner. Ozil delivers that, too, and Lacazette gets a good flick on it at the near post despite a shove from Gross.

    7 min: Xhaka heads a Brighton cross away at the near post.

    7 min: Brighton have settled into a nice passing rhythm, but Arsenal are working hard without the ball to restrict space.

    5 min: Bellerin fires over a low cross from the right. Ozil tries to flick it on artfully. Alzate puts it out for a corner. Ozil’s delivery is wellied clear at the penalty spot by Maupay.

    4 min: [...buffering ...]

    3 min: Mooy digs out a cross from the left. It’s hoofed clear by Mesut Ozil, of all people.

    2 min: Aubameyang, operating wide on the left it seems, gives the ball away with his first touch. Brighton start passing it around methodically ... until they, too, give it away, and Dunk has to make an important interception to stop Arsenal from taking advantage.

    1 min: Arsenal v Brighton is go! But only after Lacazette throws a dummy before taking kickoff. Classic Arsenal.

    The players enter the arena to warm applause. Ljungberg takes his place in the dugout. He’s wearing a big coat zipped up to his neck so I can’t tell you whether he’s got a shirt and tie underneath: sorry, Paul Scholes.

    Nicolas Pépé on RMC: ‘Losing Emery was painful for me. He’s the coach who brought me here. It’s painful. Freddie? He used to play so he understands me. It’s up to me to win my place’

    In other news, Newcastle have taken the lead at Sheffiled United thanks to Allan Saint-Maxims first goal for the club. Steve Bruce’s Black and White Army are on the march!

    And here’s thought for the day, from Justin Kavanagh. “Has Arsenal’s negative goal difference got much to do with the presence of the Brazilian enigma who was at the heart of the 7-1 World Cup semi-final heartbreak, do you think? Clearly, he is a fine footballer, and can deliver a wonderful long pass, but I’ve always had a suspicion that he’d be a much better deep midfielder than a centre-half (who can’t seem to keep track of his marker).” Well, yes, a deep midfielder (or a centreback in a three-man defence) and possibly a better one than any of Arsenal’s current crop. The problem goes beyond one player - Arsenal’s is a very unbalanced squad; and conceding is certainly a problem, but that negative difference is also because they’re not scoring anywhere near as many as they should. Burnley and Villa has netted more than them so far this season. Still, I fancy them to nick another 2-2 today (which is why Aubameyang is my fantasy captain again).

    Here are the thoughts of Kim “No Relation” Doyle: “With Freddie and Per at the helm of the Gunners, I expect the return of quick attacking, one or two touch football. The real problem has been in the defensive midfielder position(s) – with teams attacker through the middle, almost at will. Torreira needs to return to the combative form that he showed in his first several Arsenal starts of last season. Like the classical Hero the Gunners have gone down to the underworld but now will return to the Land of the Living.”

    Freddie Ljungberg’s hopes of getting the Arsenal gig on a permanent basis have just suffered a blow: Marco Silva is now available.

    David Luiz has been stating the obvious: “In modern football everyone has to understand both moments of the game - attacking and defending ... We have to improve this immediately because it’s been a long time since you can see that nobody can score against us.”

    As for Brighton, Pascal Gross says the keys to them winning today will be “patience on the ball, be brave on the ball and then use your chances.”

    Ljungberg has made three changes to the lineup that started at Carrow Road, with Mustafi jilted to enable Sokratis to return. Bellerin comes in at right-back. Still no place for Pepe, though.

    Arsenal: Leno; Bellerin, Sokratis, David Luiz, Kolasinac; Willock, Xhaka, Torreira; Ozil; Aubameyang, Lacazette

    Arsenal have two of the best strikers around - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. Their highest paid player is a creative midfielder. And in the summer they spent a record fee on an exciting forward. So it has taken extraordinary incompetence for them to reach the 14-game mark with a negative goal difference. And that’s just one reason why Unai Emery got the boot. Yes, Arsenal are, in the throes of a crisis. They are desperately seeking a full-time manager and a coherent way of playing. And, er, they are four points and six places above Brighton, who are so happy with their gaffer that they’ve just handed him a six-year contract extension without being asked.

    The thing is, Graham Potter has given Brighton a sense of direction even if results have yet to live up to the promise shown. He has generated belief. Arsenal, alas, remain a club riddled with doubts, possibly even despair, at least for some. Temporary boss Freddie Ljungberg didn’t do a heck of a lot to change that in his first match in charge even if there were brief spells of encouragement during the draw at Norwich. Let’s see if the visit of Brighton to the Emirates bring any more cheer to Arsenal fans, and justifies the Seagulls’ faith in Potter.

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  • Thu, 05 Dec 2019 22:07:59 +0000: Brighton’s Neal Maupay piles misery on Freddie Ljungberg’s Arsenal at Emirates - Arsenal | The Guardian

    If Freddie Ljungberg is undergoing a job audition it must feel as if he has been asked to rehearse the entire works of Sophocles. This was the kind of performance that suggests nobody, let alone an interim coach who had not managed a professional game before Sunday, will whip this group of Arsenal players into shape any time soon. It will require a prodigious effort to heave them from the doldrums in time to save their season.

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  • Thu, 05 Dec 2019 18:37:11 +0000: Like Chelsea, Arsenal need legend in the dugout and his name is Patrick Vieira | Eni Aluko - Arsenal | The Guardian

    Frank Lampard has transformed atmosphere at Stamford Bridge and Arsenal’s former captain would do same at Emirates

    When I left Chelsea to join Juventus last year Antonio Conte was a couple of weeks away from the sack. I had arrived for my second spell at Chelsea in 2012 just a few weeks after Roberto Di Matteo had lost the job. The men’s team won two league titles in the six years I was there but there was also a lot of disappointment and a lot of managers who struggled to really connect with the fans, a problem that continued under Maurizio Sarri last season. On Wednesday, a few days after my return from Turin, I went back to Stamford Bridge working as a pundit to find a club transformed.

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Historic News Stories have been added below:

  • Wed, 28 Jun 2017 20:24:32 +0000: Arsenal have bid rejected for Lacazette - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Arsenal | BBC
    Arsenal have a bid rejected for France international striker Alexandre Lacazette, but negotiations are still ongoing with Lyon.
  • Tue, 27 Jun 2017 14:53:47 +0000: Arsenal in Meadow Park groundshare deal - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Arsenal | BBC
    Boreham Wood agree a 10-year groundshare deal with Women's Super League club Arsenal Ladies and Arsenal's youth teams.
  • Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:18:25 +0000: Shield proceeds to be given to Grenfell - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Arsenal | BBC
    Proceeds from the 2017 FA Community Shield will be donated to support those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.
  • Tue, 20 Jun 2017 11:16:16 +0000: The stars helping Grenfell Tower victims - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Arsenal | BBC
    Here are just some of the many famous people who are helping out those affected by last week's tragedy.
  • Wed, 14 Jun 2017 08:00:05 +0000: Premier League fixtures in full - Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Arsenal | BBC
    Find out your club's full fixture list for the 2017-18 Premier League season.

The summer transfer action is beginning to come hard and fast for Arsenal as they now have begun to receive many offers for the want away Dutch striker Robin Van Persie who is out of contract with the gunner at the end of next season. The clubs star player has made it clear he will not be signing a new contract with the gunners and this has prompted all of Europe’s top clubs to begin a bidding war for the phenomenal striker.

Another player who could be set to leave the Emirates stadium is Carlos Vela who is now in the middle of discussions for a transfer to the Spanish side Real Sociedad who are thought to be lining up a £5.000.000 deal for the Mexican international. Vela has been on the sidelines for some time now and it is clear that his future lies elsewhere and away from London.

The capture of Lucas Podolski from Cologne a few weeks back was meant to signal the start of a new era at Arsenal as the club have been trophy less for the past five years. The German international was seen as the perfect partner for Robin Van Persie but with the Dutch striker certainly on his way out of the Emirates it is now more than likely that Podolski will be leading the line along with another new signing up from in the form of up and coming superstar Olivier Giroud.

Another player who could be leaving the London club this summer is Marouane Chamakh who has found himself out of the picture at Arsenal for the past twelve month and has only started a handful of games during this time. The Morroccan international is wanted by Fiorentina and Dutch champions Ajax and the striker is keen on a move to either of these sides in search of first team football.

Arsenal are also said to be in for the highly thought of Egyptian defender Islam Ramadan who plays for his homeland club Haras El Hodood with the twenty one year old thought to be an integral part of Wengers new defensive plans. Ramadan has also attracted a huge amount of interest from some of Europe’s leading clubs including Lyon, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon.